Angel S01 E12 – You are not the father.

Previously: Jeremy Renner came to town and we’re sure other things happened too.


Lorraine: Cordelia starts us off by using a window as a mirror to apply some lip gloss. Angel startles her when he walks in, and she gives herself a little bit of a Joker mouth. As she cleans herself up, she jokes about being too young and carefree for a heart attack. Angel turns the joke around on her as he sorts through some files, and remarks that she should be less young and carefree with those, as she’s placed a Mrs. Benson’s file under F. Cordy remembers that she did so because Mrs. Benson is from France, a fact that she relates with her being a pain in the ass. Also, Cordelia is wearing a large bandanna as a top.

Sweeney: Cordelia makes some questionable fashion choices, but now that we’re on our fourth season of trying to understand what goes on in Willow’s mind when she’s getting dressed in the morning, this bandanna top seems, by comparison, perfectly reasonable.

K: It mostly makes me think that she’s stumbled out of an episode of Survivor

Lor: Wesley comes in and dorks all over the place and I spend the entire scene chanting, “he gets better. He gets better.” For now, he just is desperate and sporting an axe.

Cordy’s two dolled up friends enter and Wesley dorks some more, especially when one of the Clubbing Friends compliments his axe.

A few gifs per episode | Angel - 1x12 - “Expecting”

The Clubbing Friends exposit that Cordy’s been seeing some fashion photographer dude. Angel wants to know why he hasn’t met this new guy, and Cordy bluntly says she’s ashamed of him, and also, he’d embarrass her. Speaking of embarrassing, I’ve seen The Fast and the Furious too many times not to use this gif:

I know. The shame.

I’m going to snark that movie one day.

Sweeney: This came up as a thing that should happen when I watched the MTV Movie Awards with my sister. THEY’RE MAKING A SIXTH MOVIE. I still can’t believe they made a second, third, fourth, or fifth, so six was shocking news to me. Also, a sad commentary on all of their careers. Sorry, this was an awkward tangent way of agreeing that we must now add this to the Spreadsheet of Dreams. Consider it implied, Traumateers, that Lor is reinserting that gif here, directed at me.

Lor: In addition to wine, Sweeney is also fluent in Snark Lady-ese.

K: I saw the trailer for the sixth movie when I went to see Iron Man 3 over the weekend (sidenote: the early opening date on IM3 in Australia was a nice unexpected birthday present for me from Marvel). I’m gonna go ahead and picture Vin Diesel staring at that gif for hours and pretending that it’s his past self yelling at his present self for accepting a role in the very first movie.

Lor: Sure! It could happen.

Back in the actual episode, Cordelia is overtaken by a Migraine Vision and falls to the ground. Angel and Wesley do a terrible job of trying to cover it, and it’s all played for cheap laughs. (S: This bit bothered me a lot. I mean, I get why they had to try to be discreet  but homegirl’s on the floor in pain and we’re cracking jokes? For real?) After it’s over, Cordy describes her vision: a big baby hatching out of a big egg. She writes down an address for him and takes off with her friends. Angel heads in search of the Big Baby Big Egg and tells Wesley he can dork tag along.

memoWe cut to the next scene where they make a point of showing us the note Cordy scribbled down. It could be 23 Cabrillo, which is where Angel and Wesley go and break into the apartment of an elderly couple watching TV. Angel can’t go in (he’s not invited) and Wesley takes this time to not-at-all threateningly demand to know where the eggs are laid. Angel sees that next door at 25 Cabrillo, there is a Big Baby hatching out of a Big Egg. Angel covers with, “termite eggs are the worst and they are next door, ahem.” We stay with the couple just staring at each other like, “WTF WAS THAT?” I don’t know either, elderly couple.

Electric cello credits.

Sweeney: NGL, at this point in the show, the electric cello credits have been among the show’s highlights. I feel guilty knowing that people started watching this show because of us. 2/3 OF US DIDN’T KNOW, AND 1/3 TRIED TO TALK THE OTHER 2/3 OUT OF IT.

K: I really did try. But then one of you mentioned that Jeremy Renner was in an episode, and suddenly I jumped on board the crazy train. Whoops?

Lor: I’ve been reminding myself that when I started season 1 of Buffy, I thought you were all on crack for considering it such a great show. Then it got so much better! Now, it’s kind of is worse again, but um, here’s to alcohol with TV and the future.

Demon egg yolk is splattered on a window and he hear metal clanking, demon screams and general fighting sounds coming from inside. Wesley is thrown through the door, and to his credit, he gets right back up and rejoins the fighting. A few seconds later, Angel and Wesley leave the room victorious. Wesley gripes about Cordelia sending them to the wrong place, but Angel defends her, seeing as how she recently lost Doyle and gained the visions. Also, I keep forgetting she also recently graduated from high school, probably because Charisma Carpenter looks 35.

K: Also because comments have been made in the last few episodes about Cordy being in her 20s. Whut. 

Lor: Over with Cordelia, her Clubbing Friends are ordering drinks and kissing men. Cordy is talking up her new boy and I immediately go, “YOU. WHO ARE YOU?” Lo and behold he is Ken Marino or Vinnie Van Lowe from Veronica Mars.

veronica mars movie

I am highly entertained by this.

Sweeney: ME TOO. Also: Absolute best Vinnie gif choice. 1430.

K: I know him as Joey Potter’s lecher English professor from the godawful fifth season of Dawson’s Creek. Also, the bartender was in that show Ed about the lawyer who owned a bowling alley. Which I, for some unknown reason, watched EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK without fail.

Lor: Vinnie Van Lowe and Cordy (S: /KENDALL CASABLANCAS.) (AHH! SO TRUE. A+) have a chat about LA and how no one fits in there. The point of LA is to make you as insecure as possible. For me, in the little bit of time I recently spent there, LA was all about making me feel awed by hills and mountains. Sorry, I’m a Florida girl and land formations always excite me.

Sweeney: She’s not even remotely exaggerating with her use of “always.”

