Game of Thrones S03 E09 – Like rains on your wedding day.

Previously: Sansa got married to Tyrion and we thought, “wow. That was the most traumatic wedding ever.” Ha ha. Ha.
The Rains of Castamere

Lorraine: You know the deal.


Regardless of what you were when you first watched this episode (book reader, spoiled show watcher, or unspoiled show watcher), I think we all sat down to this episode with the anxiety only the best content can create. It’s episode 9, friends, also known as the episode that brought us the beheading of Ned Stark, the Battle of the Blackwater and now this.

Sweeney: I told Lor this already, but in our on-going game of, “Haha, see what shit the other can get stuck with!” — usually played out on Fifty Shades, and occasionally Buffy — this was probably the worst draw yet. It was crap luck for vastly different reasons, of course, but painful, crap luck all the same. Someone suggested we just put up a music video of The Rains of Castamere and call it a day. I probably would have taken that suggestion, so snaps to Lor for actually writing a post.

Lor: And on that note, here we go:

The credits take us to King’s Landing, Dragonstone, The Twins (where we’ve been before but I’m not certain we’ve seen on the map. Regardless, a little seen place on the map would usually be a cause of slight joy to us Snark Ladies. However, I’ve already seen this episode and am being forced to watch it AGAIN for the recap. That all parenthetically said, FUCK THE TWINS.) Winterfell Seriously Someone Should’ve Put That Fire Out Already, The Wall and Yunkai.

We start the episode with a close up on a map showing Casterly Rock surrounded by little figurine lion heads. Because of course we start the episode that way considering how we end the episode. Sorry. I’m trying not to get ahead of myself.

We also see figurine wolves as well as figurine towers and figurine flayed men. Who the fuck has flayed men as their house sigil? BOLTON, HOUSE OF PERPETUAL TORTURE AND BAD THINGS. Sorry. I’m not doing too well so far with not getting ahead of myself. Interestingly, though, the figurines are meant to represent Robb Stark’s latest plan to capture Casterly Rock. They actually show Starks surrounded by Lannisters, Freys and Boltons. Motherfuck.

no I'm not crying


Sweeney: Careful now. You need to conserve your cries.

Lor: I’m doing my best.

Lady Catelyn Stark asks if Robb is sure of his plan, since it looks awfully dangerous. Robb says that if they take Tywin’s home everyone will know that he isn’t invincible. Cat wants to know why Robb is sharing all of this with her and he’s all, “hey remember how I haven’t been listening to you all season? Yeaaaah. That’s kind of sucked for me.” NO KIDDING, ROBB.


Lor: Cat regards him for a second before she asks if he has enough men. Robb says that depends on Walder Frey’s cooperation. Cat points out that if more Lannister troops arrive before they take the castle, the Stark army will by caught between lions and the sea. As Robb says this, he very pointedly puts down a Frey tower. “We’ll lose the war and die the way father died. Or worse.”

Uh, Ned died of stupidity, Robb. Worse would be dying of extreme stupidity and… okay. I see what you did there.

Lady Cat thinks that over for a second and then replies, “show them how it feels to lose what they love.” And the audience says, “WE GET IT.”

Sweeney: In an effort to distract myself from my feels, I’ll point out that Michelle Fairley does a phenomenal job throughout this episode. And in my headcanon it ends with that line. EPISODE OVER. LET’S ALL GO HOME NOW.

Lor: Cute! We appreciate you trying.

We cut to a very badly CGI’ed direwolf running in front of some soldiers. That was probably the worse piece of CGI we’ve seen all season. I’m guessing the budget was eaten up by extended Emilia Clarke nudity last episode. Oh, and you know, dragons. These soldiers are carrying the Stark banners and arrive at (Fuck) The Twins. Lord Walder Frey is welcoming them in the deadest voice imaginable, as they eat what appears to be salt and bread. No one looks like they want to be eating it.


Robb starts to apologize to Walder Frey, but Frey says he wasn’t the spurned party; it was one of his daughters who missed out on the opportunity to marry a king. He parades them all out, introduces them and fumbles around their names. None of them are particularly beastly, but they all could benefit from a shower, a brush, some hair gel, glistening personalities and sparkling senses of humor. Have I ever told you about how I don’t call ugly babies ugly and I instead suggest that they might need to pick up a viable talent in the near future? The Frey girls should all learn how to play guitar, is all I’m saying.

Robb apologizes to the Need Guitar Lessons Girls, saying that any man would be lucky to have them. He just so happened to fall in love with someone else. He begs their forgiveness and says he wants to be friends with the Freys. Walder chuckles and sends his daughters off. Then, he spots Talisa and calls her forward. “Love. That’s what the Starks of Winterfell call it, eh?” Frey thinks it’s more about about Talisa’s pretty face and shapely body. He notes that they’ve tried to hide her in a frumpy dress, but he’s got some sort of creeper-vision that allows him to see underneath dresses. Not literally, I know, but it’s still creeper-vision to me. I mean, he says, “I bet when you take that dress off, everything stays right where it is.” CREEP.

Sweeney: It’s definitely creeper vision. He spends an uncomfortable amount of time discussing his ability to see underneath even the frumpiest of dresses.

Lor: Frey keeps being gross and says that Robb betrayed him for firm tits and a tight fit. Robb makes a move all, “YOU WANNA GO?” but Cat holds him back. Good looking out, mom. Frey says that he respects oath breaking for hot girls because it’s what he would’ve done at Robb’s age too. I’m going to be completely honest here and say that at this point in my naive episode viewing, I found Frey mildly amusing. For real. I’m only left to feel ashamed of how I once felt. (But seriously, though, Robb. Ain’t no one buying that you did it for love…)

That all done, Frey says it’s time to let the wine flow, music play for this entire mess to be put behind them. Excuse me.

Across the Shivering Sea, Daenerys Targaryen is consulting a map of her own. She asks Mr. of the pretty hair and lover of consensual sex, Daario Naharis where something is, and he comes over to consensually invade her personal space and seduce her hand to the proper location on the map. Ser Jorah Mormont is on hand to give A+ KILL ME NOW eyes.

Sweeney: He’s pretty aggressively reminding the audience that he’s been Friendzoned all throughout the episode. Sorry, bro, you need to look into whatever conditioner the Second Sons are using. And maybe being about 20 years younger.

Lor: Apparently, all this was to point out a back gate into Yunkai. The Second Sons sometimes use it when they go probably non-consensually sleep with slaves. Daario’s plan is to slip in the back gate with Dany’s two best swordsmen, fight their way through the city, open the front gate, and let the Unsullied in that way to take the city. Jorah’s all, “COOL STORY BRO, but you could be leading me to my death.” Daario says that only dishonest people have suspicious minds.

