Angel S02 E17 – Buying forgiveness.

Previously: Angel had a sex-piphany. He’s dropped the Cr in Angel. At least for now.


Lorraine: We open at the Brooding Hotel, where Angel sits behind a desk, while Wesley lectures him about engaging with his co-workers and being sensitive to their feelings. Angel is wearing a gray shirt that might almost be described as light gray.

Wesley pauses the lecture and points out that this must be torture for Angel. Why, yes it is. “Good,” Wesley answers. They are done for now, though. Angel says he’ll sit around and absorb it, but not in the office, because it is now Wesley’s office. Good thing, just outside the doors, Cordelia and Gunn are preparing a little bitch-work area for Angel. Also, they want coffee. Punny Angel (remember him?!) says, “Man. Atonement’s a bitch,” and that takes us into the credits.

Kirsti: I loved them treating Angel as the general dogsbody in the office. Because of reasons. And YOU SHUT YOUR PUNNY FACE, ANGEL. You brought this on yourself.

Sweeney: He definitely brought this on himself, but I’ve missed Punny Angel.

Lor: Well, see, I have no idea where Forever falls into the overall timeline, and I know that it didn’t change anything CrAngel did, but I can’t help that my heart is a little softened to him now! Man, being this fickle is hard.

After the credits, two young folk listen to music and make out in their car. This happy fun time is interrupted when people in hoodies break the windows on their car.


Sweeney: I had about this reaction when I was looking up the episode for the “next time” on the last post. AND NOW AGAIN. MAGIC. Willow is the best crossover magic.

Lor: Gunn, Wesley and Cordelia are cleaning up around the Hyperion when Angel comes downstairs. Wesley gives him a little nod. Angel takes a breath and approaches Cordelia. She stops him short, saying she doesn’t want to hear his stuttering attempt at small talk.

Homegirl looks tired. And then she gets a vision: two young folk being pulled out of the car by men in robes.

She tells the rest of the gang where the car is parked and off they go. Angel stays behind to tell Cordelia to go home and take the night off. He awkwards all over himself, and runs to catch up with the other boys.

Later, Cordelia packs up for the night. She turns off the lights in the Hyperion, but hears something. She calls out to whoever is there, and one second later, Harmony reveals herself. The girls squee over the fact that they haven’t seen each other since their high school blew up. The girls catch up awkwardly, neither of them being entirely forthcoming. Harmony makes these great, vampire-tinted observations, like how Cordy’s hair looks adorable off of her neck.

Sweeney: Cordelia fails to notice Harmony’s bad girl leather pants! You should always be at least a little suspicious of leather pants in the Buffyverse.

Lor: So very true.

Cordy wonders if Harm has a place to stay, but Harmony pretty much says she needs a bit more of an invitation than that. It depends who you ask, and what episode it is, girl.

K: A+ observation, Lor. Also, even though Harmony is evil(-lite), I love that there’s someone for Cordy to be all girly with. It’s one thing to have friends you can rely on. But it’s another thing completely to have someone who’s known you for years to have a wine and nail painting party with.

Sweeney: The show’s faily invitation rules aside, I LOL’d at the, “Do I have to say it?”

Lor: Wesley, Gunn and Angel find the smashed up car, and soon hear a woman screaming. They head off in that direction, and find the woman struggling with a figure in a green robe. Green Robe Baddie throws the woman at the Fang Gang in an attempt to get away. It’s kind of hilarious. Angel catches the woman, and Gunn punches Green Robe Baddie who, surprise, surprise, is a vampire. They tussle for a bit, and it is Angel who later stakes the vampire. Gunn notes that Cordelia said she saw someone in a blue robe, and Wesley thinks she must’ve been mistaken. Angel speaks up and says they should give her the benefit of the doubt. This gets him weird looks.

Gunn heads off the do a sweep of the place. Wesley notes that there is a weird symbol on the green robe they snatched: a snake in the shape of a number 2. Angel can’t identify it (K: SLYTHERIN??) (S: SAME THOUGHT.), so Wes wants to put Cordy on the case, except, oops, Angel gave her the rest of the night off. And, also, should he buy Cordelia some flowers maybe? To say, “thanks.’ Uhm. ‘Sorry about the migraines.’ Uhm, you know, ‘I appreciate you?’” Wesley response, “Yes, by all means.  And uh, while you’re at it pick me up one of those ‘sorry you were shot in the gut’ bouquets.” Well, Wesley, I’m not sure you did that for Angel. I think you just want flowers. Anyway, the point is that Angel can’t buy back Cordelia’s trust. It will take time because she’s in a lot of pain.

