Angel S02 E19 – Confused Clapping

  • darkalter2000

    Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan! I forgot how long it took for them to learn his name. But he doesn’t exactly volunteer it.

    Man this episode leads into so much… there are hints all over it. All that subtlety wasted on a first watch. 🙂

    • It took a couple of times before I heard the LORNE in there.

      I’ll definitely come back and take a look once I’m not so unspoiled. 😉

  • Anagnorisis

    Aww, I love them having dinner like a normal group of friends
    Can people just walk into television sets like that?
    Is Angel having FEELINGS for Cordy?
    Lol jokes about acting careers
    Amy Acker!!!!! She is already here! ahhhhhhh
    OMG, I love Lorne trying to pass in public
    yes, can Lorne read Harry Potter to me?
    Yeah Lorne, like we are supposed to believe you are straight.
    How can that dimension have two suns? Confusing.

    Anyway, this episode was ok, but at this point I am more excited for the end of the season arc that is starting. And if Lorne and Fred are there too then it will be more than great!

    • FEELINGS FOR CORDY! It’s so weird. IDK when I’ll actually wrap my head around that, but weird. WEIRD.


      Can Lorne read Harry Potter to us all? Dream come true.

      LOL. I had the same thought about Lorne’s sexuality. But if he likes them girls, I know a few who’d forget the horns if he sang to them…

      We have mixed reactions about the end of season arc which always makes me SO EXCITED.

      • Jojo

        Amy rocks! Have no fear – she is a diamond sparkle rainbow!

      • Anagnorisis

        See, I don’t like to label people but with Lorne I always had the feeling they didn’t had the courage to make him gay. I mean, he is a code gay character, but they can’t make him actually gay because that would imply getting him love interests and maybe some action and they were not ready to do that.
        So in my head-canon he is a panromantic asexual.
        Be excited!

        • Jojo

          He may simply be asexual because of equipment incompatibility.

  • Clément Polge

    Yeah I love Amy Acker as well. And it’s no spoiler to say she’ll join the cast – she’s a woman with a man nickname, which is the number one thing to identify main characters : weird names.

    Cordelia’s thing actually sort of had a point… It’s easy to miss though, because you’ll have to connect later, but basically we can see that she’s starting to not see the glamour of Hollywood already, and getting a bit of set up for growth.

    And Sweeney, fair warning, if you know Fred’s destination, the journey might be a bit of a letdown. She has awesome moments though, and I really really love her nonetheless.

    And yes, weird season structure is one of the thing I like about the show, though it can be unsettling on first watch, especially since it’s a spin off of a show with such a classic season structure.

    And as usual, lots of Wesley feels for me. But no Wesley ‘o clock this time, because I’m on my phone, and structuring my post is hard enough as it is !

    • SO TRUE. Fred should’ve been a dead giveaway. It reminds me back in the pilot of Buffy when I was shocked that Jesse died. I thought he was a Scooby, but then went back and was all, “clearly JESSE never stood a chance.”

      Others in the comments have your Wesley back!

  • Danna

    So… Angel’s a fluffy puppy now? I guess he’s all done being a murderous psycho vampire. Amy Acker is the best, and I love that she’s going to be on the show. But I do not love these last few episodes. It’s like they finished the season’s arc, and then they realized they had to pull something together for four more episodes. So they decided, let’s get totally weird and bizarre. I would say the next few episodes are a little too off-the-wall from me. Except, there are a few episodes in the next season that make the end of this season seem perfectly normal!

    • Jojo

      Yeah – we kinda passed normal 3 exits back…..

      • No reverse on the highway either, huh?

        • Jojo

          Well, that only works when the car has brakes. Yeah, weirdness abound through the rest of the….oops, spoiler. Can you tell I get way too much glee from that simple word?

          • I soon expect your comments to just be the word spoiler. I am prepared to face such a day.

          • Jojo


            (I hate to leave you waiting!)

    • Melodie Hatley

      He’s a biiiiig fluffy puppy with bad teeth….

      • And a shiny forehead! Sorry, no one’s mentioned his forehead in a while and I needed a drink.

    • He really took his sex-piphany seriously. Like, it wasn’t enough to be crazy anymore, he’s being lighthearted and jokey. I mean, pretty fun to watch, but jarring,I admit.

      I’m pretty excited to see what’s in store. The end of this episode was a big WTF, so it should be fun!

  • Jojo

    Yeah, Wesley’s conversation with his dad goes well with the other things we know – all the hours he spent locked in a room, and his saying that a father doesn’t need to be a demon to terrorize his child…so HUGE FEELS here. And it kinda knocks him back a few – just witness the demon lecture and letting Angel take over when he was doing great as the leader before the phone call…..and I am so very sad Panda.