I waiver a little on Jorah. Mostly, it’s really awkward how his entire storyline is all about the most epic Friend Zone on two fictional continents, you know? But I must side with him here. I don’t think it’s dishonest or overly suspicious to question the guy you basically just met. Daario, my conditioned hair winner across the sea: You can’t be all, “hey! Nice to meet you. Yeah, no worries. The bros on the opposing army are totally cool. They’ll let you right in. It’ll be fine,” especially to the people in the room you aren’t hand seducing.

Sweeney: +1 to all of this, in spite of my lack of sympathy for Jorah.

Lor: It’s all a moot point, anyways, because Dany asks Grey Worm if he trusts Daario, and he does. So, Daario’s COOL STORY BRO Plan it is.

North of the Wall, Samwell and Gilly are still trudging along in the snow. I cared about them for about 30 seconds last episode, but then Sam left the knife behind.

Sam is spouting facts about Castle Black and The Night’s Watch. Gilly asks how Sam knows all of these things and Sam says he reads. Gilly makes Sam (and book nerds everywhere, really) cream his pants when she’s all, “WOW! You read and retain knowledge? YOU’RE LIKE A WIZARD.” And to make it even better for them at least, they see they’ve reached the wall.


Next we join The Hound as he menacingly reminds Arya that she is to cooperate. The Hound approaches a man whose cart has broken down on the road. The Hound lifts the cart for the delivery man, so that he can put the wheel back in place. Delivery Man helpfully exposits that he’s on his way to The Twins to deliver salted pork for the wedding. The Hound promptly knocks him out and draws his knife.

Arya runs over and pushes The Hound back. She tells him not to kill the Delivery Man and mocks him for thinking he’s so tough, with his saying mean things to little girls, killing little boys and old men. Arya says she knows an actual badass and WE MISS YOU A-MAN even though your new face is kind of tragic and in need of some violin lessons. But, still, come back and kill some people ASAP.

Anyways, Arya begs him not to kill the man. The Hound: You are very kind. Some day it will get you killed. The passing delivery man starts groaning and stirring. Arya grabs a nearby piece of wood and smacks him over the head so he drops again, unconscious. She drops the mic piece of wood and walks away. The Hound looks fairly impressed. I JUST LOVE HER SO MUCH.

Sweeney: Arya Stark should have given her older brother some lessons in proper Direbossing.

Lor: The Reeds, Bran, Rickon, Osha and Hodor arrive at a place Osha helpfully tells us is The Gift, some lands given to the Night’s Watch for sustenance and support. Jojen and Meera wonder why no one lives in this totally great land, and it’s kind of awkward because it’s all the Wildlings’s fault, and there’s a Wildling right there. Osha grills them all as Rickon says he heard Wildlings make you drink blood from a cup made of your own skull. I’m not sure about logistics there, mostly because I’m amazed at how every time Rickon opens his mouth, he’s somehow made even creepier.


Sweeney: I’m pretty sure the writers are doing this shit on purpose now because he’s just so consistently unintentionally creepy. I think they know about all the GoT drinking games.

Lor: Ginger NotMance [Tormund Giantsbane] asks Jon what the old man he’s spotted is doing with 8 good horses. Jon says Dead Old Man Walking breeds them for the Night’s Watch. Ginger NotMance and the Wildling Warg [Orwell] get really excited about killing this old man. Jon says they should just take the horses and go, earning him crazy eyes from the rest of the Wildlings. Off the group of about 20 Wildlings go to steal them some horses and kill them an old man.

Jon clangs his sword against a rock and it spooks the horses enough to get the Dead Old Man’s attention. He comes out to see crazy Wildlings charging toward him, so he quickly mounts a horse and takes off. Ygritte tries to shoot him with an arrow, but Jon stops her from hitting her mark.

Arya looks at The Twins. The Feelsy Flutes are on hand to mock us as she drinks in the sight. The Hound notes that Arya keeps looking toward the towers, like she’s afraid they’ll move.


He must mean the audience’s fear, fight? Because accurate.

Sweeney: This is extra awful and painful now. Dislike. Can we revisit the music-video-and-call-it-a-day plan yet?

Lor: I think we’ve come too far.

Arya says she’s seen The Hound’s fear too. He looked like a scared little girl when Berric lit a sword on fire to fight him. The Hound is visibly taken aback. Arya knows he’s afraid because his brother once pressed his face against a fire. The Hound points out that this is the closest Arya’s been to any member of her family since Ned’s beheading. Arya whips around and looks him square in the eye. “Someday, I’m going to put a sword through your eye and out the back of your skull.”

She gives really good threat when you consider the difference in age, size and strength.

Thunder takes us from that scene back to the other Stark children, who are staying in an abandoned tower. Bran is wondering how they are going to get on the other side of The Wall. Hodor is freaking out during this exchange because of the peals of thunder. Meera is looking out of a window and notices the Dead Old Man Walking riding through the rain. She then sees the Wildlings that are chasing him. Osha asks after Shaggydog and Summer and Bran says they are out hunting. Hodor is really freaking out now and is in danger of giving their position away. Bran says, “Hush Hodor. No more hodoring,” and it’s precious. He made Hodor a verb and I approve.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t actually calm Hodor down and his hodoring has attracted the attention of the Wildling Warg. In the commotion, Bran’s eyes Warg-out (that is, they become all white) and  Hodor falls to his knees, then falls flat, and falls asleep. Bran comes back and Rickon is all, “and I thought I was the creepy Stark.” Something like that.

Sweeney: 1430. Also, this moment just made Bran’s whole story infinitely more film-worthy. S3 Bran has been kind of like S2 Jon Snow — “Here I am again. Hanging out.” I imagine this Bran arc is a lot more compelling in book form, but after this episode I have serious reservations about whether I have the emotional strength to ever find out.

Lor: Agreed.

Outside, the Wildling Warg says he heard shouting up in the tower, but thankfully, Ginger NotMance thinks it more likely that there are ghosts in the tower than people. I’m not really questioning this considering how some other Starks fare in this episode.

The Wildling Warg suggests killing Dead Old Man Walking, so he won’t tattle to the Night’s Watch. Ginger is ready to get his kill on, but WW [Wildling Warg] thinks it’s a better idea if Jon does it to prove that he’s truly a Wildling.

Back up in the tower, Jojen tries to get Bran to Warg-out again and ride inside of Summer. Bran doesn’t think he can, but Jojen gives him a MAGICKS! pep-talk.