Lor: ANYWAYS, Vinnie sees Cordy to her door later that night. She awkwardly invites him in after a kiss, then admits that she’s never had anyone over and asks for suggestions. “Music,” Vinnie offers. Cordy turns on some Sexy Times Song but Phantom Dennis switches it to a polka. (S: I was hoping that at the end of this episode we’d get some indication that Phantom Dennis sensed what was up. We don’t but in my headcanon, he was trying to warn her.) (K: Head canon accepted!) Cordy quickly turns it off and runs to the kitchen to make tea. While in there, she yells at Phantom Dennis and threatens him with both death (“empty threat”) and playing Madonna’s Evita around the clock, which I would also call empty, seeing as he has no problem operating electronics. Vinnie sneaks up on Cordy and is all, “ugh? WTF?” She tells him the truth about having a jealous ghost for a roommate but when Vinnie gives her a look, she LOL. JAYKAYs. She offers another lame excuse but Vinnie stops her with a kiss. The Sexy Time Song powers up again as we get a short montage of those two kissing, entering the bedroom, and lowering themselves onto the bed in the dark.

We enter back into Cordy’s room over the sunrise so that we know it’s the next morning. Cordelia calls out to Vinnie but he’s of course gone. Cordelia checks the time and notes she’s late for work. (K: It’s 10.47am, so she’s definitely not winning any employee of the month awards.) She tries to get out of bed, but she’s struggling. One might even say she’s clambering. (YOU’RE WELCOME SWEENEY.) (S: WORST.) But alas, no. The problem is that she has a huge pregnant belly. The episode description told me this would happen, but still: DAFUQ?

Sweeney: Also warned. Still, DAFUQ?


Lor: After a seizure cut, we’re back with Cordy who is practically catatonic in bed. Angel, with Wesley in tow, is freaking out outside her apartment because it’s noon now, he’s left her messages and she hasn’t answered. We’re shown the outside of Cordy’s apartment which appears to have some pretty legit shade, probably so we’ll STFU about Angel and sunlight. Not likely, though. Angel busts down the door as Wesley pokes at Cordy’s responsibility shucking tendencies again.

Sweeney: Wesley also comments on the ridiculousness of responding to her not showing up for work one morning by BREAKING INTO HER APARTMENT. I’m only commenting on it because even I could see the inappropriateness of my TV boyfriend’s actions and this was my first, “All right, Wesley, I see your potential,” moment.

Lor: Inside, Angel finds Cordy in her room, pregnant, panicking and asking for this to be a dream. Angel asks what happened and she gives the Cliff Notes version of lounge/inviting Vinnie in/safe sex/WTF IS HAPPENING. She freaks and cries and awwww shit. This is terrible. Angel asks if she’s called Vinnie and she hasn’t. What would she say? “You left something at my place?” Still, Angel gets her to dial the number with a promise that he will talk to Vinnie for her. The line is disconnected. The boys, even Wesley who is much more understanding now, promise to get to the bottom of whatever this is. Cordy asks for time alone, and they head out. Phantom Dennis hands her a tissue and tucks her into bed. This whole scene was A+.

Angel makes some calls but there is nothing on Vinnie; his numbers are all disconnected and he has no criminal record. Angel guesses that Vinnie is a “procreaparasitic demon.” Wesley layman terms that for us as “a demon who can only reproduce by implanting a human woman with its seed.” That’s not even the bad news: the women rarely survive. Additionally, this baby demon is like the Jack of demons, and is developing super fast. Birthing demons is apparently nasty business. That’s why I intend to never have baby demons. (S: A+) (K: Cosigned.) Wesley is tasked with a prenatal examination and Angel is off to find Vinnie.

Back at the lounge, Angel is questioning the bartender. When money doesn’t work, he tries for sympathy and says that he’s looking for a guy that hurt his friend. He wants to know where Vinnie’s friends hang out. The bartender offers Sarina, which is one of the Clubbing Friends’ name. He thinks she’s the one calling the shots. The bartender wonders if Angel is Cordelia’s boyfriend, but no, he’s “family.” Aw.

Seizure cut to a waiting room, where a random woman asks Cordelia if she’s having a girl or a boy. Cordy looks like she wants to bite the woman’s head off and shouts at her when she makes to touch her. Also, she’s wearing Overalls of Overall Sadness. Fair.

K: Truth. Also, I definitely don’t blame her on shouting at the random for trying to touch her. Keep your hands to yourself, bitch.

Lor: In the examination room, a Dr. Wasserman performs an ultrasound and first freaks out because there are at least 6 heartbeats. Something else freaks the doctor out and he wants to draw some amniotic fluid.

Angel finds Sarina’s apartment and asks if he can come in. She says “okay” which apparently a good enough invitation. He enters cautiously. There are lit candles all over the place. She has her back to Angel, and the audience, as she tells us that the light hurts her eyes lately. Also, she thought Angel was a delivery from the (Traumaland!) Liquor Store, as her supply has run dry. Mmmhmm. Some things will do that to you. For instance, waking up eight and a half months pregnant, which Sarina also did. She turns to reveal her prosthetic belly and sads about knowing alcohol might hurt the baby. She sort of hopes it does. Yikes.

Back at the doctor’s office, Dr. Wasserman is explaining that there is a small chance of miscarriage during the amniocentesis. Cordy jumps at the chance and gets judgey eyes all around. Dr. Wasserman draws the amniotic fluid and hands it off to the nurse who promptly freaks out as the fluid eats up the vial and then the floor, like an acid. Dr. Wasserman flips out and runs off. Wesley suggests they find Angel ASAP.

Speaking of, he’s still at Sarina’s apartment, assuring her the pregnancy is real and that it is also happening to Cordelia. Sarina says that her one-night-stand dude took off too, and that all the boys were really weird and their money smelled.

K: I was going to ask why anyone would notice that money smelled, but then I remembered that some people aren’t sheltered little private school snowflakes and that money gets used as a means of transferring party drugs to noses.

Lor: Hmm. I just assumed it was REALLY SMELLY money.

Angel is in the middle of asking Sarina a question when she screams out in a labor pain and we cut over to Cordelia screaming as well as she and Wesley arrive at the Brooding Basement.

Wesley is doing his best to be helpful and comforting but Cordelia can tell he’s freaking out. Also, she realizes that she’s carrying 7 babies, and they are all talking to her at the same time. We hear a bit of demon baby cooing in the background too, and this shit is disturbing. It gets worse as Cordelia tells Wesley, “you don’t know what it’s like to be a partner in creation.” She realizes her babies are not human, and wonders if they will still be okay. After a bit more freakout, Wesley gets Cordelia to rest.

