Buffy the Vampire Slayer S05 E11 – Forever Bathrobe.

Previously: Buffy and Riley broke up. BYE RILEY.


Lorraine: Last recap got fun, didn’t it? After all that, I just wanted to say that we love hearing all of your feedback. The 3,000 plus words we spend recapping an episode are nothing, if not for the comments section underneath. So, thank you for keeping it interesting. Thank you for being imaginative, insightful, but most, most of all, respectful. Thank you for understanding that you may not change my mind, and I might not change yours but that’s okay because there are no right answers.

Well, perhaps there is ONE right answer: potatoes > Riley Finn.

Sweeney: Truth.  I never knew just how awesome potatoes really are. FANDOM FUN + EDUCATION = EVERYBODY WINS.

K: There are a lot of things that are better than Riley Finn, but I’m pretty sure potatoes would top the list every time.

Lor: Anya and Xander are in bed, and he’s talking about that feeling you sometimes get, like you’re forgetting to do something. “You,” in this context pretty much means, “everyone but Anya.” Xander doesn’t let Anya’s big, “NOPE. NEVER HAPPENS,” deter his story, as he’s figured out what’s been causing that feeling: Riley asked to borrow a crescent wrench a few weeks back. He keeps thinking he needs to bring it to him. Anya continues to miss the point, but Xander is more clear: sometimes he forgets that Riley is gone.

Anya takes this opportunity to tell Xander that if he ever chooses to leave, she wants a warning in the form of flashing red lights and a big bomb clock she can stop at the last minute. Xander hugs her. Anya wonders if maybe this ruined relationship with Riley means that something is wrong with Buffy– if Buffy is doing something wrong. Xander: I don’t think it’s a pattern with her. No, it’s just… you know, now that it happened again… man number two… I wonder how she’s dealing with it.

We cut to a convent and follow behind a nun with a stray lock of blonde hair peeking out from under her habit. Suddenly, a vampire barrels into the Misdirect-Nun and Buffy jumps into  the picture and starts beating him up. After a few kicks and punches, Buffy stakes the vamp. She helps the Misdirect-Nun up from the floor, and then asks her a few questions about that whole no boys thing nuns have going on.

Sweeney: The best part is when she asks if being really religious is a requirement. Sorry, B.

K: The second best part is that she clearly didn’t think that through very well, because REMEMBER HOW MUCH ANGEL LIKES CONVENTS?

Lor: After the credits, Buffy is sparring with Giles. She throws punches and delivers convenient episode set-up dialogue. Giles is off to England to use some of the Watcher’s Council resources to find more information about Glory.

K: Is Buffy talking to Giles or me? That statement is equally applicable…

Lor: After Buffy accidentally punches Giles in the arm, he calls the sparring session over. She wants to know if Glory is the only thing he’s going to mention to the Council. He promises not to bring up Dawn’s name, but does say that they should know that Glory is looking for something called The Key. Buffy: I know. It’s just I trust these Watchers about as far as … you could throw them. #SlayerJokes

Sweeney: That could have been an epic hashtag. This show really missed out by predating Twitter by so many years.

K: I also feel like we’ve missed out by only coming up with that hashtag now, half way through season 5. There are eighty eight episodes in which we could have been using that hashtag. But no… #hindsightproblems

Lor: Buffy is worried that any information will lead them to Dawn. Giles brings up the Initiative and says that with them and Riley gone, they truly have no other options. Buffy’s face goes into insta-sad-panda at the mention of Riley, and Giles apologizes. She says she’s fine, and that she knows that after a break-up things feel end of the world-ish. Giles jumps in all, “ain’t so bad though!” Buffy snaps that she just said it felt like the end of the world, and he isn’t listening. She leans in a little, though and says she’s teasing. Kind of. Anyways, they settle on Giles going to get his research on.

Cut to the Magic Box, where Anya is almost doing an air punch when Giles announces he’ll be gone for a week. She wants to know if she gets to run the shop and Giles stammers over the answer, because that would mean talking to people. Tara makes a cute remark about a trip to England being exotic, before she realizes that wouldn’t quite be the case if you are from there. I love that she calls him “Mr. Giles.”

Buffy says that they will all pitch in at the shop, but Anya thinks she can do it alone. Giles tries to gently tell Anya she sucks with people, by saying that it requires a certain finesse to deal with them.

A few gifs per episode | Buffy - 5x11 - “Triangle"

At least she didn’t say ass?

Willow again says that she’ll help out and make sure everything is okay. (S: While I get why Giles would be a little hesitant, Willow was pretty condescending when she made this comment.) Anya tells Xander that Willow is talking to Giles like she isn’t even there and asks him to make her stop. Willow says she’s just trying to help, and smacks Xander on the arm while demanding that she tell her that. Throughout all this, Giles is muttering about calling the airport and scheduling an earlier flight back. Really, it’s for the best, Giles.

At the Summers’ household, Buffy is shocked to see her mother dressed in actual clothes. She calls Dawn into the room and they lightly tease their mother about the bathrobe she’s been wearing non-stop. Buffy calls the teasing quits once her mother pulls the, “YEAH, BUT I HAVE A HOLE IN MY HEAD.” card. Legit. I’d wear a bathrobe forever.

Sweeney: Preach. I’d try to justify bathrobe forever for a lot less.

K: I pretty much only change out of my dressing gown when my parents start to glare at me.

Lor: Glaring is just rude.

Dawn follows Buffy into her room and watches as Buffy climbs on her bed and picks up a magazine. Dawn asks what Buffy’s doing and she replies, “playing soccer.” It’s such an older sister thing to say. Whenever my little sister texts me and asks me, “where are you,” I always respond, “at da club.” Sunday 2pm? At da club. Tuesday at 9am? At da club. It never fails to amuse me.

Dawn notices that Buffy’s taken the pictures of Riley down and muses that she would’ve done it sooner. Buffy tries to say she was never angry with Riley before realizing that’s a lie. Dawn was just starting to like Riley and then he was gone so fast. Buffy says that according to everyone that isn’t her, he left gradually. Dawn asks if that makes things easier. No.

Buffy: It hurts. In all kinds of horrible ways. In the way where I’m furious at him, in the way where I blame myself, and all the little ways I imagine how I could have fixed things.

She continues on about how it will get better, but then also reveals that she’s still holding onto some kind of hope that maybe he’ll come back and they’ll give it another go. “I could say all the things I didn’t get to say.”