Jon draws his sword and gets ready to kill Dead Old Man Walking, but he can’t bring himself to do it. Ygritte is the one who finally shoots an arrow through Dead Old Man’s heart. WW says that Jon is still a crow and will betray the Wildlings first chance he gets. Ginger NotMance orders him killed, but Jon is the best fighter EVAR, so he’s able to hold off multiple attacks. Ygritte is flipping the fuck out, as Ginger NotMance holds her back from the fighting.

In the tower, Bran is finally able to Warg-out again, and he gets Summer to DIREBOSS CHOMP a Wildling. There is full on throat eating, and, ew.

Jon runs his sword through the Wildling Warg and I cheer. Well, for like a second until the WW manages to hop inside of a nearby bird and starts pecking at Jon’s face. The bird leaves though, and I’m not sure if that means WW died or if Jon is going to have his own bird stalker now. He’s going to wake up every morning to find bird shit all over his horse and he will raise his fist to the sky! Anyways, Jon mounts a horse and rides away, leaving Ygritte behind.

I can’t imagine that Jon would leave Ygritte, but more than that, he saw the direwolves and he must know what that means. There was probably no way for him to recognize or further investigate without outing his brothers, but they were just so close.

Sweeney: The bird pecking made me cringe. It’s almost funny, now, that I was getting so squeamish over that. Ha.

Anyway, YES. THIS. I’m a little confused by how many Wildlings were still alive at this point, because it seemed like Jon could have stuck around longer than he did. I don’t know if he just didn’t want to face Ginger NotMance? Or if he didn’t really count on continued direwolf backup? I don’t know, but it was really painful to watch us get THIS CLOSE to having three Starks (basically) together again, only to watch Jon Snow ride off.

Lor: Outside of the walls of Yunkai, it’s time to enact the COOL STORY BRO Plan. Daario gets the back gate guard to let him in and then signals for Jorah and Grey Worm to follow. Daario easily killed the two guards he found inside and is saying how there probably won’t be any more guards when a whole truck load of more guards arrive. Thankfully, Dany’s men are the best fighters EVAR, and not more than 1-2 people attack them at a time. The three of them have different styles with Jorah using a broadsword, Daario using a scythe-looking thing and Grey Worm rocking his long spear and typical Unsullied shield.  Guards handled.

Except here come like a million more. Let’s hope they all patiently wait for their turns to be killed.

Walder Frey is walking his veiled daughter down the aisle toward Edmure Tully, who looks pretty uncomfortable. Walder lifts his daughter veil. From Edmure’s point of view we see that she is actually very pretty and rather young looking. She kneels before her husband to be and says she hopes she’s not a disappointment. He helps her up and says, “girl, you look young and nubile! I’m going to save a TON on music lessons.” He doesn’t say that.

Sweeney: Eh. That’s almost a direct quote.

Lor: The Internet is telling me that pretty Frey girl’s name is Roslin. Roslin looks over at Robb, who then looks at Walder all, “SERIOUSLY?” Walder gives a little shrug that, again, I found hilarious on first viewing. Oh, Robb.

At The Gift, Bran is surprised about his, well, gift. Jojen says that there are wargs north of the wall that can control all sorts of animals, but Bran got inside Hodor’s mind, and that is an ability singular to him. Bran shares that he saw Jon when he was riding around in Summer. I feel like I’m extra sensitive to Stark children being near each other and the fact that Bran even SAW Jon is making the feels lodge in my throat.

Sweeney: THIS.

Lor: Bran is convinced that he has to go find the three-eyed raven north of The Wall, but he says he won’t make Osha come with. In fact, it will be too dangerous for Rickon and someone needs to watch him. Rickon freaks out because, seriously? SERIOUSLY? WE ARE GOING TO SEPARATE THE STARKS EVEN FURTHER? Bran suggests they go to the Umbers and stay there. Osha comforts Rickon by saying that the Umbers are great warriors and will teach him how to fight. Osha decides to leave right that moment and they say their goodbyes to Bran.


Sweeney: This made my feels explode into something a little more rage like than anything else. STOP FUCKING SPLITTING UP THE FAMILY. I’M GOING TO FIND YOU AND PUNCH YOU IN THE MOUTH, MARTIN.

Lor: Just as Dany wonders where her soldiers could be, Jorah and Grey Worm enter. Jorah is covered in blood, but he brings the news that the slave soldiers surrendered and they have claimed Yunkai. Dany’s all, “Cool! BUT OMG. WHERE IS THE PRETTY HAIR?” Jorah’s heart breaks right before our very eyes. It’s strange that after so many things led up to the sacking of Yunkai, the actual event happened in a very, “…and then we sacked Yunkai” way. Then again, considering what is still coming up in this episode, yeah, skip the additional killing. I’ll take your word for it.

We head back to the wedding at the Frey’s where there is much music and merriment. Cat comments to Blackfish that Edmure complained the entire ride from Riverrun about the marriage and now he’s laughing it up with his young bride. Cat notices that Lord Bolton turns down a drink and asks if he doesn’t drink. He says no, because it dulls the senses and you never know when you have to betray goodness or kick puppies or murder unicorns or destroy happiness. Gotta stay sharp for that stuff, you know? He also mentions that Walder offered him one of his daughter’s weight in silver as a dowry, so he picked and married the fattest Frey he could find. Blackfish excuses himself to take the most timely piss ever.

Robb notices that Cat is alone with Bolton now, and says he should go rescue her. Talisa says Lady Cat is the lady least in need of rescuing ever. In light of what is coming, I want to both agree and disagree, but we will get there. Robb tells Talisa to be nice. She says that she likes Robb’s mommy, but that if Lady Cat had her way, Talisa would be back in Volantis playing the harp. We’ve had a lot of shit to say about everything being Talisa’s fault and that’s been pretty unfair but not completely unfair. I think this is another nod to the idea that it’s mostly Talisa’s fault and that Robb should’ve listened to his mother.


Lor: Walder calls out to Robb and says that Edmure and Roslin are not yet man and wife because, “a sword needs a sheath and a wedding needs a bedding.” The crowd gets rowdy so Robb stands and gets the bedding ceremony underway. Edmure laughs and Roslin looks like she’s going to pee herself. Jaunty music plays as men rush forward and grab Roslin. They lift her and carry her off to bed. The women grab Edmure and start undressing him. Talisa looks horrified.

Catelyn feels for Roslin, but Lord Bolton says it’s the fate of all brides. Cat shares that Ned forbade the bedding ceremony at their own wedding, because OF COURSE HE DID. Lord Bolton can’t even handle Ned’s honor by proximity or storytelling so he gets out of there.