Cut to Cordelia laughing. She’s with Harmony and they are sitting on the couch in Cordy’s apartment, hair wrapped up in towels, reliving their mean girl glory days. Harmony fondly remembers being powerful, rich, and popular. Cordelia says that while she is no longer powerful, rich, or popular, she is much happier now than she was before. She tries to explain that she’s less empty, but Harmony just starts laughing at her.

Cordelia tries to get some information out of Harm, but she just says things are “faboo” (no. stop that.) and that she’s feeling good about herself. Harmony does start to get hungry, though, and she looks at Cordelia’s neck longingly. Cordy doesn’t notice and just says she’ll order pizza.

Later, the girls have gone to bed. Cordelia is in her room and we see Harmony, clad in fuzzy slippers and little cotton nightie, slip into her room. Harmony walks over to the bed and sits on the edge, when suddenly, the door slams. It’s good because I haven’t had a chance lately to say how much I love Phantom Dennis.

Sweeney: We can just start saying that in the middle of other posts for other stuff, apropos of nothing other than the fact that we can always remember our love of Phantom Dennis.

Lor: Sounds like a plan!

What follows is a big HAHAHAHA misunderstanding, in which Harmony is trying to explain that she wanted to eat Cordy, but Cordy thinks she means she wants to, well, never mind. You know. Harmony says she couldn’t control her urges, but that it was stupid, and she’ll go back to bed if Cordelia promises to keep her secret.

K: This scene was so awful. After all the brilliant stuff that Whedon’s done with the relationship between Willow and Tara, we then get this she’s-really-a-vampire-but-Cordy-thinks-she’s-just-got-a-big-gay-crush scene of blurgh. It was positively Moffat-esque.

Lor: Cut to Cordy on the phone with Willow! I mean, it is Willow! but this is way less exciting crossover magic than I wanted it to be. I mean, I’m happy that Harmony made it to LA, but in this scene, Willow truly looks like part of a different show. It’s kind of weird.

Cordy asks Willow why no one told her about Harmony and there is more HAHAHA misunderstanding! until Willow spells it out for Cordy:


K: As much as I loved the crossover magic, this scene was further uber-suckage for me. 

Lor: Back at the Brooding Hotel, Angel is trying to figure out how he can help, and thankfully, the phone rings so he can answer that. It’s Willow and this time we don’t even see her. I feel like I wasted my confetti gif.

Willow presumably tells Angel all about dangerous Harmony, all up in Cordelia’s apartment, and the boys run off to her rescue.

Cordelia tells them to calm down, because she knows Harmony is a vampire. She claims Harm came looking for help, which is what they do. Angel says that if Cordelia believes there is no threat, they should respect her wishes. This earns him a few more weird looks. Wes says Cordelia is needed in the office, and Harmony doesn’t want to stay alone with a ghost, so guess who’s tagging along?

We head once more to the Brooding Hotel, where everyone is getting their research on, except Harmony who is smacking her gum. I feel like we’ve had a gum smacker around these parts before, and I was all about that person dying. I stand by that sentiment. Everyone is trying to identify a bird statue Cordy saw in her vision, when Wesley finally loses his patience and tells Harmony to lose the gum. She does, in a page of an ancient text. Wesley nearly stakes her.



Sweeney: Also? #TEAMBOOKS

Lor: Angel grabs Harmony and gets her some pigs blood from the fridge. She thinks it tastes nasty, and asks Angel how he manages the deprivation. She’s very poetic about the rich feel of human blood, and I’d say more, but ew. Angel gets lost in her descriptions until Gunn comes in, announcing that he’s back. “Me too!” Angel says as he turns away from Harmony. Gunn spots Harmony, who gives him a wink as she pours sugar into her pigs blood.  Wesley introduces her as Harmony, the vampire, and Gunn asks if they even kill vampires anymore. Gunn’s found out that robed people have been grabbing people off the streets for months now, but no bodies are showing up. They are turning them into vampires.