Sweeney: I sent the other girls an email as soon as I finished watching this episode because the whole thing is so unsettling. I have no other words for it than that. It’s actually pretty well done, but I don’t see myself ever watching it again because I was so, you know, unsettled by it.

K: Pretty sure this is my third time watching this episode. I remembered nothing about it, so apparently it’s so unsettling that I’ve blocked it out every time.

Lor: In the basement, Angel has arrived and fills Wesley in on Sarina’s pregnancy. He pulls out a phone book (which is never not hilarious) and searches for gun clubs, as Sarina mentioned Vinnie and his buds like to hang at one. Wesley shares that Cordy is carrying lots of demon babies and Angel thinks someone is trying to raise an army. As Angel and Wesley walk back through the basement, they find Cordelia standing in front of the fridge, drinking blood.

A few gifs per episode | Angel - 1x12 - “Expecting”

Even Angel is grossed out. Charisma does an excellent job of walking by them with tons of crazy in her eye as she simply announces that she was hungry.

Sweeney: This is the first episode she’s carried, and she totally rocked it. It needed to be as disturbing as it was, and could have easily just been campy ridiculousness if she hadn’t done such a great job with it.

K: Also, I’m gonna go ahead and give an A+ to David Boreanaz and Alexis Denisof for those facial expressions. 

Lor: At an indoor gun range, Vinnie is shooting when Angel sneaks up behind him. Vinnie says Angel shouldn’t sneak up on people at a gun range, and Angel does not say, “sneaking up on people is what Angels do best!” (K: LAME) He does however say he’s Cordelia’s friend.

Vinnie: This is a private club. Featured word – private.
Angel: If you don’t talk to me, I’ll kick your ass. Featured word – ass.

Vinnie says that Cordy told him all about her boss Angel, and holds a gun up to his face. Angel quickly twists Vinnie’s arm and says he doubts Cordy shared everything. After a second, Angel pushes Vinnie away and notes that he’s human and thus not the father.

Sweeney: You are a champion of the internet.


Lor: Kirsti and I watched an episode or 2 of Maury while she was here. Please don’t take away my champion title for that confession.

Angel deduces that Vinnie was just some sort of link and wants to know how the impregnation works. Vinnie ain’t talking so Angel gets to beating until some of Vinnie’s bros walk in to deliver cheesy lines and threats.

Brooding Basement. Wesley has found the demon baby daddy in a book when Cordelia sneaks up behind him and sees a picture. Wesley is all, “this is horrible. We can stop this.” Cordelia turns on him and smacks him around with the thick book as she proclaims that no one is going to hurt her babies.

After a cut to black, we’re back with Angel who is putting all the pieces together. This group of wiggity wack guys proxy for a demon and knock up women in exchange for fame and success and, you know, all of the sex. This episode has been rough on LA and Vinnie takes about stab, saying there are worse people to work for in this town than a procreaparasitic demon. Angel demands to know where the demon baby daddy is, but Vinnie won’t spill. Instead he shoots Angel three times. Angel looks up, vamped out, and badasses that he hates to be shot. He then kicks some wiggity wack ass.

A few gifs per episode | Angel - 1x12 - “Expecting”

With Vinnie pinned on the floor under his boot, Angel asks one more time where the demon in charge is.

Cordelia walks into some factory and is met there by the Clubbing Friends and other women in similar states of pregnancy and hypnosis. Angel calls his basement and the ringing rouses Wesley. They exchange information, as Angel struggles a bit. His hand is bloody and I can’t imagine being shot is any fun at all. I like this detail here a lot. Anyways, the baby daddy is a Haxil demon who has a psychic umbilical cord connection to all his spawn. That’s how all the babies are living and that’s how Baby Daddy Haxil is controlling the baby mommas. If they slay the demon, the babies will die without harming the mothers. Trouble is, Haxil won’t be killed by fire or decapitation. Angel gets thinky and then asks Wesley if he can shoot straight.

Back at the factory, all the baby mommas are being outfitted in pretty, white virginal dresses (S: Your favorite!) while tinkly, lullaby music plays in the background. Angel and Wesley arrive at the factory as the women all enter a huge vat of something vile. Wesley tries to get the women to exit but they don’t and out comes Haxil and he is HUGE but really stupid looking.

K: It kind of looks like they reused the demon from Fear, Itself. Except that they made it giant instead of tiny.

Lor: Haxil asks who the heck the intruder is and Wesley announces himself: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. Rogue demon hunter. He puts up his tiny little fists too, and okay fine! It’s adorable. Wesley says he’s come to do battle and the Haxil growls acceptance. Angel shows up with a big tank of something. He does a shot-put twirl and heaves the tank over to the Haxil who catches it. Wesley quickly pulls out a gun and shoots the tank of what we now see is liquid nitrogen. The gas leaks out as the Haxil groans in pain. At the same time, all the baby mommas groan until the Haxil is dead. The girls are all back to themselves, baby demons gone. Cordelia promptly exits the vat of nastiness, grabs a nearby pulley, aims it and pushes it toward the frozen Haxil, who shatters.

Seizure cut to Angel Investigations. Angel and Wesley are fretting about and cleaning up for Cordy’s return. (S: AND IT’S THE ACTUAL CUTEST THING.) It’s now two days later. She enters and they welcome her super enthusiastically. She chirps that she’s fine and even makes a joke about letting a producer take her out and impregnate her for a role! She assures the boys that she’s fine and she’s a lot stronger than the wiggity wack dudes expected. Angel smiles sweetly and says he’s learning just how strong she is. Cordelia says she’s learning stuff too. Men are evil (which she kind of already knew). LA is full of self serving phonies. (Nope, knew that one too.)

Cordelia: Sex is bad?
Angel: We all knew that.
Cordelia: OK, I learned that I have 2 people I trust absolutely with my life. And that part’s new.

The tinkling piano of emotions takes us out as Wesley tears up and blames it on allergies.

Sweeney: Angel gets an A+ too for the “We all knew that” line. “It’s basically how I got my own show!”

