A Snarky Update

Lorraine: I’m not actually sure that this update will be at all snarky, mostly because it’s just me and I don’t have any material from Stine or Martin or Pascal to work from. I’m here today, dearest readers, to give you a small update on the Ladies of Snark.

One year and eight days ago, we ladies sat down (around an email) and signed our names to the idea jointly created by Sara and I (shit. I just pulled a Kristy. WE ALL HELPED, I SWEAR.) I’m pretty sure that even then, we all knew that what we were starting had the potential to be pretty much the best thing ever on the Internet. I’m including kitties and, um, Rebecca Black on this list too, so this is a lot of potential.

The plan was to do a post a week, and then we realized it would take us approximately 5 years to reach the middle of 7th grade in Ann M. Martin’s very sophisticated timeline. This seemed insane, so we came out with the two posts a week schedule.

And then shit got real. For all of us. Here’s how:

Sara decided she was gonna get “married.” Pfft. And then after that, she was laid off. And then about two days (and an undetermined amount of ice cream later) she totally got a new job like a champ. Sadly, though, this new job has reduced the amount of time she has for reading children’s books, g-chatting with me, texting me, Twittering me, emailing me and participating in our Unicorn Rainbow Book Club. I’m not bitter or anything.

Nicole is still in Paris and we’re not. She’s currently writing a 25 page research paper and proposing a thesis. JUST KIDDING. That’s what she’s supposed to be doing when she’s mostly been vlogging about how stressed she is because she spends her time vlogging instead of being productive. One part #gradschoolproblems and one part #bloggerproblems.

Lily is still a zombie.

ETA: Okay, Lily emailed me and said she is actually working like a slave, running like a fugitive and volunteering for sorority stuff. She would like you all to know that she is not having fun.

Nugs is still in La La Land preparing for an upcoming trip that has her stalking the east coast. She also wants me to tell you that she’s been eating a shit ton of chocolate and running, which seems a little counter productive if you ask me. And I’m writing this post, so I did ask me.

Speaking of me, in February, I was also laid off of my job and thought that I’d use some of my free time to watch after my three year old and eight month old nieces. I didn’t realize then, though, that children are a time suck and “some of my time” somehow turned into “I HAS NO TIME.” I’ve been reading the next Nancy Drew book for weeks now, which either means it’s that bad, or, you know, the time thing.

What’s more, as much as we love this blog, it’s hard to deligate what free time we do have to “reading horrible books,” you know?

I’m sorry, does this seem like we’re giving up or something? LOL. Fuck no. We haven’t abadoned ship yet, but we did want to let you guys know that we haven’t turned into birds or been murdered by Crazy Margo or moved to New York or rubbed mysterious goo all over bodies. Actually, I can’t really speak about the mysterious goo, but those other things: no.

We’re still alive and snarking.
We still have plans for this space yet.
We’d still love to hear from you.
We’d still love guest posts.
We hope you’ll understand the short bouts of quiet.

Lots of love from all the Ladies.

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  • Jnbabb

    This is pretty much my favorite blog EVAR. So keep on trucking, even if it's once a month or something!

  • Jnbabb

    This is pretty much my favorite blog EVAR. So keep on trucking, even if it’s once a month or something!