I think there was no way that this thing could’ve ended where Buffy didn’t take on some of the blame. The problem with wanting to take the whole world on your shoulders is that when it comes crashing down, it feels like your fault. It’s hard not to find yourself at the end of a thing and not ask what you did wrong. I think Buffy had missteps and Riley made huge mistakes, but when you’re at the end of a thing, even those missteps count. Additionally, things left unsaid are truly the worst, and have a way of making a person feel powerless. Our girl hates feeling powerless.

Sweeney: It’s also very Buffy to feel that sense of responsibility. Having been the one thing to stop the apocalypse on two separate occasions, her default mode is to assume the responsibility of fixing everything. Between her mom and now Riley, she’s having to confront a lot of messy human things that aren’t entirely within her control.

Lor: Also, this was a great Dawn and Buffy scene.

Sweeney: YES. Love the good sister scenes.

Lor: Always marked by hair stroking.

Cut to Spike holding up a box of chocolates to his Buffy Mannequin, which should NOT be a thing, Spike. Hilariously, though, Buffy Mannequin needs a bra. (S: Accurate mannequin is accurate. Good job, Spike.) (K: A+ dumpster diving.) He’s practicing trying to apologize for hurting her in the process of outing Riley. He claims to have had the best of intentions, but this quickly dissolves into a break down. He smashes the chocolates over Buffy Mannequin’s head, but then picks up Buffy Mannequin, rearranges her wig, and starts the apology all over again.

At the Magic Box, Tara and Willow are grabbing a bunch of supplies. There is a mention of de-ratting Rat Amy in here, which is fantastic. Anya huffs over to asks what they are doing and Willow explains that they are trying a spell to create a little bit of sunlight, so that Buffy can use it to dust vampires. Unless of course the vampire had a nifty blanket handy. Or if there was an intricate tunnel system near by. Or if he was an old vamp that would take solid minutes of sizzling before any actual death. Or maybe there’s some nice shade near-by. SUNLIGHT IS HARD.

Sweeney: Or if Whedon!sun was just feeling #meh that day and not really up to killing vampires.

K: I thought we filed sunlight under “Things we don’t want to talk about…”

Lor: We don’t want to, but sometimes he have to.

Anya thinks they shouldn’t be do magic-y things EVER AGAIN JEEZ while Giles is away and Willow condescendingly compares her to the fish from The Cat in the Hat. Anya resents this reference she doesn’t understand, and accuses Willow of stealing. Tara softly suggests they just pay for what they took, but Willow is sure Giles wouldn’t mind, and tries to distract Anya by offering to teach her some magic. Willow starts floating things around the room as a demonstration when Xander arrives.

Anya tattle-tales on Willow right away and they put Xander in the middle of the argument. Tara suggests they leave him out of it, and he jumps behind her for protection. Willow insists that she’s doing a good thing Giles would totally approve of. Then she takes a pinch of her concoction and sprinkles it on the cash register because there is absolutely no because. She just does. The register disappears. Anya freaks out, but Willow manages to bring it back right away. Anya makes sure all the cash is still there (legit) but Willow makes fun of her for caring more about money than people. Xander is tired of being caught in their fighting, so he tells them to figure out their shit and leaves.

Willow tries to pull Tara in next, but she leaves too, because Tara is great and ain’t nobody got time for that.


Sweeney: This just sounds like a dangerous and unpleasant battle to be caught in the middle of.

K: True dat. No one wants to be caught in a battle between their best friend and their significant other at the best of times, let alone when one is a witch and the other is a thousand year old former demon.

Lor: Later, Willow is finishing her spell, naming all of the ingredients as she adds them. Anya is on hand taking an account of everything used. Willow asks Anya to STFU, because she’s about to start the ritual and it’s a super-sensitive one, meaning it will absolutely go wrong. I bet that’s how it appears in the spell book and everything: Simulated Sunlight: 100% Guaranteed to Fail. Let’s watch and see.

Willow starts invoking stuff, and a small ring of light appears from out of the cauldron. Anya interrupts her and Willow abandons her ritual to argue with her. Because this spell was 100% guaranteed to fail, we get a flash! bang! and suddenly we have a troll.

The troll spots the girls, roars at them, causes some major MAGIC BOX DESTUCTION and runs out of the store. Willow: He’s not a ball of sunshine.

At Contrivance University, Buffy is informing us that it’s the start of a new semester. She’s taking Greek Art with Tara, and they are chatting as they leave the class. Buffy complains about the professor spitting a lot, but she has to stay in the class because the only other one that would fit in her schedule is Central American Geopolitics, and she’s kind of got a thing against jungles at the moment.

Tara asks if it’s really that bad, and Buffy replies, “sort of.” Buffy says that, “maybe he needed to be where he was needed.” Maybe that’s the only wishy-washy confession we’ll ever get that Buffy didn’t need him at all.

Buffy suggests picking up Willow and grabbing a bite to eat, giving Tara a chance to relate the Willow vs. Anya drama, including the part where Xander left in a huff. Buffy starts freaking out because she’s afraid Xander left left Anya. Even if they are fighting over a little thing, little things become big things and relationships implode. Buffy breaks into tears, but it’s being played for laughs. She starts weeping about miraculous love. Ugh.

A few gifs per episode | Buffy - 5x11 - “Triangle"

Sweeney: Yeah, this just made me uncomfortable. I don’t mind all the noncommittal answers, but the sobs for laughs bit was no good.

K: Agreed. I guess they felt like they couldn’t make it all Angel-levels-of-feels on account of Buffy literally just realised that she could maybe some day love Riley, and so tried to make it humorous instead. But this was fucking awful.

Lor: Anya and Willow are in hot pursuit of the troll, who is leaving a trail of property destruction. Anya is cartoonishly driving Giles’s car, because apparently she’s just figuring out she can drive! Anya and Willow bicker some more.

At The Bronze, Xander contrivantly bumps right into Spike. Xander tells Spike to go away, which only makes Spike want to follow him all the more. Spike starts babbling about chicken wings and brilliant onion blossoms.

K: MY BTVS OTP IS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spike/onion blossoms 5eva.

Lor: This is a ship I can get behind.

He asks if Xander’s pissy mood has anything to do with Buffy and Xander’s all, “WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?” and Spike has to be all, “HA HA HA. NOTHING, BUT ESPECIALLY NOT THE FACT THAT I LOVE BUFFY SO MUCH IT IS PHYSICALLY PAINFUL.”

Buffy and Tara are running through the Magic Box and discovering that Willow and Anya are missing. Tara runs up to Buffy and says, “Buffy, something’s been here and Willow’s gone.” Every episode she grows on me a little more. Maybe some of you are looking at that line and wondering why it caused an outburst of Tara love, BUT IT’S ALL IN THE DELIVERY, OKAY?