Lor: This episode. On the surface, it is a good episode and one that brings the characters into alignment. The theme here is clearly family, and the way that Wesley and Angel treat Cordelia like a beloved sister is excellent. They all three show moments of operating at their best. Angel’s tendency toward action and concern lead him to track Vinnie down. Wesley shows his courage, intelligence and caring throughout. Cordelia, at the very end, comes right out of a terrible situation to put the final nail into the Haxil’s coffin. Fantastic for all of them, truly.

The problem, I think, comes when you think about the device the episode uses to achieve all of these things: an unwanted pregnancy. And man, oh man, did the writers ever choose a loaded topic. One they were forced to deal with in less than 45 minutes. Again, on the surface, no big deal. If you stop to think about it, there are certainly issues.

I think for must the issue might be the Whedon Standard Message that sex is bad. He even says it in so many words in this episode. For a show, and characters, who are otherwise progressive, this reoccurring SEX WILL LITERALLY KILL YOU thing gets old, fast. I think there is a level of evil sexuality that comes inherent with vampires as characters. However, here we have Cordelia, an adult who has safe sex after seeing a man for 3 dates, and she is immediately faced with a demon spawn pregnancy.

Even so, I get it. If Buffy in its first seasons was all about High School as Hell, Angel takes it a step further and explores the early 20’s as hell. It’s been tackling very typical post-high school issues with a demon twist. Finding an apartment, getting over your high school love, and of course, the dating scene, which is tricky. Frightening, even. You never know a person. And for the second time this season, we get “you never know a person, you have sex with them and die” or “almost die” in this case. I can see why people might take issue with the message, but I also see what the episode may have been trying to accomplish.

Sweeney: YES. RIGHT. THIS. Thank you. My email was all, “GUYS, WATCH IT SO I CAN COMMENT/DISCUSS/EXPRESS FEELS.” Of all the many examples (and we’re not done with them on Buffy, sadly) of sex=bad in this universe, this was probably the second worst, AND YET the one that upset me the least. For now. I think Buffy’s Tragic Magic Vagina was horrifying in part because of how far-reaching those consequences were. That’s like, legit, the reason this entire show exists. I also have a problem with the repeated notion that Buffy having sex is extra-bad. The fact that Cordelia came back to herself and personally smashed the demon into a millionty pieces by the end of the episode makes it a lot more tolerable for me. Likewise, though, if Cordelia’s vag becomes Tragic Magic again, I’m probably going to have more issues with it.

All of that is to say that in spite of how disturbed I was by this episode, I actually felt my overall feelings towards this show shift a bit by the end of the episode. I never want to watch this again, but I think disturbed/unsettled is exactly how one should feel about this plot.

K: Clearly, I’m the non-deep thinker of the group, because my thoughts basically boil down to, “good thing Whedon got over that whole magic vagina of death idea by the time he got to Firefly, otherwise Inara would be leaving a trail of dead blokes all over the galaxy. Also, Iron Man would have died half way through The Avengers.”

Lor: As the usual deep-thinker here, I’m with Sweeney. I think this episode was supposed to leave you feeling unsettled. That said, I wish that the ending wasn’t so nice, neat and ho hum. I mean, the family theme was tied up nicely, but the unwanted pregnancy vehicle was not. It was a bit, “Got pregnant. Let’s laugh it up.” And I’m not even going to go into the abortion stuff that could be extrapolated here, and was most blatant with Sarina who knew something was wrong, but had no reason to think she was carrying anything other than human. Unwanted pregnancy is just a deep topic and we could get lost here is what I’m saying.

However. This is a good step in the direction of Angel finding it’s footing. Hooray!


Next time on Angel: A female demon wages war against males and Angel Investigations is caught in the middle in S01 E13 – She.


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  • Polge Clément

    To be honest, I’ve never noticed this “sex = bad” thing in the Buffyverse before reading you guys, and I’m not sure it’s a conscient effort on their part, so much as just a portraying of the negative, and skipping over the positive… For instance, Xander and Anya’s sex life is almost never mentioned, but could be considered a positive/healthy thing. Willow’s sex life sound healthy too, even though she had to break things up with Oz because of an affair. As for Giles, we can only speculate, but he hasn’t been pregnant with any demon spawn so far.

    Also, Angel didn’t loose his soul while climax-ing, but rather a while after, the orgam = perfect hapiness idea has been rebuked quite a few times already. The problem is mostly that Buffy is attacked on every front, and that her sex life is just the actual worst, and just look like a valid source of trauma in itself. And since Buffy is the proxy for the audience, we tend to notice it that much more.

    So in the end I’m not sure there’s a “SEX = EVIL” agenda so much as a will to make Buffy suffer, and sex is a “weapon” like any other for this.

    The comic tend to have a different pace, and take a little more time to portray the day-to-day, and focus less on the negative and various peripeteia, and Buffy’s sexual life is portrayed in a much more positive light, we see her fantasizing, or even enjoying sex.

    • I think we are hyper aware of it, but I think it exists and I can’t say why. Another commenter mentioned it being an offshoot of a larger, “relationships never ever work” thing Whedon has going on, and that may be it. I mean, Cordy joked about sex being bad and Angel’s all, “YEP. IT IS KNOWN.” so I think in some part, these two shows are aware of this little sub-theme it is building.

      We joke a lot about the Tragic Magic Vagina. Because it’s funny. And though sex is a part of what led to that moment of perfect happiness, but yes he lost his soul AFTER, the fact is that Angel didn’t lose his soul after eating some ice cream or a super awesome vacation. Sex was involved and I think it would be expected for that to make us notice it more, as you said, whenever B’s sex life is brought up. I think Sweeney tends to agree with you on this point, in that even though sex is oftenly negatively portrayed, her problem is more the decisions Whedon makes about B’s sex life.

      Again, yes, this is just one of many ways that she suffers at the hand of being a slayer, but it is something that (a) isn’t really directly tied to being a slayer and (b) people (or “we”) tend to notice a bit more.

  • Jojo

    Mystical pregnancies are just part of working the whole magic and demons things….and sometimes there is good sex, (Xander and Anya) even life saving sex. But, yeah – sex is opening a very scary door….but it kinda fits with all the other scary doors. It’s just exaggerated in impact. I don’t know if anyone here has ever had a relationship that went way too fast or totally blew up and sex was bad because all the rest was bad, Sexuality has so much power to hurt in real life. So the mystical pregnancy doesn’t bother me as a vehicle for the plot. I mean everything can blow up in your face in the Whedonverse, so why not sex?