With that, we cut to some Cult Leader Vamp saying that the time is now. The camera pans to reveal a bunch of Drinking the Kool-Aid Vamps, dressed in different colored robes. The gist of Cult Leader Vamp’s spiel is that they should maximize their potential. If every vampire turns two human into vampires, their numbers can grow exponentially. All they need to do is bring one human in for the food back. We see that behind him, there is a cage of humans. All the Drinking the Kool-Aid Vamps start chanting, “you turn two, the rest is food.” Not really the rest, but whatevs.

K: Because what this show really needed was a vampire pyramid scheme… 

Lor: Wesley and Gunn are pushing pins into a map to illustrate where people have been taken recently. Harmony can’t believe that Cordy ended up as an office manager and she ended up dead, but there’s no time to linger on that, because Cordy’s found something. It turns out to be the symbol they saw on the robes, and it belongs to a defunct scheme of a motivational speaker and life coach. They are about to pull up a picture of the person we know to be Cult Leader Vamp, when Harmony accidentally spills blood all over the computer, causing it to spark and short circuit. Uh, is that a thing that would happen?

K: I’m going with no, especially as Harm spills the blood ON THE KEYBOARD.

Sweeney: OF A DESKTOP COMPUTER. It’s not even like it was a laptop. This was annoying.

Lor: She has vamp-strength. Surely there was another way to make her destructive.

Cordelia takes Harmony away before anyone can punch her in the face. In the lobby, Harm says it was a mistake coming here. She has no friends and no one who can understand her. Cordelia gets idea face.

Next we see, Harmony is onstage at Lorne’s bar, singing Memories.

Terrible performance done, Harmony joins Cordelia and Lorne at their table. Lorne says he’s picking up on Harmony’s “betwixed and between, got to find my corner of the sky’ vibe,” but that Cordelia’s her guide on this journey. Lorne blows her a kiss and leaves.

The rest of the Fang Gang arrive. They’ve narrowed the possible locations of the Drinking the Kool-aid Vamps and want to drive around and see if Cordy recognizes anything. Cordelia tries to leave Harmony behind, but she tags along despite the promise of free blood, potato skins and more karaoke. See, she thinks that Lorne meant her place is with them now, fighting evil.

After a break, Harmony sits in the back seat of Angel’s convertible, between Cordy and Gunn. Harmony is babbling, of course, and Wesley wants Angel to do something, but he’s either the boss, or he isn’t, yeah? Cordelia yells for him to stop the car, because she’s seen something. It’s a bird statue, but it isn’t red, like in her vision. The guys doubt her, but Angel walks off, and a moment later, the bird is bathed in red light from the store next door. I’m not sure how Angel managed to turn on the lights in the store next door, but okay!

Wesley gives everyone their attack assignments, and tells Harmony to guard the car, which she hears as, “killing and maiming people if they come close.” Angel takes this opportunity to try and talk sense into Cordelia. He says Harmony’s evil, and Cordy should want her dead. She doesn’t have a soul.

Cordy: Oh.  That’s it, is it?  You’re better than her because you have a soul?
Angel: Well, yeah.
Cordy: I noticed yours didn’t get in the way of betraying the people who worked with you, who cared about you.
Angel: I never…
Cordy: And you know, you didn’t just betray me, Angel.  You didn’t just hurt me.  You gave away my clothes.
Angel: To the needy.
Cordy: I am the needy!

Cordelia gets down to the real issue, though, about how scared she was he was turning into Angelus again.

Gunn interrupts with the news that there is no way into the building despite the fact that one of them is super strong and can Mario jump. (S: I hope they added that to the business cards.) Angel suggests that he pretend to join the cult, but the others think he’s too easily recognizable now. That only leaves Harmony. She hems and haws a bit before deciding that she’ll do it. She puts her vamp grill on and strides towards the theater.

Inside, Harmony sits down in the audience and listens as Cult Leader Vamp promotes someone up a level.

Outside, the Fang Gang worries because Harmony is running late. They argue about what to do if Harmony is in trouble, but she shows up just then, telling them that there are 100 vampires inside and a dozen people locked in a cage. Pretty skinny ration there, Cult Leader. The Gang follows her inside the theater, and it’s soon clear that Harmony has led them into a trap. She says she belongs with the vampire organization.

K: I bet they gave her a plastic unicorn for drinking the Kool-aid.

Lor: Cult Leader Vamp gives his bad boy spiel and then tells them to put down their weapons. Angel defers to Wesley, who simply says, “kill them all.