Lor: Talisa says that the bedding ceremony is strange and Robb says it’s the only way to prove that a marriage was  consummated. Talisa takes this moment to remind all us poor, unsuspecting viewers at home that she’s with child, which is another way to prove consummation. Robb asks if it’s a boy or girl, but Talisa has no guesses. She does say, though, that if it’s a boy, they should name him Eddard.

We’ve been guessing for WEEKS now that Robb was going to die, and listing off the ways we could tell that was true. He could’ve done NONE OF THAT, but still decided at this moment to name his kid NED MF STARK, and my, “you’s about to die” radar would be pinging all over the place.

Lady Cat is watching those two love birds and notices when a man in armor passes her by and closes the doors to the great hall. The band then starts playing “The Rains of Castamere,” and this is about the time I broke my Twitter with capslock exclamations. It was such an eerie scene and the song in and of itself is completely haunting. Add to that the way Catelyn immediately notices something is off, and the look on her face… UGH.


Sweeney: Again, Michelle Fairley was amazing in this episode. She didn’t have to do much of anything to guarantee feels, but she made sure to bring it. There was more to that sentence, but I’ll stop because of feels and the fact that we have more post to get through.

Lor: The song takes us outside to Robb’s howling direwolf and then to The Hound and Arya as they ride up to the Frey castle. They are stopped by guards who insist that the wedding is over. Arya notices soldiers marching toward the castle and takes this opportunity to hop off the cart and go investigate.

Walder stops the musicians and calls Robb forward. He says he’s given Robb meat, wine, and music, but has neglected to give him a wedding gift. During this, Cat looks over at Bolton with horror and realization. She lifts the sleeve of his tunic a bit and sees chain mail. To her everlasting direboss credit, she slaps the shit out of Bolton and cries out to Robb, who responds in slow shock. A Frey soldier pulls out a small dagger, approaches Talisa from behind, and stabs her repeatedly in the stomach.

The sound effect of the knife squishing into her belling is something I will not soon forget. And forgive me, because we don’t know if it was a boy or girl, but little hypothetical Ned Stark was put to death before he even made it out of the womb.

Sweeney: That was such an intense way to begin this whole intense scene. I’m still in the “shocked, horrified, and devastated” phase, but if I were able to distance myself enough from that, I might be able to comment more on how well-assembled this scene was to achieve maximum shock/horror/devastation. It’s hard to do that, though, when I look a little more like this:


And, you know, feeling a little sheepish about all the time and energy I’ve dedicated to hating Talisa. Not that I actually take it all back, but it’s hard to blame her too much when she’s about to bleed out after having her unborn baby murdered out of her.

Lor: Because this is something behind just “they are going to die.” That is such a plain statement, one we’ve been making again and again. But that isn’t what happened. She was brutalized, and you are right, the way the entire scene was well assembled. We see that in just a bit as we cut from inside to outside, prolonging and extending the tension.

Robb starts toward Talisa, but there are men armed with crossbows up in the gallery, and they shoot him through both shoulders and in the stomach. A full out massacre scene begins as Walder Frey watches as all of Robb’s men are slaughtered. Cat is shot through the back.

Arya hides and watches as she sees Frey men slaughter more of Robb’s men outside of the castle. She hears Grey Wind howling and desperately trying to break out of the cage he’s in. She tries to run to him, but is cut off by soldiers who shoot the wolf. Arya watches as Grey Wind dies and that hurts my heart just as much as anything else that happens. Arya tries to make it inside of the castle, but The Hound finds her in time and tells her it’s too late. He knocks her out, and carries her away.

Sweeney: Yet again, we got so close to a trio of Starks, only to fall short. This time in the worst way imaginable.

Lor: And The Hound, the terrible but not terrible Hound, saves her.

Back inside, Robb crawls over to Talisa and holds her bloodied body in his arms. Catelyn notices that Frey’s young wife is cowering under his table. Arrow in mother fucking shoulder, she grabs a discarded knife and pulls the girl out from underneath the table. She holds the knife to her throat and begs Walder to end the massacre. She swears that they will not take vengeance on him, if only he would let Robb go.

Robb lays Talisa’s lifeless body back down on the ground, back into the pool of her own blood.

Catelyn is begging him to get up and walk out, but it very much looks like Robb is already dead.


Catelyn begs her son, and in that moment, even though I know there is no way out, I still have a small hope that there is something he can do. He is a hero, isn’t he? He can make it out of this alive, can’t he?

Sweeney: I remember feeling similarly about Ned’s death. Even after it happened, I was pretty convinced that I was going to watch episode 10 and find out it was some sort of horrifying dream sequence.

Lor: Walder Frey ends our hope and says he would not let Robb walk out, even with Cat threatening his wife. He only need find a new one.

Robb stands and calls his mother. His final goodbye. It’s over, as he looks at her, only half there. Not struggling, only slurring over his last word.

Roose Bolton grabs Robb and tells him the Lannisters send their regards. He stabs Robb, who makes no more sound as he falls to his knees and dies. The King in the North, killed at a wedding, and perhaps all because of a wedding.

Catelyn cries out in agony, and in one swift motion, kills the girl she held hostage in her hands. Then she too is silent and still as she waits for her own death. It comes quickly in the form of a slit throat. We stay focused on the place where she once stood, until the scene cuts to black, and the credits roll without music.

This was no less gut wrenching on second watch. It felt no easier when I knew it was coming. It was beautifully acted, start to finish.

Sweeney: Agreed — everything about it was wonderfully done. I loved that the episode ended with so little sound and just silence over the end credits. Cat cries out in grief and anguish as she kills Frey’s wife and it’s so much more powerful because of the general lack of sound surrounding that moment. I can still hear it, because it was absolutely haunting.

Lor: Her last moment was absolutely brutal. There was no reason for Frey’s wife to die, other than it was the only last thing Cat could do.

I know plenty has been said by both  TV show fans and book fans alike. So much was at play here, but let me just mention how brilliant  a few elements were: (1) – Bringing the Stark family so close together at times only to rip them apart in such a permanent way. The best sort of fictional content is the evocative kind. What’s more, there is so much feeling to be explored in everything that was left unsaid. The remaining Stark children will never see their mother again. They are orphans, they are homeless and they are isolated. It breaks my heart.

(2) – In this game changing episode, named after a Lannister fight song, nary a Lannister was seen.