    Yes, Wesley is making baby steps toward becoming…more mature and less self conscious Wesley. This is a good thing. It also shows how much this relationship with Cordy and Angel is really important. I really like the interplay with Wes and Angel because clueless Angel is so fun, and when Wesley is the one with an answer – WWP!!! – that is really clueless.

    • Jen

      +1 on the mystical pregnancies/scary door comments. I found this episode a little uncomfortable to watch, but storylines like this make sense in the context of the world-building.

      The relationship between Cordy and Angel is what holds this show together, in my opinion. And it’s great when Wes gets to showcase just how smart he really is – it’s hard to see early on because of how incredibly awkward he can be.

      • Sweeney mentioned how this is the first episode Cordy really carried, and I liked that. She was such an inconsistent back-up character in Buffy. She’s shown growth now, on Angel, and has even mentioned a few times about how high school was different for her and how she’s changing and learning and growing. CC gave a great performance here.

        • Jojo

          CC rocks! I liked her in Buffy but didn’t so much as well. In Angel she is the light, the wit, and the pointing out the obvious – and they need all of that to work off of. The cast at this point is really starting to gel, and we are getting just a few hints of what Wesley will be, and frankly should have been all along except for….spoilery reasons..

      • Jojo

        Oh, yeah – agreed completely on Cory and Angel.- frankly I think there chemistry is better than Angel and Buffy. But I tend to like snarky relationships. And Wes if not only educated he is also a very intuitive thinker as the show goes on. I think we’ve seen bits of that already.

        I don’t find the idea of mystical pregnancies at all attractive – so I know what you mean there.

    • It’s true. I didn’t even think anything of it until Nicole mentioned that there were some pretty violent reactions against this episode on the Internet. When I stopped and thought about why, I saw why, but was mostly just glad that this episode fleshed out the group dynamic and was paced well. I did wish the ending a little less clean, but there you go. Like I said, this season is examining all the things that can go wrong in your 20’s and adding a demonic element. The pregnancy fit in fine with that.

      I’m glad Angel is “letting” WWP come along and help despite his bumbling about. Angel is adopting runaways.

    • darkalter2000

      The main problem for me in the mystic pregnancy is that any fantasy or science fiction show that has female main characters has one. They are almost always never mentioned again if the woman survives.

      • SnazzyO

        On Star Trek Enterprise Tripp, the chief engineer, got pregnant and he was male. It was adorkable but continued “alien sex is risky” theme.

  • Deborah Wiseman

    So, it’s been a while since I’ve watched Angel, but I always thought Whedon’s big beef was always sort of the anti-love thing. Relationships in any Whedon world are ultimately doomed.

    For Firefly: Mal and Inara both have feelings for each other but never ever ever get it on, and their relationship is always tinged with their disappointment with each other, River always gets in the way between Kaylee and Simon, and then there’s the issues with Wash and Zoe (major spoilers, and I don’t want to say but I’m completely centered on the feels couch for that one).

    And then in Dollhouse, Victor and Sierra don’t end up with each other, we see Topher fall flat and the head woman (can’t remember her name) do badly in romantic situations. Whiskey ends up being used (literally) and is driven insane. And the premise of the show is based entirely on Echo’s (why why why cast Eliza Dushku, that show would have run so much longer if ANYONE else was cast besides her) boyfriend/lover/fiance being killed by the Dollhouse corporation. Also, while Echo ultimately ends up with her “true love” and ewwww it’s just so contrivancy, it’s in a very weird not quite together manner.

    I’m not going to get into Angel, or Buffy, except to say that everyone will be buying Kleenex stock and filling buckets of tears, because of the sheer amount of relationship feels. Also, Willow. I’m going to say Willow. We already know about Willow/Oz.

    Whedon hates other people being happy, and he hates relationships. The whole sex is bad thing is an offshoot of his overall “anyone who is in a committed relationship with anyone else will lose that person in a forever and horribly painful kind of way, especially if I need a season or series finale” attitude.

    • As always, in Buffy/Angel I can only speak from the point where I’ve seen it, but I think you are right about relationships being the big bad here, and not sex specifically. (WASH AND ZOE OH MY GOD. That series is on the Spreadsheet of Dreams, by the way. I should start amassing all of the crying gifs ever from now…) And I mean, Whedon did not invent the failed relationship, but he does do it so effectively and dramatically, doesn’t he?

      (Oh, sidebar: YES ON ELIZA DUSHKU. It’s why I was so worried about Faith when she first appeared because all I could remember was feeling like there were 1000 more people who would’ve played Echo better. And it was such an amazing premise AND UGH.)

      Whedon creates characters we love and is amazing at giving them problems. Lucky for him, that’s what creates a good story. Sadly for us, our characters. 🙁

      • Deborah Wiseman

        can I please please please be a guest snarker for firefly. (or for anything but especially for firefly??)

        So, I didn’t really include most of the Buffy/Angel stuff, because you guys are snarking it now. Whedon’s an asshole. I love him and he’s a genius, but he’s a total complete douchebag at the same time. I thought saying Willow was possibly saying too much. Because Willow.

        And yes, he does it effectively, but he also does it preachily *I’m not E.L. James but I can make up any word I please”

        paul ballard also fell flat for me, @tatorhead328:disqus

        I’m writing a paper on why Joss Whedon is a douchebag genius and my biggest issue is that I have too many examples from all of the t.v. shows to be able to give them the time and in depth explanations they deserve.

        • We’ll keep you posted on the progress of Firefly actually becoming a thing!

          I appreciate your spoiler discretion. And I’m preemptively sad for Willow. Because Willow.

          I remember being underwhelmed by Paul Ballard too. I mean, he was yummy to look at but that was about it.

          Seriously, I never wrote papers on anything cool this this. Clearly I was doing school wrong. 🙁

          • Deborah Wiseman

            I just have an awesome English teacher that is three years older than me. He lets me get away with writing whatever I want. (Also, I got a 97 on my hating on EL James)

        • Melodie Hatley

          lol Do you guys even have a list for guest snarkers? I can imagine that list would be pretty long!

    • OMG. The Dollhouse thing is SPOT ON. I’ve always said that! Eliza Dushku just didn’t have the ability to play multiple characters at the flip of a switch like that. She can only play herself, and I 100% blame that casting choice for the show not doing well. So disappointing.