Lor: Cut to Troll Gone Wild. He hits a dumpster and calls it puny, like if the dumpster’s Loki and he’s The Hulk.

There is also a Thor reference here, because of the hammer and all, but Thor is magically delicious and this troll is not, so that’s the last time I’ll mention that.

K: I will never not love that scene from The Avengers and if my comments suddenly disappear from hereon, it’s because I’m watching it over and over again, giggling to myself.

Lor: Troll Gone Wild continues with the threats to destroy things and rape virgins, until he smells ale and heads in that direction.

Back at The Bronze, Xander and Spike are playing pool together. Xander is explaining being caught between Anya and Willow.

Aside: This is a really weird place for Spike as a character right now, because he’s in the middle of his arc. So, while Spike is always funny and JM has a presence that is hard to describe, Spike does things that are just not okay with me. The conflict is fitting, though, because the character is in conflict: the William piece of him holding a box of chocolates and the Spike piece of him bashing it over the Slayer’s head. Anyhow, all that to say that I love how consistently Spike is observant. He really is a good person to talk things out with.


Xander: And they get in these fights, and they’re both looking at me like I’m the referee. Also, sometimes I’ll say something about Anya, and Willow’ll get this look, this, um, “what the hell do you see in her” look.
Spike: I know that look. Lot of people never really got Dru, you know.
Xander: Well, she was insane.

And he doesn’t even know what’s going on in LA!

Sweeney: I appreciate your hypothetical invocation of #crossovermagic.

K: Truth. A+, Lor.

Lor: Thank you.

Spike wants to know what Buffy thinks of the discord amongst the Scoobies, but then starts babbling about holding grudges and making it better. Troll Gone Wild bumps into Spike en route to some nearby kegs. I love that people kind of stare but, really, it’s just another night at The Bronze.

Troll Gone Wild really wants some babies to eat, and isn’t appeased when Xander offers other meats, or when Spike brings up the onion blossom again.

Anya and Willow arrive. Willow wishes Buffy were there and Buffy is there one second later. Willow wishes for a million dollars, just in case. Buffy tries to figure out what’s going on and Spike steps up to her and awkwardly delivers a rehearsed sounding, “hello Buffy.”

A few gifs per episode | Buffy - 5x11 - “Triangle"

Anya rats out Willow’s Not a Ball of Sunshine spell, but does add that she has the spell to turn the troll back. Willow starts the spell but Troll Gone Wild yells at them to stop, so they’re all, “okay! Sure!” TGW yells at Anyanka because she seems, “determined to put an end to all my fun. Just like you always did when we were dating.”  Everyone is all, SKKKKRTTT. You dated a troll?! Anya explains that she dated him before he was a troll, and then made him a troll when she found out he cheated on her. That’s how she got the gig as a vengeance demon.

K: Did we put backstory shots on the drinking game board? Because I feel like we should have.

Lor: Accepted!

Troll Gone Wild flips out because he says he never cheated… in his heart. He was drunk and there was a wench, excuses, excuses. TGW threatens to kill Anya and also all witches, because witches trapped him in a crystal ball. Willow tries the spell once again, but it doesn’t do anything, so Buffy gets to the fighting. Spike tries to join in, but gets pushed down immediately. Just as soon as he’s up again, TGW throws Buffy into him and they both go down. Spike pretends to be helping her up, but he’s actually grabbing her by the waist and pulling her into him. Once she’s finally up, he smirks as she walks away. I laugh in spite of myself.

Sweeney: Sorry not sorry: unwanted groping still falls under the, “Ew,” heading for me.

K: Agreed. Also, doing that to the Slayer when she’s in the middle of a fight seems like a prime method of getting yourself punched in the face when it’s all over.

Lor: He’d probably enjoy it.

Meanwhile, Troll Gone Wild has been smashing support beams inside of The Bronze, and the second floor comes crashing down. After a Not Commercial Break, we see Buffy pinned under some debris. Tara and Spike both help her out. Buffy tells Xander to follow the troll and Anya and Willow to go back to the Magic Box and search for a spell that will actually work.

Buffy sees Spike kneeling next to an injured woman. He says he’s making her more comfortable and clarifies that he isn’t tasting any of the blood of the victims, because he knows she wouldn’t like it.

Buffy: You want credit for not feeding on bleeding disaster victims?
Spike: Well, yeah.
Buffy: You’re disgusting.

Aw, I don’t know. I’d give him a little credit. Sweeney? Kirsti?

Sweeney: Yeah, actually, I would. I’m with Buffy on it being disgusting, but also…vampire, so. Snark Lady credit given. Unfortunately, nobody cares about our credit. Sorry, Spike.

K: I’m gonna go ahead and give him credit for it, but take a couple of points off for basically asking for credit. If he’d left it at “Making her more comfortable,” Buffy might have been all “Oh. How thoughtful of you.” But because he’s all “LOOK AT ME NOT DOING THE THING!!!!” he loses points. So half credit? 

Lor: 2.5 Snark Lady credits, Spike, redeemable nowhere and good for nothing. ENJOY.

Magic Box. Willow is grabbing all sorts of spells and Anya is collecting more of the ingredients Willow “stole” earlier. And THEN:

Willow: I didn’t – why do you do that?
Anya: What?
Willow: You’re so rude! I mean, sure, at first, ex-demon, doesn’t know the rules. Well, you been here forever. Learn the rules.
Anya: Rules are stupid.

See, it’s totally Cordy Syndrome.

Anya insists that there are humans weirder than she is and Willow counters that none of those people will turn Xander into a troll. It takes Anya a second before she realizes that Willow is scared she will hurt Xander. She insists she never would, but Willow’s all, “HELLO? 1000 years as a vengeance demon…” Anya points out that she doesn’t have powers anymore, and she doesn’t do any magic. Besides, she knows that it was Willow’s lips that caused the Xander/Cordy break-up. Willow’s all, “HELLO? Gay now.” They both insist that they won’t steal away or hurt Xander.

K: *cough* Foreshadowing??? *cough*

Lor: Troll Gone Wild comes barreling in for a bonus round of MAGIC BOX DESTRUCTION. Poor Giles.

TGW throws both girls into some shelves. Xander runs in and valiantly tries to fight the troll. I’m not entirely sure how he lasts as long as he does, but good on him for getting up and trying even though he’s got a bloody mouth and everything. TGW is impressed too, and says that he will reward him but only killing one of his girls, and Xander gets to choose which one.