(3) – I’m not sure if it’s the same for book fans, but hear me out: I know this is the War of the Five Kings, but in so many ways Stark vs. Lannister has always been at the heart of the conflict. This was a crippling blow for the Starks– some might even say that they’ve lost and the Lannisters have won. I don’t know what’s true about the future of these two families, but we can certainly say that the Lannisters are the best positioned at this point. Robb is dead and his men appear to have suffered the same fate, Stannis has his Creepy Red Lady, but is still very much licking battle wounds, Dany is across the sea, and we haven’t heard from Mance Rayder or any of the Greyjoys in some time.

I will say that I love that in an episode that handicaps the Starks so deeply, we are shown just how much fight is left in them. Arya was never a bigger direboss, Bran is uniquely gifted and even creepy Rickon has notions of courage and honor.

Sweeney: THIS. SO MUCH THIS. Even after this crushing blow, I haven’t given up this sense that Starks are still fully in this. It makes no sense, because they’re down to being a band of homeless orphans, and yet. So THIS to that last point, but also everything else you just said.

Lor: Mostly, though, I think what I’m really trying to say is THEY BETTER NOT KILL ANY MORE STARKS, GOD DAMMIT.

Sweeney: THIS TOO.

Lor: And also, I’m never watching that again.

Twitter exploded during and after this episode. I even saw people who don’t watch the TV show discussing it. I wanted to include all of the feelings-y Tweets that were included in #gameofsnark, because the sheer amount of capslocks and exclamations was truly impressive. Things got a little long, though, so instead we share with you these more eloquent Tweets:



Next time on Game of Thrones: The Northerners and the Snark Ladies will never forget, even as the season ends in S03 E10 – Mhysa.

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  • Tina Turner

    It’s too soon. But seriously, if we can find Martin I am all for holding him down while we all take a turn making his ass feel some stuff.

    • After all my grousing about watching it through for the second time, it helped a little. I mean, I certainly don’t feel as destroyed as I did. Something tells me that all those feels will come flooding back at some point next Sunday…

    • I’m right there with you, GF!

  • lev36

    In the book, Robb at least has the sense not to bring his wife (Jeyne Westerling in the novel) along to the wedding. And Catelyn’s final act is not to kill Walder’s wife, but one of his sons. But otherwise, pretty much the same.

    Arya is indeed the direst Direboss of the whole family, and Maisie Garrison’s reaction on Vine is lol-worthy:

    And if Martin kills any more of the Starks, I am going to beat him with a shovel. Well, in my mind, at least.

    • I’ve seen a few of these little things people mention are different in the books and though I’m super curious, I’m avoiding it all ’cause spoilers.

      Also, I watched that vine about 50 times. Okay, like 49. I don’t want to exaggerate. I’m curious what sort of accent she’s going for there? 😉

      SHOVELS! SHOVELS! A vague disclaimer is nobody’s friend.

  • Merissa A

    First off, job well done.

    Secondly, have you seen this? It sums up this episode really well.

    Lastly, as someone who has read the book, I realize that there are many things that are different in the book and the show, but *spoiler* the one thing that made me really mad about this episode was that Jayne (aka Talisa) isn’t actually at the wedding in the book. So she doesn’t die with a knife in the gut. Maybe that silver lining will make it a little less traumatic for you?

    • Thank you!

      I’m not sure what I was expecting when I clicked that link, but that picture was so simple and yet… CRYING. The Starks. D:

      I’ve heard a little about Talisa being basically a different/made up character. It must be strange for book readers, but at the same time, it makes it so you can’t predict everything, right? BECAUSE WHO SAW THAT COMING.

      I wonder what this means for Jayne in the book. I mean, does this mean that Jayne can’t go on to become Queen of Everything, because there is no counterpart to her in the show? Is this Martin admitting that Jayne’s storyline is as done as Talisa’s? IDK.

      Sorry. The knife in the gut makes my thoughts go crazy.

      • Merissa A

        It’s true, it’s crazy when they throw things like that at us. I was all “WHY!?!” But as soon as I saw her there, I had a feeling she’d be killed as well. So sad.
        In the book she’s left with the Blackfish, hence his well timed piss on a tree. But I won’t spoil it any more!

        • They couldn’t have left her alive and pregnant. D:

  • Polge Clément

    I was really expecting Robb’s death, so it didn’t destroy me THAT MUCH, but Talisa and unborn Stark ? Catelyn ? Soul-shattering.

    And yeah, I didn’t get why Jon just left… He clearly saw the direboss attacking, they were 3v2 and Ygritte would have easily been on his side… Maybe he was trying to draw the wildling away from the tower, because he knew his Bran and Rickon were there ? But if he had just killled them all, wouldn’t it be the same ? IDK…

    The one good thing I take from Robb’s death is this: after Melissandre put slug on Gendry’s part, Stannis burned 3 and said 3 names: Robb Stark, Balon Greyjoy, Joffrey Baratheon. Does this mean his Grace Douchiness is going to die ? I know he’s more “Joffrey Lannister” than “Joffrey Baratheon”, but still… PLZ SHOW KILL JOFFREY.

    Because right now, I’m half expecting the end of the story to be “and then Tyrion died and Joffrey discovered the recipe to immortatility and became a king for ever and ever and he raped all of the stark girls while drinking wine in all of the Stark’s boys head and Walder Frey became the hand of the king”.

    • Melodie Hatley

      Catelyn’s death in the book was even more soul-shattering as she went mad before they cut her throat. If I remember correctly, she pleaded “He’s my son, my only son” and Walder Frey replied, “Heh, I have tons more sons than you, and that one’s no good anyway” [saying that about her hostage, who was a mentally infirm son of Walder Frey’s]… then the throat slitting, but afterwards, she clawed her face to bits, shrieking over and over again until they finally did the deed. It was… I can’t even describe how creepy it was reading it, and how heartbreaking at the same time.

  • Ryan

    I don’t watch GoT, and this is the only post I’ve read because of reasons (only reading this one because I heard people discussing it ALL OVER MY TOWN). I have no idea who these characters are or anything, but when I got to the part about the unborn baby dying I lost it.

  • Lauren

    Okay, question: Am I reading too far into this, or was this actual foreshadowing?

    When Walder Frey was like “oh yeah, I’d break 50 oaths to get with your wife, hahaheehee”, he was basically admitting to Robb that he’d break sacred vows at the drop of the hat if it made him happy. RIGHT AFTER HE MADE SACRED VOWS TO EXTEND THE PROTECTION OF HIS HOSPITALITY TO ROBB.

    It was one of those hindsight things that I realized after thinking about (read:sobbing over) the episode, but I think that should have been a big red flag to Robb.

  • Tina Turner

    Having only just watched the episode about three hours before reading this, I was understandably shaken. I finished book one this past week and had no idea what was coming. That being said, I must clarify that my original comment wasn’t meant to be rapey. I just want to make Martin feel some pain, I have absolutely no interest in his ass.