      • Herself = an issue-having vampire slayer with questionable taste in clothes OR a bad attitude cheerleader. The end.

      • Alex

        I agree that Eliza can only play herself, but that actually sort of worked for me in Dollhouse. Echo’s whole thing is that she retains more of her own personality between wipes than the other dolls do, so I quite liked that all of her imprints turned out quite similar to each other. But I don’t for a moment think that that was a deliberate acting choice on Eliza’s part, and when you’ve got her up against Victor and Sierra who are AMAZING at playing lots of totally different people, then yeah, she looks very weak by comparison.

        • Oh, I’ve never heard it from this perspective and that makes sense! I mean, I still think she didn’t have the acting chops to carry the show, and yeah, probably not a decision Eliza made. I think having those flashes of her personality shining through would’ve been even more impacting if it were more clear that it was her personality, and not a just who she is always and forever, no matter the assignment.

  • Jen

    Random side note: I would absolutely play “Word Puzzle 3D” with Wesley. Yay for board games.

    Even though the storyline is a little yucky, I do like to re-watch this episode. Angel and Wesley are at their adorable best in relation to Cordelia, and you can really see the dynamic of the core characters starting to click.

    • NGL, When Wesley pulled out the Word Puzzle, I was all, “oh, so like MY Friday night?” 😉

      I liked this episode and had fun recapping it, and it was all in the character dynamics. What truly sold me on Buffy back in the beginning was the relationship between Giles/Buffy/Willow/Xander, so I’m glad that here, the characters are finding their way with each other.

  • Anagnorisis

    Sex is bad, but casual sex is worse! Makes people evil and/or brings death. We get it.
    (Also, sorry for this but reminds me of a line of one of the most horrible shows on television that I totally watched all the time, Secret Life of The American Teenager: “he died a horrible death because I had incredible sex”). Sorry, sorry.
    I think this episode could have been worse. Like I said, I really don’t like the mystical pregnancy trope, but I think they handled it pretty well. They went for a horror tone, “body horror”, which was disturbing but made a good episode. I agree that if you have to deal with this plot, then they (actors, writers, director) did it the best they could.
    Regarding Angel and Wesley joking while Cordelia was having the vision, I think it’s not that bad, they both know that is something that sometimes happens to her, and even if it is painful it’s not actually hurting her (for now, for what I gather). I don’t know…
    Also, as someone who has seen the last seasons of Angel (but not 1, 2 and 3) this episode is kind of painful in hindsight.

    • Yes, THIS. I’m kicking myself for not making this distinction in the recap as well. Another comment mentioned how there is good sex going on in the Buffyverse (Willow/Oz, Xander/Anya) but that it isn’t highlighted. Only the negative is highlighted- mostly, the casual sex. If you have sex with a guy you meet at a bar, he will be a parasite demon, he will latch onto you and kill your partner. ENJOY!

      I didn’t think about them ignoring her pain while I watched the scene. I was more offended by the bad jokes….

      Oh, good. Nice to know it gets more unsettling, then! 🙂

      • Anagnorisis

        Jokes: Oh, I get it, sorry. English is not my first language so sometimes I miss things (feel free to correct my comments if you find something that is wrong). What I did gather at some point was something about them being “mistaken for gay” and how that was ‘funny’, but hey, at least there was no gay panic! yay?
        And yes to the sex thing (I still don’t like how they handled the Parker thing), and yes, it gets worse.
        Oh well, but it’s the show(s) we learned to love XD

        • Polge Clément

          It also gets better, especially in the comics, where Buffy’s sex life becomes a little more… huh… Positive, let’s say. I was going to say “normal”, but nothing is ever normal for Buffy.

          • Melbourne on my Mind

            See, I would argue that the comics are yet another example of Buffy’s magic vagina causing problems. Because without the sexytimes, pretty much none of Last Gleaming would have happened… And that would have been for the best, because Last Gleaming was a total trainwreck!!

          • Anagnorisis

            Well, I don’t know much about the comics but I do know two things: Twilight and someone being turned into a giant. And I think both have something to do with exactly this.

            But then again, I know more about the shows than the comics…

          • Yes. Everyone must be punished for having sex. Absolutely everyone. Even in the comics.

          • Jojo

            Please (holding my hands over my ears) not the comics. I have never read them and never will….(thinking pure thoughts…canon thoughts….head canon…ah, yeah….sigh)

      • Jojo

        You know nothing, Lorraine Snow! 😉

        • Even those who know nothing eventually learn a little something something.

          Random aside: Do you still chat with 3hours? SHE DISAPPEARED.

          • Jojo

            Yeah we are LJ friends – I shot her a message asking what goes. It’s probably an RL. That gets all of us sometime.

            Yeah – looked like Jon Snow earned a little something, too 😉

  • SnazzyO

    I also think Joss equates horror show sex ALWAYS leads to evil. See Cabin in The Woods.

    I really liked this episode. ALSO thanks for remembering Cordy is now 20-something while just this week we are apparently celebrating Buffy’s 19th birthday. So…we have a pseudo-official Cordy age-up going.

    I also thought CC was fantastic this episode and I didn’t mind Angel getting his anger-on by beating up the deadbeat. This dude was WAAAAAAAYYYY worse than Parker. I kept seeing Buffy/Cordy parallels in this episode…right up to the Overalls of Overall Sadness.

    Hang in there ladies, there are a few more bumps in the road but I think Team Angel is starting to gel.

    • Jen

      I wholeheartedly support Angel pulverizing the demon surrogates. Human or not, they were REEEEAAALLY asking for it. And Angel is awesome in righteous-anger mode.

    • Oh, I didn’t think twice about Angel beating them up, either, though it didn’t quite dawn on me that these were regular joes he was beating on. In his defense, they DID shoot him. Yeah, I had no issues with it. GET THEM GOOD ANGEL.

      Thanks! We’re hanging in there! This episode was a nice little boost.

  • Good snarking, ladies!

    I have nothing to say, except bear with Wesley.

    Bear with him.

    That is all.