Fighting ensues, and it includes Cordelia punching Harmony one good time, in the face. Angel fights with Cult Leader Vamp and Wesley goes to free the captured people. Harmony throws Cordelia down onto the floor, but when she rolls her over, finds that Cordy has a crossbow trained to her throat. Harm laughs, because an arrow to the throat won’t kill her. Cordelia says that no, it will just hurt like hell. She pulls out another crossbow and aims it at Harmony’s heart. BAMF Cordy, everyone. Except, she hesitates when it comes time to kill Harmony.

K: Oh, Cordy. You were so BAMFy and then failed on the dismount. Sigh.

Lor: Angel beheads Cult Leader Vamp.

Harmony asks Cordelia if they are still friends, and no, they aren’t. Cordy wants her out of the city and as far away as possible. Harmony scampers off. Angel is lurking behind Cordelia, and without turning, she tells him she doesn’t want to hear it.

Some following day, Wesley is in his office. Angel comes in at his behest for a little chat. Apparently, Wesley just wants to reinforce to Angel that time and space are what will fix his relationship with Cordelia. We hear a scream from outside.

Angel bought Cordelia clothes.

And the moral of the story is, you can buy forgiveness.

Sweeney: I do hope that she resumes being mad in the next episode, but for now: OMG THE GIFS ARE SO CUTE.

Lor: Angel smiling is the best. Look how happy he is!

This episode was far from the worst we’ve ever seen, but man, is it oddly placed in the season. I don’t think we’ve had an episode this light-hearted in a while, and they put it as the direct follow up to two very heavy hitting episodes. That isn’t terrible in and of itself, except that this episode tried to deal with the fallout. It just felt like, well, “disharmony.”

K: Yup. I liked elements of it – the Cordy having a female friend to talk to thing, the Harmony turning up thing, the Fang Gang treating Angel like crap thing – but at the same time, other parts of it grated on every single nerve. Cordy’s come so far, but then they go ahead and give her a super shallow “he bought me clothes so we’re cool now” moment? Nope. It’s a massive backwards step for her, AND it makes Angel seem like a manipulative douchebag again. “Atonement? Pfff. I’ll just buy her some clothes! Bitches love new clothes.” That said, when I watched it the other day, I enjoyed it. It’s only with hindsight that I’ve started nitpicking all the things. So…IDK. 

Lor: Readers, what say you?


Next time on Angel: Wolfram & Hart give Lindsey an evil hand in S02 E18 – Dead End.

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  • lev36

    I’m curious, Kirsti, what was it about the ‘HAHAHA misunderstanding’ scene that you disliked so much? I thought it was funny, if a bit slap-stick. Is it the using-gayness-as-the-joke factor?

    Anyway, I love Harmony even though she’s evil. Thankfully, she’s very incompetent at it.

    • I like Harmony too, even when she annoys me. Also, I think Mercedes McNab look great in this episode. Just, as a side bar.

      • lev36

        Another bit of interesting trivia, McNab originally read for the part of Buffy.

        • INTERESTING. It’s hard for me to imagine anyone else as Buffy, but McNab is strange to consider. Hmmm.

    • Melbourne on my Mind

      Yeah, it was the using-gayness-as-a-joke thing. Coming so soon after the “Willow and Tara finally kiss on screen” scene in The Body, it just felt weird and out of place. Like they’d backtracked half a dozen steps for the sake of humour.

      • Jojo

        It was awkward and unwieldly and and it made no sense. I mean, out of the clear blue sky Cordy decides to call Sunny dale to find out if Harmony is….shock…gasp….gay. Because Cordy has been mystically pregnant more than once, and she deals with all sorts of monsters….so, gay freaks her? And I love Willow so this seemed like a waste of a Willow x-over.

        • GREAT point about Cordy suddenly calling Sunnydale because Harmony was OMGGAY! There has been little communication between these two parties in particular, so that the contrivancey-jokey-thing was just weird.

  • Jen

    I actually adore this episode (other than Cordelia’s haha “lesbo” line…ugh), mostly because Angel and Cordy are the cutest at the end. The clothes-buying and seeming insta-forgiveness don’t bug me too much – throughout the episode, Angel tries to be as nice to Cordelia as possible because he desperately wants her to take back the “we’re not friends” thing, so him buying her clothes comes across more as a continuation of that (shameless groveling…) rather than contemptuous manipulation.