    • Oh, girl. I was shaken until when I had to start writing in this post. And then I told myself, “GET IT TOGETHER. YOU ARE A PROFESSIONALLY UNPAID BLOGGER. YOU CAN DO THIS.” That didn’t work so I started drinking. Point is that, yes. Shaken. It happens.

      And thank you for clarifying. I love that you felt the need to.

    • But maybe we could make an exception on the rapey thing just this once? He certainly screwed all of us!!!

      • Melodie Hatley

        🙁 That’s not cool. He gave us this magnificent world, which is harsh and brutal, but in it are so many cool characters, so many awesome ideas, so many adventures and wars and romances, heart breaks and feels. That he was able to make so many people feel so many things is a testament to his talent.

  • Buttercup

    OMG, Martin just rips your heart out.

    After seeing season one I started reading the books (currently on #5), and a few months ago came to this chaper. It was the first time I felt hopeful and was kinda happy anticipating Arya being reunited with her family. I was away from home reading it and came to this. Was just slack-jawed with shock. I sent a an incredulous txt to my husband (he knew this was coming): Catelyn, Robb, WTF?!!! At that point it even sounded like Arya died when the Hound stopped her (she didn’t…but it took me a couple of chapters to learn for sure…that stomped on my heart too). UGH! At that point.I had to put it down and really didn’t know if I could pick it back up again I was so upset.

    Can’t we rewind a little and end it in our heads with Arya being reunited with the Starks and Robb defeating Joffrey and becoming King? Maybe Talisa could have died in childbirth and Robb could have married Dany.

    Even though I knew it was coming….still cried at the end.

    I’ve said this before, but too bad Martin doesn’t re-do 50 Shades of Gray to where Ana and Christian die horrible deaths.

    • Kiar McLean Shaw

      “said this before, but too bad Martin doesn’t re-do 50 Shades of Gray to where Ana and Christian die horrible deaths.”
      Like at the very beginning, so as to negate the need for any movies coming to fruition??
      (I haven’t watch this episode yet, waiting for the Hubs to be home for the weekend, but HOLY FRICK! I cannot handle all the feels. I am pretty sure I am glad that I read this, so I am not blindsided by all the murdery stuff, once I finally get to watch it!)

  • Izzygirl

    So… I offer my guests pretzels and they’re supposed to be safe from slaughter. *Crosses pretzels off grocery list*
    I know it’s a long wait until next season, but the Purple Wedding will cheer you up. Once in a while, GRRM throws us a bone 😉

    • Shea Foley

      I actually have a feeling the Purple Wedding will be the next episode. It does happen in Storm of Swords, and they’re pretty much sticking with the one book=one season format.

      ETA: Nevermind… we probably will have to wait… *grumble, grumble*

      • Polge Clément

        I thought they were going for 2 seasons for book 3 ? I haven’t read this book yet, so I don’t know what is this wedding (and I don’t want to know, spoilering = shoveling to death 😉 ), but it might be next season.

        I’m going to need a lot of Tyrion and Arya next episode to mend my feels though, and since none of them is supposed to be getting maried soon, I’m ok with that purple wedding being next season 😀

        • Shea Foley

          I’m okay with it being next season, too, since that gives GRRM more time to FINISH THE SIXTH DAMN BOOK!! The showrunners have already said that if they run out of book material, they’ll just start making shit up.

      • Melodie Hatley

        Yup. There’s some really awesome stuff coming up in the next season though, not the least of which is the Red Viper!!!

  • I’ve been looking forward to your recap of this episode for two weeks now. Having read the books I knew what was coming but needed company in the shock and pain. Heartbreak is easier to bear when it’s shared…or something like that. Huge sad sigh.

  • Jojo

    I read the books – lo these many years ago when no one even knew about the series….and I knew, absolutely knew that Eddard would take the black and save the kingdom but they cut off his head, and then I knew, absolutely knew, that Robb who fought on the side of good and right would win it all and his wife would die and he and Dani…and then there was the RED WEDDING…..and then I fell to the floor screaming and crying and – no not really – but really – and I am very careful not to decide I know who will win it all. But I really love Arya and I don’t want her dead so… me, Obi Wan Martin!

  • Jojo
    • Polge Clément

      Well, I’m still not convinced Jaime could have put that plan together, but even if he did, you have to admit that this is war, and it does make sense for the Lannister to do that… It cuts the head of the snake without having ten of thousands of death. So in a way, it’s a good thing ? At least, it’s a lot less pointless a death than Ned’s. Which is also why the wolf and Catelyn’s death hurt me so much more: theirs WERE pointless.

      • Jojo

        Oh, he did – the book makes it clear. In fact, the real line from the book is “Jaime Lannister send his regards” And he tells Roose Bolton that in return for a good word to Tywin from Jaime, Jaime wants Bolton to make sure Robb gets his regards. This is a blog from someone who is putting quotes from the books with pics from the show.

        As for being at war – the whole point of hospitality rules is so that both sides can talk without fear of a massacre – kinda like embassies today. To share bread and salt and then kill your guests is absolutely pure evil in a society that relies on honor. It won’t save lives – it will convince others that there is no point negotiating with the Lannisters, and cause more deaths.

        • Polge Clément

          I’m not sure the embassy metaphor really applies here… They weren’t the Lannister’s host, they were the Frey’s, who were supposed to be their allies, but had actually sold out to the Lannister, so it’s more like they went willingly to one of their ennemies, not realising he WAS an ennemy. Kind of a double agent thing. And at that point, it would make sense for the Frey to get the Stark to lower their guards…

          I agree that it’s ugly, but for me it falls quite clearly in warfare.

          One of the things the Lannister have done in season 2 though was to send envoy with peace terms and a secret mission to free Jaime. It seems to me that there is a lot more shame to be had in abusing your ennemy sense of honor to pull this kind of stunt than trying to turn someone to your cause.

          TL;DR: were I a Lannister, I would totally have done the same, and slept well that night.

          • Jojo

            Yeah – the Boltons were also Stark banner men who switched allegiance.

            The whole point of the rules of hospitality is that they protect enemies. You don’t really need them for allies and friends. I’m a bit of a history buff, so I am probably drawing on the historical use of those rules. If a host intends to attack – which can be a good move – then the host must not share bread and salt (which is how the rules are invoked). I don’t mind the Freys or the Boltons turning to the Lannisters. That’s their right. They can even attack and kill the Starks – but not after invoking the rules of hospitality.