Xander refuses to choose between his best friend and girl friend, so Troll Gone Wild breaks his hand. Xander still refuses, so TGW says that Xander will die instead. Anya runs forward all, “take me instead!” and it reminds me of a Bible story. For real! This one is a little more widely known than the Youth Mauling Bear, but see, one time there were these two women fighting over a baby. They both claimed it was theirs. They came before King Solomon for a ruling and he was all, “sharesies! Cut the baby in half!” The first woman was all, “OKAY! Neither of us get a baby.” The second woman was all, “NO! STOP IT. Just give the baby to the lying bitch.” And that was how King Solomon know who the true mother was.

So, like, Anya ran forward to risk herself for Xander, and Willow was just back there looking at something really interesting on the ceiling. Okay, not really. Willow was preparing to do another spell, but I’m pretty sure I still get Jesus points for telling the story.

Sweeney: Back when you first told the Youth Mauling Bear story, this blog was a more innocent place. I was all, “Yeah, Lor! Look at you! Showing us the light and stuff.” Now, however,this blog has gotten so corrupted that I don’t know if you’ve got enough stories. But maybe you get Jesus points for trying? Jesus Participation Points? I don’t know how this works.

K: Me neither. Perhaps I should start watching the TV adaptation of The Bible, which starts on TV here tonight. LOL, who am I kidding? NOPE. (Also, who the fuck decided that making The Bible into a TV show was a good idea?! The Brick Testament, on the other hand, is a work of genius)

Lor: I’m not really sure how it works either. I just like when things remind me of Bible stories.

Tara and Buffy arrive, and Anya tells B that the hammer has the strength. Buffy starts fighting and Anya wonders how she can help. Willow tells her to distract the troll with her champion annoying-the-piss-out-of-people skills. Buffy fights, Anya insults, and Willow chants. Soon, Willow’s spell gets the hammer out of the troll’s hands, but he’s still got some wicked troll strength.

Buffy’s not looking great in this fight until Troll Gone Wild starts picking on Anya and Xander’s love. Buffy gets amped up on feels and start fighting the troll offscreen. Xander is still surprised that Anya dated TGW, but Anya assures Xander that she likes him much better. She adds that Willow likes him too, but in a non-sexy way. We hear Buffy say that Xander and Anya’s love will last forever and we cut to the troll unconscious on the ground.

Willow magically sends Troll Gone Wild off somewhere. She tried to send him to Troll Land, but there’s a long explanation about how alternate universes are always moving. Anya says he could’ve ended up in the world with no shrimp. Buffy doesn’t care where he ended up, she’s just happy he’s gone and she got to keep the hammer. She puts it on a glass display case, and shatters it. Poor, poor Giles.

Then, seeing Anya and Xander, Buffy breaks down in more comical tears.


K: Part of me thinks that’s just SMG crying at the terrible things they made her do/say in this episode.

Lor: Could be.

Later, at the Summers’ residence, Giles is lamenting all the damage to his store. Joyce comes in with some tea and almost wonders why Giles couldn’t just have called the Watchers’ Council and been all, “know anything about Glory? No? Holler if you do! Bye!” They talk in vague-ish terms about Dawn’s special circumstances, but of course, Dawn overhears because they are talking openly in the house where Dawn lives. They have no one to blame but themselves.

Sweeney: Just stupid. So much stupid.

K: Truth.

Lor: I guess I understand wanting a lighter, fluffier episode to follow the last one, but I don’t like the way they’ve shown Buffy dealing with the break-up.

I did like the tension between Anya and Willow finally came to a head. I liked that they showed us a little bit about how the break-up affected the others. Riley was a Scooby for a while and in a close knit group of friends that way, it’s bound to be felt all over. Giles mentions not having Riley to go to for back-up. Xander mentions not believing he (the only other young male in the group) is gone and even Dawn says it was a sudden loss.

K: Out of all the Scoobies, I think I feel the worst for Xander about Riley leaving. Because they had quite the little bromance going on there for a while. And then, just like Oz, Riley up and left in the middle of the night and Xander’s back to having no guys his own age to play with.

Lor: So, all in all, it was an average episode for me.


Next time on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: I thought we got rid of the Watcher’s Council? I guess not in S05 E12 – Checkpoint.


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  • Samantha

    It’s always so weird to me how I tend to take Anya’s side instead of Willow’s. It just always feels like Willow is hating just to hate which always rubs me the wrong way.

    • Me too! As much as I want to stick up for Willow, particularly since my Anya feelings are a lot more complicated than my unashamed Willow love, Willow was bugging me in this episode.

      • Samantha

        Yes! And I’ll be interested to read how you guys feel about the Anya and Willow interactions in 5.16 because (beneath all the spoilery stuff) there is some really important interaction between the two of them that always fascinates me about their dynamic.

  • Wilhelmina Upton

    I like Olaf the Troll and his little interpretation of Angry Gran. I wouldn’t mind going through town and smashing everything I see sometimes. And yay for a bit of Anya’s backstory. I always enjoy to learn more about characters.

    Willow is a little bitch to Anya and I’m a bit annoyed that they still play the Anya-was-a-demon-and-doesn’t-know-how-to-human-thing. She is just brutally honest most times and Willow was behaving like a little brat in the beginning after Giles went away. As much as I love Willow, I didn’t like her during half the episode. Tara on the other hand was amazing as always.

    • Jojo

      I love the fanboynish of the actor playing the TGW, and yet I can’t stand it at the same time. As for Willow and Anya, yeah Willow is pretty proprietary but Anya can be annoying. I’ll go halfsies except when they both agree not to hurt Xander which was what they were both worried about, so not a bad thing. Just an estrogen overdose which is kind of like a testosterone overdose but pissier.

      • SnazzyO

        Completely unrelated tangent on a testosterone overdose moment:
        – Some years back, my son (a gentle giant at 6’2, 240 – football) was playing playstation on-line against some annoying opponent. At one point he makes some brilliant move that defeats his opponent. As my daughter and I were drinking tea in the kitchen the previously silent sensitive-guy-who-gives-great-hugs suddenly stands up from the chair he was sitting on POUNDS his chest three or four times and roars in primitive fashion as if he just slew the dragon. Spilling tea everywhere, my daughter and I look at him in horror and he just said “Now THAT’s what I’m talking about!” and sits back down to be silent for another half hour.

        Scary, very scary that testosterone overload.

        • Jojo

          The Olaf moment hits all men – even the quiet giants!

    • Word. To all of this.

  • lev36

    TROLL! I love Olaf, even if he does make lame excuses for cheating with tavern wenches. The baby-eating is a bit disturbing, but hey, at least he’s not cynlvat cbxre sbe xvggraf.

    Tara is indeed totes adorbs and conveys so much feeling with that one line about Willow being gone! And Spike plays the addled lover/hater perfectly.