    • Thank you! We are bearing. The words of the Traumateers are on repeat in my brain. 😉

  • geff

    I loved reading the discussion both in the recap and the comments about sex and relationships in the Buffyverse. I find it frustrating when people either hail the show as a paragon of feminism or tear it down like it’s the worst thing ever. Neither are true. If anything the shows offer some great characters and ideas to debate. It’s important not to ignore the numerous examples of healthy sex portrayed, but the sex-is-evil theme that runs through the Buffyverse is definitely disturbing. It’s why I couldn’t enjoy the Angelus arc as much the first time I watched the show. Even though I now love a lot of those episodes and understand the intent behind it the fact that they make sex so traumatic for Buffy will probably always bother me. And here they make it that way for Cordelia too, ugh. I watched the first season or so of Angel and then skipped around episodes, never really getting into it because it always felt like a show about the secondary characters that I just didn’t care as much about, but I should probably give it another shot one day. I’m interested to see whether you ladies end up preferring one over the other, because it seems like a lot of people actually prefer Angel to Buffy (not that it has to be some contest between the two shows, I’m just curious). Anyway, congrats on 2 years! 🙂

    • I think you are right about things in the Buffyverse landing somewhere in the middle. B goes through a lot of trauma with all sorts of relationships, but for whatever reason, the traumatic sex really does stand out, doesn’t it?

      Funny you mention about the secondary characters, because Sweeney and I chatted a little about how this was the first episode where Cordy stopped feeling like the third tier background player she’s always been. It was nice to have her step up, and to build the characters around Angel a bit more, because we need to care about them, and so far the show hasn’t been awesome at giving us reasons to.

      I have read a few people say that they prefer Angel for the darker, more mature themes. At this point, I can’t see that happening, but I’ll hold my tongue. You never know.

      Thank you! 🙂

      • Jojo

        I like both – but then Angel starts to do the wacky in season 4, I like the wacky until it turns into….wtf?

      • Alex

        I’m still on the fence, but I think I might be one of those people who prefers Angel to Buffy nowadays. I definitely enjoy watching Buffy more, but I feel like Angel gives me much more to think about. It’s a lot more mature in the sense that it introduces the shades of grey (sorry Lorraine and Sweeney, I expect you both just ran away screaming) with plenty of characters who are neither good nor evil, but who make interesting or questionable choices as they go about their lives. There’s also much more of a theme of continual struggle between good and evil rather than anybody really winning, and I really like that. I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys make of the next couple of seasons (and I apologise in advance on behalf of Season 4).

        • Polge Clément


          Seriously, I love season 4. And I see a lot of messages bashing it, so I’ll forget my own resolve to wait to be there, and just go rot13:

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          – Pbaabe. Frevbhfyl, grrantref va gur ohsslirefr ? Oyru. Vg’f n ybg bs juvavat naq fvggvat ba lbhe nff. Ur’f tbbq va gur “Nsgre gur snyy” pbzvpf gubhtu.

          – Gur ivynva naq gur uhtr Qrhf Rk Znpuvan, gubhtu V qb ybir gur vqrn be “jr fnir gur jbeyq… Be qvq jr ?”.

          Abj nobhg gung vaprfg fgbelyvar, vg jnf ernyyl n uhtr gebyy sbe gur nhqvrapr… Jr nyy gubhtug vg jnf Pbeqryvn, jr jrer nyy tebffrq bhg, naq va gur raq, ONZ, vg jnfa’g. Fgvyy zbgunshpxva’ tebff sbe Pbaabe gubhtu, cbbe xvq.

          Vg jnf nyfb ernyyl jryy cynlrq, orpnhfr gurer jrer pyhrf sbe hf gb guvax gung guvf jnfa’g Pbeqryvn, ohg vg jnf zber bsgra gung abg qvfzvffrq ol gur ivrjre nf “onq fgbelgryyvat” be “jrveq punenpgrevfngvba”, jura vg jnf npghnyyl npghny erny pyhrf sbe hf gb frr guebhtu gur vzcrefbangvba.

          Vs lbhe orrs vf jvgu Pbaabe, gura qvfzvff guvf jubyr zrffntr, orpnhfr V pna’g ernyyl qrsraq vg, V frr jul Pbaabe unf gb or guvf jnl, naq gur jubyr fgbelyvar vfa’g onqyl qbar, vg’f whfg abg vagrerfgvat sbe zr gb jngpu.

          • Alex

            Sorry! Each to their own, of course. But…

            Npghnyyl, ab, vg’f abg gur ‘vaprfg’ fgbelyvar gung V bowrpg gb, ng yrnfg abg va vfbyngvba. V npghnyyl jebgr n erivrj bs ‘Ncbpnylcfr, Abjvfu’ (GUNG rcvfbqr) sbe nabgure jrofvgr jurer V qrgnvyrq jul V qvqa’g trg n cfrhqb-vaprfg ivor sebz gur Pbaabe/Pbeqryvn frk, nygubhtu vg’f qvfgheovat va bgure jnlf.

            V’yy gel gb xrrc vg oevrs (V pbhyq jevgr gubhfnaqf naq gubhfnaqf bs jbeqf ba guvf vs V qvqa’g erfgenva zlfrys!) ohg zbfgyl jung V ungr vf gur jnl gung gur jubyr frnfba frrzf gb unir orra ratvarrerq nebhaq Punevfzn Pnecragre’f certanapl, nf vs gur jevgref sryg gung gurl ARRQRQ gb znxr Pbeqryvn certanag ng fbzr cbvag va beqre gb whfgvsl ure punatvat obql funcr. Ohg ol gur gvzr Pbeqryvn rira trgf certanag, jr’ir orra jngpuvat n urnivre Pbeqryvn sbe nobhg unys gur frnfba naljnl, fb gur jubyr guvat frrzf xvaq bs cbvagyrff. Naq gura ure fb-pnyyrq certanapl qbrfa’g npghnyyl znxr frafr orpnhfr ure ‘ovegu’ fbzrubj vaibyirq n shyy-tebja jbzna rzretvat sebz ure obql, juvpu uneqyl rkcynvaf ure fjbyyra oryyl.