            Even if it makes sense in one case, it sets a precedent for all the families involved, and for the entire country. Once the law of hospitality is ignored then chaos is the result. There is no longer any way to lawfully negotiate an end to hostilities if your enemy is forsworn and can’t be trusted. Even in warfare, a guarantee of free passage for negotiation is needed if the war is going to be ended.

          • Polge Clément

            Oh yeah, I think I agree with you then, my point was mostly that you can’t really blame Jaime for the plan… The “honorable” thing would have been to assault them while Robb was making excuses. I guess they didn’t mostly for dramatic and narrative reasons, because getting all the way to the wedding lower the audience guard much more than it does Robb’s or his men, probably.

            The point I was trying to make was that in my eyes it doesn’t really interfere with Jaime’s redemption or of “trying to do the right thing”. But reading your original post, I realise that maybe you went Jaime redeeming himself to the audience ? In which case, I totally agree, he’s gonna get a lot of hate for this 🙂

          • Jojo

            We reach an accord! Yes, I meant the fan redemption thoughts – as a move, well the Lannisters will either win or reap the whirlwind. <3

          • Raluca

            Actually, there was a point to the wedding and to the waiting for slaughter. Edmure Tully is the Lord now that his father is dead. So this makes him valuable, since he inherited Riverrun. He needs to be wed to Roslin Frey to be kept in check.
            Also, the slaughter involved not just Robb, his wife, mom and a few others – they butchered many of his bannermen. So they needed to wait until AFTER the wedding, when all men were dizzy with food and drink and sleepy because of the long march. It was easier to kill as many as possible.

    • Melodie Hatley

      To make it even more ambiguous, as in did Jaime approve of and know about the Red Wedding… in the books, Roose Bolton says “JAIME LANNISTER sends his regards.” Not just “The Lannisters” but specifically him.

      Which I note too late someone else pointed that out below.

  • Melodie Hatley

    Ah, yes. The Red Wedding. It shocked me reading it, completely caught me offguard. My fiancee and I watched the episode, and when Talisa got stabbed, he said, in complete shock, “Holy FUCK.” So, it’s nice they got the “Oh, by the way, we’re going to completely blindside you” part down. Heh.

    And I told you guys the Hound was awesome. 🙂

    • wlreed

      Strangely it didn’t shock me when I read it as much as it seems it did most people. I think when Grey Wind was all twitchy when they got to the Twins tipped me off somehow. (I don’t watch the show, so I don’t know if that bit made it in). However, the very end of book three shocked the hell out of me. And the whole damn thing was just gut wrenching and awful.

      • Polge Clément

        Basically, almost nothing of the direwolves made the show. That was one of the thing that shocked me the most reading the books, where the direwolves are basically characters themselves, and present all the time always.

        For those who read the farseer trilogy, it reminded me of Fitz and his wolf.

        It we were still in season 2, I’d say it’s a good thing to transfer all of the boobs budget to the direwolf budget, but they already transferred it to dragon budget… And the boob budget does seem to be reasonable this season.

        • Jojo

          Love the Farseer books – there are three trilogies now. I didn’t read the middle one but the Golden Fool trilogy deals with Fitz

        • wlreed

          That really surprises me about the direwolves. I love the wolves in the books, like you said they really are characters unto themselves. And I adore Robin Hobb, everyone should read her. Strangely enough, my brother recommended her to me. And he started reading her books because he met George RR Martin at a signing event years ago and he (Martin) recommended her.

      • Melodie Hatley

        A Storm of Swords was filled with a lot of shocks.

  • Ris

    “You should have grabbed Mrs Norris, Catelyn,” is pretty much the only coherent thought I’ve been able to pull together since Sunday. That, and “I hate crossbows.”

    I’ve had “The Rains of Castamere” stuck in my head for two days.

    For an episode with no Lannisters present, it very accurately portrayed the absolutely terrifyingly brilliant truth that Tywin Lannister is the one holding all the cards, and pulling ALL OF THE STRINGS.

  • Coey Ohwow-Godsey

    When I got to this part in the book I actually threw it across the room. Then I had to crawl over there and get it back. I was anticipating the reactions to this moment when it aired and the internet didn’t let me down. Now everyone has to share the pain! This was the point where I stopped caring what George RR Martin did to his characters… except Arya. SHE’D BETTER MAKE IT TO THE END!

    • Polge Clément

      To be fair, I kinda do too, and those deaths didn’t touch me as much as some other death in other shows, or even Ned’s. I also agree with Arya, if she dies, I will find him, and I will feed his manhood to the goats. The same goes for Tyrion, because he’s completely awesome too.

    • Sal

      I almost did that, but I was reading it on the Kindle app on my phone, so that wouldn’t have been a good idea. I was pretty hysterical while reading it, but that didn’t stop me from sobbing when I saw it on the show.

  • Catherine

    Like…..I can’t even……I’m honestly still in shock. So much so that in reading this review I realized I forgot pretty much everything else that happened in the epi.
    I mean, I kinda knew what was gonna happen because I’d sorta been spoiled but….jeez! Even people that read the books seemed to be fucking emotional about it. WHY SHOW!?!?WHHHYYYY?!
    And then of course Arya has to show up and I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. Like, no, Arya GET OUT OF THERE. I was literally pleading with my T.V. at that point.
    I seriously just can’t even. It was so well done and effective and sickening. I’ve been sobbing for 3 days about it.

  • Raluca

    The only death that actually hit me hard in the books was Ned’s. After that, I am pretty much ready for anything that happens.

    I am sorry for Robb, but I was not a fan so… what I really am sorry for is that he couldn’t avenge Ned’s death. It was a very shocking episode nevertheless, with death all around and the Lannister song in the background. Have you noticed this song tends to make you feel different, according to when it is used? 😀 It is creepy in this episode, but when Jaime rescues Brienne and they play it, it is wonderful, suggesting courage and honor. And at the end of “Blackwater” they also use it to enhance the feeling of triumph. Good song… 🙂
    The Starks are now scattered and almost beaten… let’s see which family is next! 😉

  • SnazzyO

    This one killed me. They never should have trusted that Squib*! Dammit, I KNEW he was a mean-spirited bastard. And all I could think of is that Catelyn blames herself for not loving Jon Snow after she promised she would. ARRRRRGGGG. The AGONY in her voice just kills me.

    I feel like Arya. I want Frey DEAD. I want Joffrey DEAD. I want Bolton DEAD. I want Tywin DEAD.

    I cheered when the Warg died. I am weirdly ambivalent about the Hound. I like Jorah so much even though he was a slaver.

    And I want to know WHAT THE HELL has cursed the Starks? I love everyone of them and they are STILL burning Winterfell.

    Excellent recap. All the feels.

