Angel S04 E08 – Broody stares

Previously: Connor and Cordy have end of the world sex and it broke us.

Habeas Corpses

Lorraine: It’s still raining hell fire. Angel turns away from where he’s been watching Cordy and Connor…

You know. He takes out his legit anger out on a nearby door. There is lots of off screen angry grunting and punching.

Sweeney: This is our way of letting you know that you missed nothing when you were leaning over dry heaving.

Kirsti: Seriously, all you missed was a dude in need of anger management therapy.

Lor: Electric cellos.

After the credits, Fred is listening to a radio report. Officials are calling the hell fire a mixture of earthquakes and meteor showers and are advising people to stay in their homes. The phone rings and Fred answers quickly. It’s a client on the phone, and Fred half-assedly tells the woman not to panic. Mid-conversation, Lorne, Wesley and Gunn enter the Brooding Hotel. Fred drops the phone, runs to Gunn and hugs him. She thought he was dead. Gunn knows the feeling. It was the end of the world (almost) and all he wanted was her. Wesley walks by them and scowls because he’s a hater. I don’t like Frunn, but Wesley is a straight hater.

Fred is all, “oh yeah, I’m glad you other guys are safe too,” and asks where Angel is. They were separated from him, though Gunn assures her he’ll be back soon. He asks if she’s okay and they look at each other deeply as Fred says she’s fine. She just went for some fresh air and didn’t expect the world to almost end. She sighs as she points to the Eye of Fire papers on the floor, saying she clearly missed some stuff. Gunn wants to give updates later and go fight the bad beast now. Wesley says that isn’t what Angel would do. Gunn brats back, “Thanks for your opinion, and I don’t remember asking.” Wesley is a hater and Gunn is a brat.

Sweeney: Such winning characters! I sure do care how they’ll get out of this apocalypse!

K: Especially as Wes keeps creepy staring at Fred from the background. DUDE. THE FRIENDZONE IS NOT A THING. GET OVER YOURSELF.

Lor: Fred kind of breaks it up by asking what demon-y thing they are talking about. Lorne is mixing a drink, because yep. That’s exactly what would need to happen after some hell fire. (S: Because Lorne is obviously totes the best character. Lorne >>> Everyone.) (K: YUP. You could get rid of all the other characters and just make it Lorne and I would be totally fine with that.) Lorne tells Fred it’s a big, possibly invincible demon, the one he saw when read Cordelia. Fred gently suggests to Gunn that they do wait for Angel, though Gunn protests. Angel of course enters just there. Or maybe he was standing in the shadows the whole time, waiting for someone to say his name so he could be all, “WHO ME?” You never know.

Angel stands at the entrance and Fred notices that he’s hurt. He starts to say that he’ll be fine, but none of us who saw what he saw will ever be fine. He instead says they will talk about it in the morning. Angel heads upstairs and Fred asks if anyone knows about Cordy and Connor. Angel says they are fine, but doesn’t answer any follow-up questions. The Gang comment on how defeated Angel looked and Wesley says, “Can’t blame him. No one likes to lose, whatever the circumstance.” Then he looks at Fred so hard, it’s almost an audible, “A-HEM.”

Sweeney: Gross. So Gunn sees her as a doll that must be protected and Wesley sees her as a trophy that he lost. Awesome. Fred/Nobody, please.

K: Excuse you, Sweeney. I ship Fred/Science. It pairs nicely with our Angel/Art OTP.

Lor: I like it.

Brain Bleach Attic. Cordy and Connor are sleeping. Cordy is the first to stir. She looks at Connor and realization dawns. We watch her turn away from her, shock written all over her face. THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS. (S: YUP. NO PITY COMING FROM OVER HERE, GIRL.) Connor wakes and he places his gross baby hand on Cordelia’s shoulder. He asks if the world ended. Lorraine: Yes. Cordelia: Not exactly. Connor kisses her shoulder and she finally looks in his face. She asks him to stop making that happy puppy face because it makes it harder. Connor has no idea what’s going on, even as Cordy starts to give the, “last night was special,” talk. It was special but it can never happen again. Connor puts his pants on and storms off.

K: Thank God, because I was literally fighting the urge to vomit when he started getting all snuggly.

Lor: Trapped in the Closet Apartment. Wesley is going over some of the Eye of Fire papers when there is a knock on the door. It’s Lilah, and she sighs deeply when she sees Wesley, relieved to see he’s alive.