            Gur jubyr vf vg/vfa’g Pbeqryvn guvat qbrfa’g jbex sbe zr rvgure, orpnhfr va gur rneyvre rcvfbqrf Pbeqryvn qbrf guvatf gung znxr AB frafr vs fur’f fhccbfrq gb or Wnfzvar ng gung cbvag. Vg srryf yvxr gur jevgref unqa’g znqr hc gurve zvaq ng gung cbvag naq ernyyl urqtrq gurve orgf gurer orsber qrpvqvat gbjneqf gur raq bs gur frnfba gung vg unq orra Wnfzvar nyy nybat. Ba ercrngrq ivrjvatf, vg srryf cbvagyrff gb cnl nal nggragvba gb Pbeqryvn’f npgvbaf be rzbgvbaf, orpnhfr gurl’er eraqrerq veeryrinag bapr vg’f erirnyrq gung fur’f abg npghnyyl Pbeqryvn ng nyy.

            Gur Ornfg unq terng cbgragvny ohg gura jnf xvyyrq va gur ynzrfg cbffvoyr jnl, ol na Natryhf jub npgf zber yvxr n ynzr Fpbbol-Qbb ivyynva gung gur pbyq, pnyphyngvat ivyynva gung jr xarj naq ybirq va Frnfba 2 bs Ohssl. Guvf cbegenlny bs Natryhf vf cebonoyl zl frpbaq-ovttrfg ohtorne nobhg gur frnfba.

            Fghss gung V QB yvxr nobhg Frnfba 4 zbfgyl obvyf qbja gb Jrfyrl/Yvynu naq rirelguvat vaibyivat Snvgu. Ohg gung’f nobhg vg!

          • Polge Clément

            I actually sort of agree with all that… And I’ll watch a little closer for some of the things you mentioned next time I watch Angel 🙂

            I agree that season 4 is probably Angel’s low point (season 1 isn’t great either, but it sort of picks up before the end, and it’s the beginning so i’m a bit more forgiving), but it’s not as dreadful as some people make it to be, that was the point i wanted to make 🙂

          • Jojo

            V qvfyvxr gur qrhf rk znpuvan ergpba – rirelguvat gung unccrarq sebz jura Jrfyrl gbbx/erfphrq Pbaabe jnf nyy bar ovt cybg ol n punenpgre jr oneryl xarj. V trg n znwbe fdhvpx sebz Pbeqryvn naq Pbaabe. Naq, lrnu – gbb zhpu jnf pragrerq nebhaq Pbeql orvat certanag juvpu pbhyq unir whfg orra unaqyrq ol n erny certanapl naq rira n jrqqvat jvgu fhcre evpu areql Qnivq be fbzrbar.

            Vg whfg qbrfa’g ubyq gbtrgure nf n frnfba sbe zr naq vg trgf vapernfvatyl pbagevirq gb gur cbvag jurer vg’f gbb nofheq gb or oryvrirq. Onq jevgvat!! Onq, onq, onq. Gur jevgref cbfvg n uhtr guerng gung gur punenpgref arire xarj naq pbhyqa’g svtug juvpu xvaqn znxrf nyy gur riragf rira zber zbbg. Yrg zr fnl V ernyyl rawbl gur fubj hagvy gur jubyr rirelguvat orpbzrf nofheq naq snyyf ncneg jvgu nyy fbegf bs enaqbz guvatf unccravat sbe ab cnegvphyne ernfba rkprcg gb gryy hf gung zbfg bs jung unf unccrarq jnf n ovt zlfgvpny znavchyngvba. Naq gura Pbaabe unf gb xvyy Fnuwrna naljnl!

            Lrnu – gur ornfg jnf n ybg bs ohvyq hc naq ab erfbyhgvba – whfg nabgure svmmyr. V qb ybir Snvgu – fur ernyyl qvq n terng wbo. Naq V ybir Jrf, naq Yvynu, naq ONZS Jrf. Naq V npghnyyl rawbl gur punenpgref – gurer ner fbzr terng rcf – vg’f whfg gur nep ybbxf yvxr vg jnf jevggra ol crbcyr jub arire zrg rnpu bgure be gnyxrq ba gur cubar naq gurl nyy unq n qvssrerag vqrn bs jung gb qb.

  • Alex

    This is a brilliant recap, well done ladies! I particularly like your analysis at the end, Lorraine, which neatly sums up all of my own conflicting thoughts about this episode.

    This is one of those episodes that, when I haven’t seen it for a while, I think of it and think ‘ugh, not that one..’ because I just remember ‘mystical pregnancy’ and automatically think ‘shitty episode’. But then I watch it and remember that it’s actually pretty decent. As you’ve pointed out, what saves it is the sensitive portrayal of Angel and Wesley’s reactions and the way it establishes the three of them as kind of a family unit.

    Interestingly, I read somewhere (or maybe it was in the DVD commentary?) that when this episode was first written, the scene where Wes and Angel find Cordy in her bedroom was written as a comedy scene, with the whole pregnancy thing played for laughs. And then Joss got his hands on it and insisted that it be changed and played as a serious scene instead. Imagine how different things might have been if they’d gone with the comedy angle? The episode would almost certainly have been super-shitty, but more importantly I think it would take away some really important development for Cordy, and for the three of them as a group. So, well done Joss I guess!

    But all your criticisms of the episode are spot-on too. The more I think about the ‘sex = bad’ thing in the Buffyverse, the more prevalent I realise it is. I’d love to say it gets better, and in fact I think it does get a lot better in Buffy, but in Angel… yikes. That’s all I’ll say.

    I guess it’s not a problem that’s exclusive to the Buffyverse, though. TV shows in general are far more likely to use sex to create drama (unwanted pregnancy, extra-marital affairs, drunken one-night-stands that are instantly regretted, etc…) than to show it as a great part of a healthy relationship. Doesn’t make it any less disappointing, though.

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  • SonicRulez

    I love how adorkable Wesley is. I would not have minded keeping Wes/Angel/Cordy as their own lil trio for longer. Granted, I wouldn’t have minded keeping Doyle around either. There’s just such a great dynamic at play here. Angel’s found himself people who genuinely like him for the first time in….maybe ever and he is HELLBENT on protecting them. Especially after what happened only a few episodes ago. The undercurrent thing though is that Wesley and Cordelia are experiencing literally the same thing. A bit less so for Cordy, but she was certainly a fringe Scoobie. See how often she’s brought up fondly in S4-7 of Buffy. I’m pretty sure it’s a clean 0 times. Here we have our bundle of misfits who have all found each other.

    “Sex is bad?”
    “We all knew that.”

    10/10 joke.