    • I have no desire to decode your rot13 because you indicate that it is WORSE THAN BABY-EATING!? Terrible.

      Fun anecdote? (I should preface this with: this is a thing I heard four years ago on a tour audioguide and thus may be pure bullshit. Actual history buffs may correct me.) In one of the stalls of the church at Prague Castle the audio guide tells this story about how the Bohemians were going to be attacked by a much larger, stronger force of Romans. So, one night, when they knew the Romans were scouting, they took dough and molded it a bit to look like babies and then roasted it, so that the Romans would think that they were roasting babies. Their plan was effective as they were all, “BABY ROASTERS BE CRAY. LET’S GTFO.”

      The audio guide on the rest of the stalls talks about all the ways royal family members attempted/succeeded in murdering one another.

      We were super broke when we backpacked, but I have no regrets about the money we spent on that audio guide. It was fucking awesome and I recommend it to everyone going to Prague Castle.

      • SnazzyO

        Oh how I hope that is a true story but that was AWESOME thinking by the Bohemians.

        • Clément Polge

          Nothing looks more real than the real thing though. Maybe they did burn babies, and then just went “what ? nooo are you crazy, that was all SPECIAL EFFECTS, holywood and all, we wouldn’t do that.”


          • Clément Polge


            (you speak French, right ?)

            For you, non-french-speaking-friends (if such a thing exist), it’s an old add for some Red Orangina (which was done with blood orange instead of regular orange), and there was a series of add seeing the Orangina guy doing evil things, and at the end people ask “Red Orangina, why is he so bad ?”, and we see him shouting “BECAUUUUSE” and that’s obviously hilarious.

          • To say that I speak “limited” French is putting it politely. I’m uncomfortable with strangers and being incompetent is basically one of my greatest fears (which is to say that pride is probably my greatest vice). This is a TERRIBLE combination for a language learner, so my year in Paris was marked by a really awful period of silence and isolation. There are certain kinds of scenarios that I couldn’t avoid and thus learned to muddle through (the bank, buying shit) but my ability to hear/speak French is almost nonexistent, especially now. I can read things a lot better, because I can take my time and all that, but I was never really able to connect the words that I recognized on paper to the sounds that people were making. Or to making those sounds myself.


            So the moral to this story is that you are Red Orangina?

          • Clément Polge

            Yeah, I’m just evil BECAAAAUUSE *chainsaw sounds*

          • The chainsaw noise is essential. You’re going to have to get one of Rosewood’s boombox carriers.

          • Or just carry around a chainsaw, but that sounds like a lot more work.

          • SnazzyO

            “Learn to speak French” is one of those things that I think I should do and suspect I never will.

          • I am still determined that I will do it eventually. I think that my problem was that I needed a stronger foundation. Immersion is hard when you have nothing to build on. Plus, it’s the one major drawback of being a native English speaker — it’s too easy to get by on your native language and be lazy about it.

          • SnazzyO

            So I just watched that video and it was hilarious! I caught “Bonjour” but I’m thinking the chainsaw just speaks for itself.

          • Melbourne on my Mind

            Oh my God, that advert is hilariously awful. But at least 50% of the hilarious side of things is because I’ve never thought about French words being shouted before, and that “PARCE QUEEEEEEEEEEEE” was brilliant as a result.

        • RIGHT? My brother and I fucking DIED laughing. All of these stories were nuts and the British audio guide lady sounded like she was reading a children’s book. It was ridic. This story, in particular? I’ve told it at least a dozen times. It never actually comes up in casual conversation. I just uncomfortably work it in and everyone looks at me weird.

          • Jojo

            My mother once sent me to school with a blood orange in my lunchbox and she didn’t warn me so when I peeled it I freaked out. It looked like an egg that had been fertilized – it was a traumatic event and I am still scarred.

        • Jojo

          They must have had some pork inside or outside for the sizzle and the smell – because burning bread smells like bread burning. But burning humans smell like pork. Or so I’ve read…or maybe got from Bugs Bunny cartoons.

    • Jojo

      Spike is so skeevy and so much funny – I love him and yet I worry about that. The groping just bothered me – but the directions for where to get babies was funny. And wanting extra points for not licking bleeding disaster victims…he tries….but he’s kinda missing the point a lot. In a scary and lovable and ooky way.

  • SnazzyO

    First I need to insist on AVENGERS SHOTS! Clearly the Troll Hammer was an homage to Thor’s Hammer and I’m pretty sure Joss said so anyways so I want my “Avengers Shout-Out Shot!”. Skoal! (Nordic drinking toast).
    Also, this episode also features a TV Tropes & Indioms Trope Namer: Insane Troll Logic: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/InsaneTrollLogic

    The best part about Spike’s speech to the Mannequin was his re-arranging of the EMPTY chocolate tissues. Did he eat them ALL already? Just sayin’. He might have been okay with her if he didn’t eat the chocolates.
    I love the Sister Session. I am helpless against the hair stroking. #ImissmybigsisterNOW

    We should really start a “characters thrown under the bus for the sake of plot” contest because it’s been getting worse since as early as S3 but this is just CLUNKY. Let’s look at our contenders for this episode:
    Buffy – SMG is a CHAMPION cry-er. Her faux crying is an insult to her Daytime Emmy award. I get that the perky hairdo w./ faux crying was supposed to be cute but it was all just a setup so she could be suddenly more powerful than the troll with the force of her PAIN! IDK, maybe they were just glad to be rid of Riley but I think she has real pain and I don’t like it being used as a joke.
    Willow – Okay, The Fish reference (and continuity porn regarding her inability to keep fish!) was cute but otherwise she was just NOT!Willow. Yes she can be snarky but this is beyond Willow snark land. It was there for conflict. Just like her comments toward Anya this season have been building up to a conflict. The comments before were more subtle, this episode she was thrown under the bus to make an existing conflict funny so we could have Troll Gone Wild (A+ on the name).
    Anya – Yes, she is The Cordy but I’m getting mad at everyone treating her like a dummy. She’s not a dummy and OhByTheWay stop writing her like a dummy. So she’s also up for “thrown under the bus for the sake of plot”. Although I do think the “Finesse Coming Out of My Bottom” was kinda perfect as was her driving. Emma Caufield’s acting pulls off the “under the bus” better than most I think.

    Votes? I’m going for Willow was the worst example this episode. Dear Writers: Stop damaging the Willow! #needaTARDIS.

    So I can appreciate the “meh” towards this episode but I do think it has some memorable moments:
    -Spike/Onion Blossom Love
    -Insane Troll Logic
    -Giles drools over books

    • lev36

      I think “Insane Troll Logic” would be a great name for a band. Dibs!