    As for the sudden lightness of tone and weird dismissal of CrAngel’s (GONE! YAY!) actions, well, the writers do sort of brush everything aside, but the strain caused by Angel’s abandonment/cray-cray does continue to get brought up, notably in the next season.

    I just love silliness, Harmony, and awkward/adorable dancing Angel, though, so I’m not the best critic. 🙂

    • I forgot to point it out in so many words, but it was amusing how many weird looks Angel go through out this episode. Wesley told him, “try more!” and as he’s trying more everyone is giving him serious judgey eyes.

      I’m torn on the clothes thing. In the bigger scheme of things it was kind of fluffy, but I loved that she was the one that threw it out there as her problem. “YOU GAVE AWAY MY CLOTHES!” I mean, when we were watching that episode, I remember being so mad he gave away her clothes! There is such a finality about it. The fact that he listened to her rant, and bought her new clothes is some weird mixture of amazing gift and shallow distraction. I can’t decide.

      I think their reluctance to forgive and forget but their desire to get things back to the way they were is believable, but not always completely conveyed. So, I’ll be happy to see how it’s dealt with more across the seasons. 🙂

  • Alex

    I think Kirsti nailed it: this is one of those episodes that’s pretty fun to watch at first, but falls apart a bit when you start to think about it a bit more. I do really, really love Harmony though, so this episode wins lots of points there from me.

    The Cordy HAHAHAHA misunderstanding scenes actually don’t bother me so much, because I thought it was showing how we all regress a bit when we’re around our old school friends. I don’t think the new, improved Cordy would normally be saying things like ‘great big lesbo!’ but it sort of makes sense that she might forget herself after spending a whole day with Harmony and then speaking to Willow. I’m with you on the utter lameness of the Willow cameo though – she literally phoned it in! Maybe it would have been less disappointing if they’d left her name out of the credits at the start, though, and just kept that as a surprise.

    The final scene DOES really bother me, though. Yeah, Cordy likes clothes, but the whole reason that Angel had to buy her new clothes in the first place was because he gave her old ones away. It doesn’t feel right to me that she’d be jumping up and down and hugging him for replacing them . And giving away her clothes is only the start of a long list of things she has to be mad about! I could accept a reluctant gratitude from her, sort of a ‘I still don’t forgive you… but this top is really cute… OK, maybe you can have a quick hug’, but not her ridiculously over-the-top shrieking and bouncing around. It annoys me so damn much.

    • Agreed! The more I think about it, the more confused I am. But I don’t think this was an episode to be thought too much about. It was a way to lighten the tone, insert some crossover magic and get Angel back on the team, in a way. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here.

      Harmony’s whole appearance really did remind Cordy of how things were for her back then. She’s been struggling with the visions and the whole CrAngel thing, and I think Harmony sent her back into her shallow place, and you know, it happens. The HAHAHAHA misunderstanding scenes didn’t bother me as much as Kirsti, but I wasn’t super entertained either. It was just a cheap joke, worthy of a groanchuckle.

      GAH. I made a point up there ^^^ about how I can understand the clothes being sort of a great move on Angel’s part because she brought it up and she was insulted, but yes, I see your point also about how it might’ve been overplayed. I CAN’T MAKE UP MY MIND.

    • Melbourne on my Mind

      Yeah, that’s a good point about regressing when around old school friends. But I’m glad I’m not the only one who liked it and then started nitpicking.

  • Clément Polge

    So, huh, as I was saying: I’d like to talk a bit about Wesley ! Because all along the episode, his feels are totally ignored by Angel, but the writing show that in a pretty nice way.

    Gunn is a bit different because he joined the fang gang around the end of season 1, and Angel went and gone cray-cray around a third of season 2, with Gunn popping in and out, so Gunn and Angel are probably not THAT close.

    But when Angel got his sex-piphany, Wesley was the supportive one, he eased his transition back, he didn’t give him the cold shoulder too much, and in this episode he goes so far as to advise Angel.

    And the only thing Angel cares about is Cordelia. He never thanked Wesley, and when they do talk together, the only thing Angel cares about his getting Cordys approval, completely ignoring the fact that he’s talking to someone who recentely got shot in the guts.