    *Harry Potter gif fun fact: the first year they used hats but so many of them caught on fire in the hanging braziers as they were filming that the dropped the hats from the costumes for safety. #LeavendenStudioTourIsBest

  • behind blueiz

    Although this episode was brutal and heart wrenching throughout, it was simply brilliant. From the opening scene between Robb and Cat, you knew things weren’t going to end well.

    Did anyone else notice the piece on the map representing a man strapped to a St. Andrew’s Cross? I’m thinking Robb has more to do with Theon than what we’ve been shown.

    In my opinion, the final scene was beautifully written and acted. Talisa’s death was so profound. In her being the first, this made Robb suffer in a way no other death could, especially with the earlier reference to this child being named after his father. This made her/child’s death even more heart breaking. (If actually possible)

    With Cat’s desperate pleas for Robb to walk-away, her look of hope-beyond-all-hope and reason, and Robb’s look of utter defeat was so beautifully acted.

    Even Creeper McCreep Walder Frey’s nonchalance towards the carnage going on around him and that Cat threatening and actually killing his wife, just added to the brilliance of this scene.

    The worse part of this episode is that there is only one more before we have to wait sooooo long for the next season!!!!

    • Melodie Hatley

      Without being spoilery, we will see Theon again. After all, what’s the point of having GRATUITOUS TORTURE SCENES and then NOT seeing him?

    • Raluca

      Robb has nothing to do with it – the flayed man you are referring to is the sigil of House Bolton. Roose MF Bolton that is 🙁 And it appears on the map because Bolton is his bannerman.

      • behind blueiz

        Ahhhh…Thanks for the clarification

  • Erin

    this doesn’t ease the pain, but maisie william’s (arya) has the best reaction to the ending.

    • Polge Clément


  • Polge Clément

    Huh, I’m rewatching the 2nd season of Game of Thrones, and the 9th episode of season 2 actually features the song of the Rain of Castamere both in the episode (sung by Bronn) and in the credits.


  • Having read the books, I knew the Red Wedding was coming up, and spent the whole episode in a state of “I can’t even.”

    I still can’t even, because they did such an amazing job of making it shocking and horrifying even to someone who had been braced for it the whole time. HOWEVER, a connection occurred to me watching it that I didn’t pick up on when reading the book: back in season one in King’s Landing, Arya had to sneak around and flee and watch her father’s people getting betrayed and murdered while she couldn’t do anything to save them. Now for the first time she’s close to her family again, and she sees exactly the same thing happening. Talk about Childhood Trauma… It makes her later thing-that-I-won’t-spoil very understandable.

    Also, yes, totally painful seeing Robb so close to the boys, and seeing him notice the direwolves, and him just riding off…

    Also also, I concur with Team Arya-Better-Live-Or-Else-It’s-Shovel-Time. (Team ABLOEIST?)

    Also also also, I’d like to add that I totally LOVE the scenes between Arya and the Hound this episode. She’s such a DIRE-BAMF and it’s nice to see him noticing and respecting that.

    Finally (and I’ve been wanting to say this since last episode), I really really want someone (anyone!) to kill Daario already cause he’s fugly and slimy and he’s messing with my DRAGONBOSS and that needs to stop right now! Jorah totally should have taken him out after opening the gate and just never told Dany. Plus I may still have a soft spot for poor loyal Jorah…But that has nothing to do with it. Honest. I disliked and distrusted Darrio in the books, but in the show I really hate him. Oh, and how awesome was seeing Grey Worm fighting? He rocks.

    Anyway, this episode was amazing and had all teh feelz forevah, and I’m just going to sit in the Corner of Endless Tears now.

    • Polge Clément

      If you look at the tweet selection at the end of the post, you’ll see mine with exactly the same comment for Arya 😉 And it’s not just her father, basically:

      She’s in Winterfell, her brother gets thrown a window and crippled.

      She leaves Winterfell, on the way, Lady gets killed

      She’s in King’s Landing, Ned dies

      She’s on the road to the Wall, the WHOLE FUCKING CAMP OF NIGHT WATCHMEN DIES

      She’s in Harrenhall, people gets tortured and killed, and she does a bit (though her part is worse in the books)

      She’s with the brotherhood, Gendry gets abducted by creepy red

      She’s at the Twins, her mother and brother dies.

      I mean, seriously ? SERIOUSLY ? I know they’re all unlucky, Jon has quite a record as well, but Arya beats them all, and by large.

      • Yeah, all that is really true.

        But for some reason it just really struck me as a particular and significant parallel when she’s hiding behind the crates and hearing STARK men talking casually and THEN THEY DIE. It totally evoked (for me at least) when she was in King’s Landing, and the Stark men were all killed without warning. Also that being the last time she was with her family, and this being the only time she’s been near them again. It wasn’t just people dying around her, it was her FAMILY’S people, when she was in-the-same-place-as-but-still-seperated-from her FAMILY.

        I agree it’s all part of a track record for her, but somehow it seemed more kicked-in-the-gut to me because of the extra helping of family feels. And I am so so very glad the Hound as there to stop her. Hopefully one day she’ll be able to direboss her way into something like that and make sure they ALL DIE for what they did to the Starks, but as much as I hate to admit it, she’s not quite there yet…

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  • Sophie Watson

    Oh, that episode! Keeping this secret from my non-book-loving housemates has been hard. Especially when, during the wildling/Jon fight one of them turned to me and asked if all the Stark kids were in book four. Oh, sweet summer child! How do you answer that without spoilers?

    It’s also been hard because The Twins has been in the credits whenever we’ve seen Riverrun. Straight after Riverrun’s close-up, on the way to Winterfell, the moving camera has flashed past a castle on the river. It doesn’t go close, it’s really hard to see clearly, but it is there. One watch I paused it and yep, it is The Twins, just sitting there like an evil signpost for episode 9. As soon as I saw that they’d finally given it a close-up, my heart dropped. And never got back up.

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  • Idriss Boukhanef

    Well, I can’t say I was too surprised because I knew something was
    happening at this point in the show, at a wedding, thanks to EVERYBODY EVER one year ago; so I was already prepared and fully expecting
    something like this (and the scenes about Talisa’s baby, Arya close to reunite
    with her family and all that 100% sold me that yep, something bad’s
    totally gonna happen).

    But DAMN, that was still absolutely traumatizing even with that semi-spoiler : everything was perfect : the writing, the visuals, the sound effects, the acting !! (I’m having all the chills just thinking about Michelle Fairley’s prestation).

    I didn’t even like the Starks that much as a whole except Arya and I’m still EXPLODING FROM LEGIT PAINFUL FEELS !