    • Danna

      I agree SO MUCH with all of your observations about the characters!! And I always figured some of Spike’s chocolates fell out of the wrappers onto the floor, and he didn’t pick them up.

    • Clément Polge

      Totally agreed with what you say about Willow, especially in this part from the recap:

      “Willow again says that she’ll help out and make sure everything is okay. (S: While I get why Giles would be a little hesitant, Willow was pretty condescending when she made this comment.) Anya tells Xander that Willow is talking to Giles like she isn’t even there and asks him to make her stop. Willow says she’s just trying to help, and smacks Xander on the arm while demanding that she tell her that.”

      Asking Xander to step in against his girlfriend is suck a dick move. Come on Willow, you’re better than this!

      And stealing stuff at the magic shop really feels like something to piss off Anya too.

      • YES. Tara suggested paying! Willow was totes insisting on stealing the shit just to be annoying.

    • I can’t believe we (specifically Kirsti) missed a round of Avengers shots!

      I’m generally unpersuaded that SMG is an amazeballs actress, Daytime Emmy or not, but I absolutely agree that she can cry better than this campy bullshit they had her doing this time around. We’ve already seen it and I don’t think it’s much of a spoiler to say we’ll see it a few more times in the next 2.5 seasons.

      I am amused by this Spike/Onion Blossom ship. I support it entirely.

    • Melbourne on my Mind

      Willow was most definitely the worst in this episode. And I can’t believe we missed an opportunity for Avengers shots. Fail.

  • Perhaps I should start watching the TV adaptation of The Bible, which starts on TV here tonight.

    Ugh. My church tried to convince us all to watch it – so we could show that Australia has a “Christian voice” …whatever they mean by that – and I was sitting there thinking “Yeah, and this Christian will be using her voice to ask for BETTER TELEVISION.”

    • Melbourne on my Mind

      I mean, it’s airing on Channel 9. That alone tells you that it’s pretty freaking awful, right??? (Although I will admit that my new guilty pleasure also airs on Channel 9 – the Great Australian Bake-Off)

  • Anagnorisis

    I think this episode is meh, but the troll is entertaining at some points. And, like I said, I felt that last episode they rushed to put some Willow/Anya fighting so this could make sense. For me, it was weird, like they suddenly openly dislike each other and fight over anything? IDK.
    That bible story, that I know as “El juicio de Salomón” was very popular when I was growing up, apparently I must have heard it at least a hundred times lol. What I hate is the emphasis is always on ‘how smart was the king for coming out with that solution’.

    Yes to your appreciation of that Tara line, I prefer Tara when she is being useful. (don’t hate me but I don’t like Tara as a character, I’m just not a fan of ‘cute-nice-shy-cute-growapairalready! characters, I don’t know why those characters always make me so angry, maybe I should discuss it in therapy next session).
    Why I’m so negative today? *sigh* sorry 🙁

    • Everyone seems to be pretty in agreement that this Willow/Anya feud felt a little forced. I’m curious, now, to hear a dissenting voice on this matter.

      I totally get that. I love Tara, but 3/3 Snark Ladies agree that all characters improve when they are useful. Tara has yet to get many opportunities for that

      • Clément Polge

        I wouldn’t say that it felt forced personally, I think they both have valid point and worries about Xander, it’s just that Willow’s really acting like a bitch, which isn’t really how we know her.

        But as you pointed out, it might actually be the beginning of a bigger change in character… WHO KNOWS ? I SURE DON’T.

        • Ah, fair. That’s a good distinction — not so much forced, as an unexpected character shift?

        • Melbourne on my Mind

          I think for me, the reason it feels forced is that there was no build up to it. They just suddenly dived into the deep end of “ANYA’S GOING TO TURN XANDER INTO A TROLL SOME DAY, MUST SAVE HIM”. This isn’t to say that Willow and Anya have been bestest buddies in the past, but they’ve definitely not been squabbling like two year olds every five minutes. You know?

          • Jojo

            Willow is getting more confidence since her magic has grown but she’s also becoming a bit of a control freak. Rather than just chilling with Anya and talking she gets confrontational and pissy. We’re seeing hints of her doppelganger personality without the cool outfit!

  • Strawberry_Pocky_Moose

    Oh man, you guys are only a few episodes away from…it.

    I don’t think I’m prepared. Still trying to deal with ‘The Rains of Castamere’ over here, y’all.

    On a less depressing note, oh god I’d forgotten Spike’s Buffy shrine. It’s so cute and wrong and funny and sad all at the same time. And hey, still less creepy than Edward Cullen!

    • SHHHHH.

      There are two essential things that keep this less creepy than Edward Cullen: (1) That the show acknowledges that this is creepy as shit. -and- (2) That Buffy would (WILL? IDK IDK LOR) acknowledge this as creepy as shit.

      • Jojo

        I believe it was this time when James Marsters started announcing that Spike is not a role model and definitely not a role model for being a good boyfriend because he was worried that impressionable girls would start hanging out in biker bars.

  • Danna

    Obviously the writers inserted a little slapstick to lighten up the mood from the last episode. It mostly didn’t work, but provided a few good comic moments. Buffy goes into “I Love Lucy” mode when she is crying on tara’s shoulder and at the end. It’s really painful to watch. I much preferred hearing her reflect in a more serious way about Riley’s departure. I loved the conversation with Dawn. The way Willow treats Anya feels abruptly out of character, but I also recognize it as a start of expanding her character, albeit rather clumsily. Willow is mostly thought of as the sweet, perky, supportive friend up to this point. But there’s a lot more going on in that little head of hers, and some of it is dark. I’m not a huge Xander fan, but I like the way he looks right now probably more than any other time in the series. (Except for the mouthful of blood) I like his hair. I kinda like his character right now, too. Spike had some hysterical moments. Like when the troll asked where he could find babies and Spike turned to Xander and said “what do you think, the hospital?”. I laughed my ass off when he groped Buffy as she was trying to get up. I understand the sensitivities. Maybe it’s because I don’t see Buffy as a victim, and I see Spike as a souless vampire. But I shouldn’t even try to explain it, because it’s too big of a conversation and because I can’t. I have no valid justification, I totally respect other opinions about it, and still I happily give Spike a pass for 99.9% of everything he does, no matter how despicable. (Sorry, not sorry.)

    All in all, not a really strong episode, but it helped move some plot points along. I read once that the
    actors on the show were expected to follow the script and direction to the letter.

    • But I shouldn’t even try to explain it, because it’s too big of a conversation and because I can’t. I have no valid justification, I totally respect other opinions about it, and still I happily give Spike a pass for 99.9% of everything he does, no matter how despicable. (Sorry, not sorry.)