    Inept Angel is kinda cute and kinda I wanna hit him upside the head dumb but after a few minutes I just want him to stop it because it feels like he’s trying to be endearing and missing really bad and I think I prefer CrAngel!.

    I hate to say it, but I am told that burning corpse smells and tastes like a pork barbecue – and that’s why cannibals called us ‘long pork’ – which brings up the uncomfortable fact that Gunn had not eaten all day and maybe he moved away for other reasons.

    Do not worry Snow folks – everyone gets some…..even Wesley who you completely ignored during your recap despite the fact that he is…sob!!

    Oh K – I gotta join you in the asshole corner. Cus so many SPOILERS!! Do we give hugs over here?

    • Melbourne on my Mind

      Uh, obvs. Hugs over all the Wesley feels and giggles about the fact that we know something they don’t know.

    • I’ve heard that about burning corpse smell too, and it makes sense; we are meat, after all, like any other animal. And I morbidly like the uncomfortable fact aspect of that about Gunn, it makes for good headcanon.

      Burning hair, however, smells awful.

    • I definitely don’t prefer CrAngel but the BIG CHANGE! so much and so quick is off putting. This guy certainly works in extremes.

      I totes didn’t pay too much attention to Wesley in this recap. The phone call at the beginning was sad… but only about as sad as a one sided phone call can be. It’s all implied sadness. Sadness that you have to fill in yourself. There was a lot going on here, so it was easy to just sort of over look him and move on.SORRY.

      Hugs in the asshole corner? NOT LIKELY.

      • Jojo

        Ah, but this is important Wes – each character now has some sort of plotline, and you pointed them out. But the leader confusion wasn’t in having new roles because Wes has been the boss – even of Angel – for a few eps and he was downright snarky. The phone call with Dad shook his confidence to the point that he’s kinda back to pedantic and not very confident Wes and afraid to take action and make choices because he knows he has a history of screwing up. This is important because in my opinion …SPOILER… before the end of the season.

        I had to take the middle part out because over in the asshole corner, where Kristi and I are eating dark chocolate brownies and drinking champagne, and we are snickering because we have so many spoilers! We are trading them like things that are tradeable and giving each other hugs. And we have the red velvet lounges to lounge on. And we have scantily clad males peeling grapes for us. And there are spoilers floating in the air like rainbow colored bubbles…..okay, so maybe the brownies had an extra ingredient but K and I are giggling too much to care.

        • I see where you are going with this. I can’t blame the dad call completely for the shakiness though– they’ve been building this for a couple of episodes now. Last episode it was Wesley handing off all of the toughest jobs to Angel! I guess I was so focused on how they were already dropping clues about Wesley’s struggles, that I didn’t really connect the phone call.

          My main point is that regardless of what the phone was or wasn’t, to me, it got lost in the noise of the episode. MY BAD. 😉

          I was gonna say… WHO IS PAYING FOR ALL OF THIS IN THE ASSHOLE CORNER? SS HQ bills are going to be outrageous.

          • Jojo

            It did get lost in the shuffle – you kinda have to know Wesley to know what is going on – so it is not a bad for you or anyone. That’s the gift of the rewatch – and a massive Wesley FEEL! Which will get more and more contagious when he BAMFs…oops…. 🙂

            Ahem – we are assholes in the asshole corner – bills do not concern us. We pfft at bills! More champagne! More brownies! And the scantily clad males are oiling up for a wrestling match!

    • Bridget Craig

      I’ve seen you say that before (about burning human smelling like pork) and I was questioning that because I used to do odor complaints about an autoclave. When the thing wasn’t working right or being operated right it smelled more like unwashed bodies than pig. But then I looked up the temperature and the autoclave only heats up to around 250 F. Which is probably much lower than a typical cooking fire. Sorry for the slightly strange sidetrack.

  • JEL

    Oh dear, I got the Bonanza joke – now *I* feel old. Or maybe you all just look very young!

    • Don’t feel old! We’re practically babies!

    • Jojo

      Old is fantastic – you can now not give a shit about so many things! All those years of anxieties and awkwardness and now – freedom!! Embrace your old – frolic!

    • SnazzyO

      I got the joke too. I was in love with Little Joe.

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  • SonicRulez

    This is a weird thing where it feels like they were trying to do a story that would bridge S2 and S3. Like of all times to start a new story arc, just a few episodes before the finale? The Gunn stuff I know comes up in S3 though. I dunno, it’s just weird.

    Bless you ladies for that “I also want a fist bump!” gif. It’s precious.