He’s stiff with her, though he does ask how she is. She slept at Wolfram & Hart and can see that Wesley was in less safe circumstances. She says she can make him feel better but he pulls away from her and turns his back. He can’t do this anymore. Lilah’s all, “yeah, yeah, heard it all before,” but Wesley repeats that it’s over. Lilah can tell he’s serious, though I don’t know how exactly, seeing as how HE’S ALWAYS GLARING. Anyway, after the hell fire thing last night, Wesley figures a day of reckoning is coming and he’s choosing a side. Lilah points out that he happened to pick out the side with the girl of his dreams. He says this isn’t about Fred or anyone, just about right and wrong. He admits he’s made mistakes and Lilah says he’s making one now. She tries a different approach and tells him she could wear the glasses again. Wesley: Don’t embarrass yourself. Woof.

Sweeney: I’m trying to be proud of Wes for doing the right thing, but saying shit like that doesn’t help.

Lor: Wesley says there is a line, black and white.


And then she says that Fred clearly likes black anyways. BECAUSE GUNN IS BLACK. Lilah, for all her complex emotions and vast multitudes of evil, is a top contender for the Best Villain Award, if you ask me.

Sweeney: YES. This scene probably evoked more feelings (not counting, “MAKE IT STOP!”) than anything else we’ve seen lately. Lilah’s totally evil, but her heartbreak gave me a tiny bit of feels. Her relationship with Wes, though squicky at many points, was basically the least evil thing she had going for her and Wes just threw it in her face as the last evil he needed purged from his. Shit burns.

Probably running off to do some Grade A villaining is the ideal solution to this problem, girl.

K: Truth. I had Lilah feels over this scene, mostly because Wes is such an epic twat about things, and am totally on board with Grade A villaining.

Lor: Brooding HQ. Gunn and Fred are researching but not finding much. Cordelia walks in and Gunn asks how her night was. She struggles for the right words and Fred pipes up, “Scary, nasty and nervous making?” And it’s true because of the hell fire, and because of Connor penis. Cordy just flatly answers that the sky should not be made of fire. Fred directs Cordy to where Angel is “hibernating in his cave.”

Cordelia opens the door to Angel’s office and tentatively says she wants to talk about Connor. Angel says he already knows, but it’s clear they are talking about two different things. Angel doesn’t even know what to do with himself. He walks out of his office, he walks back in. Cordelia explains about the Beast rising up in the same spot Connor was born. Angel is shocked.

Angel: What are you— You think Connor’s connected to this evil thing?
Cordelia: Me? God, no. He’s a sweetie pie.
Angel: Then why’re you telling me?
Cordelia: Because your son stormed out this morning, and he really does believe it.

A sweetie pie.

K: YUP. Also, Angel? Quit being a dick and USE YOUR WORDS.

Lor: Nah. As far as I’m concerned he can not use his words for a little longer.

Wolfram and Hart. Lilah is in her office making a threatening phone call. Daniel Dae Kim is on hand, fixing her coffee and helping her make said threats. After she hangs up, Lilah meanly asks DDK why he’s still even there. He has a report that confirms that the Beast caused the rain of fire, though they don’t know why he did it. Lilah says he did it because hell beasts do what they want, though that makes her new job of cutting a deal with this demon all the more difficult. DDK’s all, “WHATEVS,” and leaves Lilah’s office only to walk back in, backwards, Connor walking in front of him.

Connor pushes DDK out of the way and tells Lilah he has some questions about why he’s alive and who he is. Lilah goes on about those important questions and all they can do to help him answer them, but she pushes the silent alarm as she talks. Two guards show up behind Connor and she finishes her speech with, “and we’ll slice you open and start poking around.” Connor just knocks the guards out really easily, so maybe that wasn’t a great plan, Lilah. He pins Lilah up against the wall by her neck and says he wants to find out how he’s connected to the Beast. Lilah is suddenly more accommodating. Plus, she doesn’t have to really do much because the building starts shaking and the lights go out, indicating that the Beast has come to them.

Daniel Dae Kim uses a walkie talkie on one of the passed out guards to call down to the front desk and then gets to hear lots of pain, slaughter and destruction noises. Lilah sends DDK down to investigate. He hesitates but she asks who is scarier: a giant murderous demon or me? He heads off. Connor leaves too and Lilah grabs a gun out of her desk.

K: I agree, DDK. Lilah is definitely scarier than The Beast, who is possibly the most boring villain to ever turn up on this show.

Lor: Downstairs, it’s a bloody mess of lawyers. People scream as the camera pans across the floor, littered with bodies, until we hit the Beast’s hoofs. We pan up to see he’s holding a severed head, and generally looking really pleased with himself.

We cut to a woman pressing an elevator button repeatedly, to no avail. People are crowding the stairs and frantically trying to get out alive. Connor is power walking through a hallway, Lilah close behind him, right until she figures out that he’s heading to try and kill the beast. Then she’s all, “OKAY. BYE NOW.”