      I love you forever for this. Please feel free to share all of your Spike defenses, but I also appreciate this. We do this in real life too — excuse things/actions from people we love. It’s even easier for me to support in the case of fandom. You like the character for a bunch of reasons, so it stands to reason that your strong emotional tie is going to trump certain arguments, and that’s totally OK.

      (You’re not the first person to make this comment, I just have to come high five you for it because I respect it.)

      • Danna

        Thank you, Sweeney. 🙂 I do like Spike. I think his history is very compelling. JM does a fabulous job of portraying his multiple personalities. And yeah… he’s hot. For those reasons I’m sure I wear rose-colored glasses.

        But it’s also about the fact that I see Spike as someone who lives in a very twisted reality that has nothing to do with the way humans think and act. Like when he said he was going to tie Drusilla up and torture her until she loved him again. Violence and aggression are Spike’s court and spark. Now he’s trying to connect with Buffy, and I find it fascinating and funny to watch him as he tries and fails to navigate a relationship in human society. In my fan-wank Spike doesn’t get the problem with some of the things he does. Just like Anya doesn’t get the problem with the blunt things she says.

        I am sure the level of commenting on the last episode will look like a walk in the park as Spike ups his ante.

        • I totally understand all the Spike love. I love the character too, even if I don’t love him to the point of defending him quite on the level of…well, most people, it seems. (I have limited knowledge of the rest of the fandom, and really only know the opinions that get shared here, so perhaps I have a skewed understanding.)

          You’re right. He’s a great character with an interesting arc. I just appreciate that you not only said that you acknowledge a bias, but get/support differing perspectives and understandings too. That’s majorly important!

          • …you know, because I’m going to become a reeeaaalll instigator in some of the future episodes. I’m essentially holding my breath and waiting for all of you to riot and demand that I resign my post as a Buffyverse Snark Lady.

          • Jojo

            A lot of us with Spike love like him because his story arc is excellent and those who have seen it play out are probably more willing to cut him slack on the grounds that he is evolving. It’s kind of an -I-don’t-like-what-you-did-but-I do-like-you-changing-and-growing. It’s a thing….a Spike thing. It’s similar to the Wesley thing on Angel if you count William the Bloody Awful Poet.

            We already avoided the Bangel and Spuffy minefield. (Holds hands with everyone singing Kumbaya).

        • …you know, because I’m going to become a major league instigator in some of the future episodes. I’m essentially holding my breath and waiting for all of you to riot and demand that I resign my post as a Buffyverse Snark Lady.

          • Danna

            Oh, that sounds ominous. Well, all I would ever ask from you as a Snark Lady is that you speak your true feelings, just like you encourage everyone else around here to do. If this instigation has anything to do with a poor, confused, innocent character whose name begins with “S”, or anything else for that matter, I think we can all handle it. There will be no riot, I guarantee. Just lots of “spirited” discussion.

          • LOL, yes. My comments are in jest; I trust that we can all still be friends when this is over. Just, you know, many “spirited” conversations between now and the end 😉

          • Jojo

            Oooh- ooooh! Can’t wait!! You will have to stay here forever because!

        • Melbourne on my Mind

          There’s a possibility that Sweeney and I have already had a discussion about how scared we are of covering certain episodes on which the comments are destined to explode…

          • Jojo

            Uh huh – which is why I do appreciate the overall tone of this board. Last week was a contentious as we get and I really hope we always keep it at that level. You guys are not only fantabulous snarkers, you are also extra-fantastic mods. I doff my halo in salute!

          • Danna

            I believe one of these episodes will be coming up next week. Lor made a great statement at the beginning of this review. Maybe an occasional reminder might be called for, but I think you girls have set the right tone. And because these reviews are so damn funny… humor goes a long way towards setting a friendly environment.

          • Clément Polge

            I’ve already started stock-piling a few hundreds pounds of pop-corn for 6×19 and that scene in the bathroom. You know which one.

          • Jojo

            Oh yeah – the dread toilet paper scene….or something like that. 😀

        • Jojo

          Agreed – William had zero luck with women – and Spike spent 100 years with a wonderful crazy lady who enjoyed being tortured and he was total alpha! Then the chip, and he can’t hunt, and the love’s bitch dream, and neither of his former courting strategies are going to work. So being good will work – but how the hell does one be good because repressed virgin William is long gone, and Spike never had to worry about good.

          And then there is the demon.

          We cut Spike the slack because Angel without a soul goes on a killing and torture rampage, and Spike without a soul gropes Buffy a bit and wants credit for not licking bleeding disaster victims.

          • Danna

            Yes. What you said. Buffy SHOULD have given him credit for not tasting the bleeding victims. That’s called positive reinforcement and he was clearly looking for it. It might have encouraged him to not taste a bleeding victim in the next situation. Maybe.

          • Jojo

            I suspect he would go around and find more disaster victims to not lick – and maybe set up disasters to get even more not likable victims. And then he would start licking the unconscious ones. I wonder if he would get a headache if he cut some support beams……

      • SnazzyO

        As the Lead Kazoo Sounder for the Xander Defense Force I accept your logic.

  • Clément Polge


    • Preach. Have we now divided into “Team Potato” and “Team Onion Blossom”?

      • Clément Polge

        Can’t we just all be friends and love each other and put our potatoes in your blossoming onions ?

        • Jojo

          Catsup for all – unless that should be ranch dressing for all. Which is also a good thing.

          • Melbourne on my Mind

            I eat my chips with mayonnaise. Guess that means I’m off on the ottoman in the corner by myself, as per usual…

          • Jojo

            Mayonnaise? Gah! You can sit with me but I am going to pretend it is a thick ranch dressing!

          • Melbourne on my Mind

            So in January, when Lor and I were hanging out IRL? I ordered chips with mayonnaise and she was all “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW”. I wore her down over several days and eventually she relented enough to taste one. Her reaction? “It tastes like a french fry with mayonnaise on it!!”

            Surprising that. (I love you, Lor <3)

        • SnazzyO

          Roasted potatoes with onion bits FTW.

          • Jojo

            Also cool! I’m gonna grill a few green onions and some peppers and zucchini….oh, and mushrooms!

        • Potatoes are what I would choose to eat forever, if someone took away all the other foods. But if this hypothetical person allowed me THREE foods, they would be potatoes, onions, and garlic. So potatoes and blooming onions for all!

          • Clément Polge

            I’d probably swap the garlic for some meat, but that would be with a heavy heart.