    And at the end of the day, when Wesley advises him to just give Cordelia time, Angel goes around his back and decides to buy her lots of clothes. And you can literally see the disappointment in Wesley’s face. If I were him, I would have taken that as a huge “fuck you” to my face.

    So honestly, I think this episode is disturbing because Angel really comes across as a huge ass. He has no gratitude for those who try to be nice towards him, and buy the love of those who aren’t.

    He really should get bitch-slapped.

    • SORRY SORRY SORRY. We published by accident again, but then WP got all CRAZY and wouldn’t let us take it back, and then the only way to fix it was to just delete and start again. Your comment was eaten in the transition. SORRY.

      But you bring up amazing points because I never thought to consider this all from Wesley’s POV. I think it’s because Wesley never says anything. Cordelia says, “you hurt my feelings,” and ‘we aren’t friends,” putting it all in Angel’s scope of awareness. Asshole or not, we can’t say Angel has ever been very aware or understanding of others’ feelings. So, since Wesley doesn’t go as far as to say, “hey, dude. I think you suck too,” Angel sticks to what he knows is a problem: Cordelia.

      But, yeah, poor Wesley. I think he was trying to get his piece of “revenge” (I can’t think of a better word) but lecturing Angel, making with the bitch-work, etc, though. Not that it wasn’t undeserved.

      When I watched, I didn’t catch Wesley’s disappointed face at the end. It wasn’t until I saw the SS homepage and the gif thumbnail that I really saw his reaction. I IGNORED WESLEY IN THIS EPISODE TOO. SORRY WES.

      • Clément Polge


        And I think that Wesley *did* bring it up, when he tell Angel to bring him some “sorry you got shot in the gut” flowers. Remember, from Wesley’s POV, Angel didn’t even visit him in the hospital.

        But Wesley is too good a man to actually complain about this out loud, and he doesn’t want anyone to feel bad, so he just suck it up. And I just feel so sad that his being a good person make him be overlooked by Angel…

        • THANK YOU.

          See, but Wesley brought it up in not so many words. Cordelia actually, you hurt my feelings. In that scene, it was played more like Wesley was saying, “flowers aren’t right for what you did to us,” and not “I RESENT YOU BECAUSE I WAS SHOT WHILE YOU WERE CRAZY.” I think Wesley has every single right to be furious, but I think the reason Angel focused on Cordy and not Wesley is because he’s bad at people, and knew the extent of Cordelia’s issues because she spelled them out for him, and Wesley was on hand to further clarify.

          Wesley does just suck it up. I’ll hug him.

          • Jojo

            MMMMMMMM – Wesley hugs….

          • Alex

            I can’t decide how to interpret Wesley’s face at the end. There’s definite disappointment there – after all, he was just lecturing Angel about how he can’t buy forgiveness, and then apparently Angel manages to do just that. But it almost seems like there’s a bit of amused exasperation there maybe? It sort of reminds me of the exasperated looks that Angel used to give Wesley and Cordy when they would bicker all the time, which is quite fitting given the reversal in their roles now.

  • SnazzyO

    I’m of two minds on this one. In general I think it’s the weakest of the Harmony stories but I kinda liked the Fang Gang interactions.

    And yes, I’m pro-team shallow for the little happy dance Angel and Cordy do at the end. I think Cordy made her point about not forgiving and so my FANWANK DU JOUR is that the clothes were an excuse to get past the pain. Yes, it’s probably a total fanwank but IDK. They are too cute.

    So… shallow end of the pool here: I approve of Angel buying Cordy clothes to please her.

    • I’m of two minds too, and will probably stay that way, so basically I’m just going around saying yes to everything. So, YES.

      • Jojo

        After 200+ years, many of them spent with Darla, I think Angel learned the manipulative grovel quite well. He knows how to hit the sweet spot!

    • Alex

      I like that suggestion. I’ve definitely had situations where I was trying my hardest to stay mad at someone, but really really didn’t WANT to stay mad at that person because they meant a lot to me. So as soon as that person could show me that they were really sorry, then I immediately just wanted to hug them and forget all about it. I suppose you could argue that Angel meant so much to Cordy that once she’d said her piece and he’d apologised with this grand gesture, then she was finally ready to just move on because she really didn’t like being mad at him. It’s been a while since I watched this season so I can’t honestly remember if they both act like it’s NBD from now on, or whether it continues to be an issue between them. We’ll see soon enough though!