      • Anagnorisis

        I don’t know what Onion Blossom is!!
        It has onions? and what is a blossom? lol I’m the worst XD
        But Potatoes=awesome 😀

        • Jojo

          I tried it only because it was on the show. They cut an onion into a flower like shape and then batter it and flash fry it. I understand they have to soak it in ice water first so it keeps it’s shape. Then you have a dipping sauce and you peel off petals and dip and eat.

          • Outbeak Steakhouse Blooming Onion = NOM NOM NOM. Hilariously, a blog friend took Kirsti there when she was visiting the US and the waitress could not understand her Australian accent. WOMP.

          • Jojo

            That’s hilarious! Irony much?

          • Melbourne on my Mind

            We were already giggling hysterically about the fact that they took the Australian to Outback. Her not understanding my accent – I was ordering a cheeseburger, so hardly something that was difficult to understand – was just the icing on the cake.

          • Jojo

            Did either of you ask your servers if they knew what the outback was? Did you have to use sign language and point at pictures?

            C’mon mates – you all need to learn emurrikan. 😀

          • Melbourne on my Mind

            No, I just had to repeat myself a lot. In case you care, the full story is here: http://www.melbourneonmymind.com/2013/06/do-you-hear-bloggers-sing.html

          • Jojo

            I have bookmarked your blog – used my LJ ID if you ever want to drop by. And I replied on your blog! 😀

  • Jojo

    I know it is blasphemy but the FLOWERING ONION is better than any potato every cooked!

    Oh, and sorry Lor but you get Solomon point because there wasn’t a Jesus yet. He comes along later in a completely different Bible. But Solomon points are wise points so they count a few extra drinks.

    • That is a tough call. Both are incredibly delicious.

      • Jojo

        I have to admit to being a fried onion fan – I allows want the onion rings instead of the french fries. I am biased – and yet where the onion goes, so goes my nation.

    • SnazzyO

      Solomon points and a halo for pointing out good deeds.

      • Jojo

        Definitely – and a halo makes a wonderful night light. Just charge it up with your handy dandy plug in halo charger (at no extra cost) and let the good dreams roll! And it comes with a lifetime guarantee. (May cause insomnia, head aches and hair loss)

    • Melbourne on my Mind

      Team Potato, if only because I’m kind of sensitive to fructose-y things, particularly onions.

      • lev36

        Team Potato here too, because I can’t digest alliums (yes, that includes garlic as well as onions, which just sux).

        • Jojo

          (Bowing head and wiping tears of sympathy pain) Life without garlic?

  • Great recap! And is the next one where Buffy goes “hey bitches, I’m not playing your stupid little watcher games. You tell me what you know, or I’m going to murder the shit out of you.”

    Me likey.

    • Jojo

      Spoilers – Lor is a BTVS newbie and must be protected.

  • I was a fan of this episode, especially because it was lighthearted and concentrated more on Willow/Xander/Anya than Buffy moping continuously. Also, it propelled the story. I loved when Spike almost gave Olaf directions to the babies and Xander stopped him, and that it looked like Xander was the one who screamed when his hand was broken and not Anya. As for Spike, he seemed desperate in this episode but when has he not since falling in love with Buffy. Willow was grating on me as well. It seemed that she became a little different but in a bad way since Tara came along, and Tara appeared to just be in the background.

  • wlreed

    I haven’t been reading the Buffy recaps because I was going to try to do my first Angel watch through with y’all. Unfortunately, real life is not being conducive to me watching, well, anything right now. So I gave up and read all of the season five recaps Saturday. I’ve missed so much good shit! I really want to get caught up on Angel, but that seems unlikely right now. Thoughts:

    — +1 on staying in a robe as long as possible. My version of a robe is boxer shorts and a really ratty t-shirt. Does that count?
    — I sort of love the Spike and Xander scene.
    — I really love Tara and completely regret that I didn’t read the Family recap when it was posted because I would have joined the flail for family of choice.
    — Puny God will make me giggle forever. If I’m having a bad day, I can pull up this gif and the day gets a little better.
    — I actually love this episode. I know I’m in the minority, and I don’t like the Buffy “fake” cry, but the troll scene is the Bronze makes me laugh so hard I can overlook it.
    — I missed reading the comments here. I think I read all of them for Into the Woods, and it seems like people are being pretty respectful of other peoples opinions/ thoughts. I’ve read other blogs where posters get vitriolic. I like the people here have different opinions and can discuss them and then agree to disagree without getting nasty.

    • SnazzyO

      PLEASE catch up on Angel! It’s an awesome arc and there are less comments to sort thru!

      IA about the good Spike/Xander talk. I think they both need a guy to talk too.

      • wlreed

        I desperately want to. But lately by the time I get home all I have time to do is eat something and go to bed. Being a grown-up sucks lately

        • SnazzyO

          “Being a grown-up sucks lately”


  • Robin Goode Borke

    Hated what they did to Willow in this episode. She can get her bitch on as well as the next character, but honestly, this is WILLOW – the supportive BFF, the cute ginger voice of reason. She’s not afraid of verbal fisticuffs, but she’s never (that I remember) aggressively engaged unprovoked.
    She’s never been a fan of Anya’s and she’s never really warmed up to her, but this felt…well, it made me unhappy.
    Plus, her hair. Negative points for her hair.

  • Robin Goode Borke

    Also, Buggy’s crying. Hated it.

    I did, however, enjoy the guy from ER as TGW.

    • SnazzyO

      Is that who that was? I swear there is something Joss-like ((super sized).

      • Robin Goode Borke

        I swore I saw JW at the airport last month from SF to Cinci. Turns out it wasn’t and boy am I glad I didn’t squee and ask for a picture, but sure did look like him.

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  • Brandi1leigh

    Haven’t read all the comments, so I don’t know if this was mentioned before.
    I think Xander’s sense of loss over Riley leaving (missing having a “bro”) explains the Spike scene even more. While all the Scoobies are ambivalent (if not outright hostile) about Spike, he has become somewhat a part of the group. And with Riley gone, he’s the closest thing Xander has to a “bro.”

    • So many comments here, who knows what we mentioned 😉

      But good point. Xander was perpetually outnumbered. Also, on a side note, I quickly scrolled this point and had SO MANY FEELINGS. I mean, apart from remember all of the, “ugh!” of Buffy’s weird crying here, I also saw some interesting things I said about Spike, considering how my feeling for him later develop. Recapping is fun.

  • SonicRulez

    Is it weird that I almost always want to take Anya’s side? Willow is just the best obviously, but I feel like she starts it all the time. I know best friends and boy/girl friends tend to clash, but usually it’s 50/50.

    Gropey, Internet Nice Guy Spike makes me sad face.