  • Anagnorisis

    Atonement’s a bitch
    Aww, Angel is trying so hard! But it’s nice that they are respecting his freinds’ feelings
    Harmony! What not a surprise thi is!
    However, I’m open minded with her here. I’m trying.
    What I do wonder is, didn’t Cordelia knew she was dead? Surerley someone found the body, right?
    Credits scene!
    omg green and with a snake? he is a Slytherin!!!
    noooo, they have to be friends! 🙁
    Also weird? How Cordelia doesn’t realize that Harmony is a  vampire
    pinaple in the pizza? ewwww, I’d prefer blood too
    Ok, I’m really laughting at this exchange. Yes show, I am.
    OMG it’s Willow!
    Now I’m thinking that Harmony totally helped painting Spike’s toenails. Headcanon!
    Angel is like Ron with Hermione in the las HP.
    She is getting annoying. I’m with Wesley now.
    lol I’m so confused with this vampire cult. lol
    no! not the computer!! sniff
    yes, go to Lorne! Best idea ever
    this conversation between Cordy and Angel we’ll be really good but I keep thinking that Harmony has an amazing hearing and she is supposed to be hearing them
    oh! Of course Angel would never do that, Cordy
    Well duh. It was obvious she was going to betray them, so now surprise there, the question was when and how
    Wesley: kill them all!
    Ok that ending was perfect, look how happy Angel is, Cordy makes him happy, and he is jumping now, yay we are jumping now! Idk, I don’t have a problem with it, Cordelia realizes that Angel really cares for her, and yes it was after he bought her clothes but I think is IC of her.

    • Clément Polge

      Pineapple on pizza is the best ! But not slice of pineapple, just tiny bits here and there, it’s delicious.

      • Agreed! Pineapple pizza is allowed at Snark HQ.

      • Anagnorisis

        Really? It’s something really weird for me. I’m used to leaving fruits for the dessert and that’s it.
        This site is educational!

        • It’s our mission, really.

          • Jojo

            I eat anchovies. I think anchovies and pineapple would taste really good but I have never found anyone to try it with me.

          • My mother always taught me not to say ew to other people’s food, so I’ll just be over here thinking, “ew.”

          • Clément Polge

            And I’ll join you on that. Because anchovies ? No thanks.

            Anchovies are Zoidberg’s food.

          • Jojo

            Does that mean you won’t try it?

  • Jojo

    Leather pants of evil are evil. ‘Struth.

    Wesley doesn’t just want flowers – he wants flowers from Angel. He’s hurt, and if Wangel wasn’t such a weird sounding ship I might go on with this. I do love the fact that Wesley is not willing to forget, or forgive yet, because snarky Wesley can be really hot. And besides Angel can’t give people time off anymore – his employee skills are lacking.

    And overall this was kind of a sucky make-up episode that makes up for really intense episodes. But I love Wesley and his very old book – and even though I don’t like Harmony, I am glad she’s not dust for reasons.

    I also love the buying Cordy clothes things because Angel has the clothing tastes of a gay man! And because it’s nice to see – under all the maturity and caring – that Queen C still exists.

    • Wangel. LOL.

      This episode tried to too quickly bring us from super serious, intense to lighthearted. I think I’d feel a little better about it if it was placed differently in the season.

      The gay man line was another gay joke, but no one called a different city to make it, see?

  • darkalter2000

    I love that Lorne says Harmony needs a new name to reflect her terrible singing and nicknames her Cacophony.
    Also Angel bought bags and bags of clothes. My feeling was he bought more and better then the small amount that she kept at the office. Remember, they all fit into that one box.

    • The Cacophony line was great. I found a gifset of that moment but didn’t want to gif overload that particular part of the episode, but Harmony’s smile and Cordelia’s corresponding, SRSLY? face were fantastic.

      Yeaaaah, I’d be pretty happy about bags and bags of clothes. I’m not sure HOW happy if I were in the same circumstance, but yay clothes!

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  • SonicRulez

    Angel’s happy bounce is worth the price of admission. This episode wastes crossover magic in a major way, which is pretty disappointing. Other than that, I quite like it. Between Faith and now Harmony, I wonder if Buffy just never considers that her enemies might drive a few miles over to LA to kill her ex. Shame they didn’t have texting back in the day.

    Harm = vamp btw
    Also Dawn =/= real