Sweeney: Legit choice.

Lor: A group of those stair people reach the ground floor only to find themselves face to face with the Beast. He lets himself into the stairwell and closes the door. We cut to the Beast walking along a hallway, killing off anyone he encounters. He stops in front of a supply closet. Inside, DDK is rummaging around, knocking rolls of toilet paper off a shelf. The Beast grabs DDK by the neck and snaps it. HUH. WEIRD. I didn’t expect DDK to die, because his character has had no general purpose. But, like, bye! RIP.

K: Sorry we didn’t care enough to come up with a nickname that wasn’t just the name of the actor who plays you! 

Lor: Daniel Dae Kim is always Daniel Dae Kim.

Connor is making his way around the dead bodies when he hears gunshots and heads to investigate. It’s Lilah, futilely attempting to shoot the Beast. It grabs the gun out of Lilah’s hands and pushes her onto a table. Beast plunges its finger into her abdomen and EW EW EW. The Beast shifts its attentions when Connor enters the room. It knows Connor by name. It also knocks Connor the heck out.

Lilah uses that as her chance to escape the room. We watch her struggle down a hallway. The Beast is soon trailing her. Someone grabs her and pulls her into one of the offices. It’s Wesley. Lilah is weakened, though she manages to explain to Wesley that the building automatically shuts down under a full scale attack. Metal shutters fall across the window behind them. The Beast is now outside the room they are in. Wesley grabs Lilah and carries her out.

Wesley buys himself some time by throwing a grenade at the Beast. Lilah tells him there is a way out of the locked down building in one of the supply closets. Right outside of it, they see a dead Daniel Dae Kim. They don’t have much time to think about the slain, though. Into the supply closet they go. Inside, they start tossing the toilet paper, much like we saw DDK doing earlier. Lilah locates a lever that opens a door to a chute.

The Beast rips off the door to the supply closet which is now empty. (K: The Beast looked hilariously surprised when the door came off in its hand) Cut to Wesley and Lilah landing hard after their trip down the chute. They both sit up as Lilah asks now what. Wesley tells her to move, change her name, go underground and generally get as far away from the big demon trying to kill her. Wesley walks away from her but she calls out to him. Wesley glares. I know you are surprised by that development. Lilah tells him that Connor is trapped upstairs.Wesley doesn’t say anything. They just look at each other for a beat before they walk off in opposite directions.

Sweeney: They both give excellent broody stare-off. I wonder if that was a casting requirement for this show — like a “stare broodily into the camera” component of the audition process. Probably.

Lor: Definitely.

Brooding HQ. Gunn is reading from a book and tapping his pen rhythmically. Fred snaps at him for it, but she apologizes after he explains it just helps him think. They are all on edge. Cordelia says they are all tired and Angel passive aggressives, “Wonder why.” Lorne is sleeping on the couch, but Angel wakes him up. We stand behind naps pretty hard here at Snark Squad and thus cannot stand by this action. Even if it was almost an apocalypse.

Sweeney: Letting your teammates nap over all other priorities is critical to building a trustworthy team. #SnarkCode

Lor: We’ve actually had emails that were all, “hey I was supposed to do this thing, but I want to nap.” The reply is always, “YES. GO NAP GIRL. NAP SO HARD.”

Anyway, Gunn has an a-ha! moment as he points out that the alley the Beast appeared in isn’t only the same place Connor was born, it’s also behind where Caritas used to be. (K: It took them THAT LONG to join the dots on that?! Like, they hid in Caritas, Holtz attacked, they ran from Caritas into the alley, Darla staked herself.) Lorne confirms that the whole block was an inter-dimensional hot spot. Wesley enters at that point, looking grim as ever, causing Gunn to snark about the imminent arrival of more bad news. Gunn brats at Wesley as he tries to get the news out: Connor is trapped inside Wolfram & Hart. Angel, bless his heart, doesn’t suggest leaving the little critter in there. They are going to go after him.

Wolfram & Hart. DDK’s dead body is in the foreground of the shot and we watch as Connor walks past it. After he does, DDK’s eyes fly open. That moment would’ve caught me more off guard if the episode description didn’t say the thing about a zombie army. Stupid episode descriptions.

Sweeney: I didn’t read that description, but I have been commenting as I watched today, so I was surprised. Mostly, I just thought, “Hey, guess he’ll get to serve a tiny bit more purpose before re-dying his zombie death”.

K: I didn’t read the episode description either, but the word “corpses” in the episode title was kind of a give away.

Lor: After a cut to black, we’re back at the Brooding Hotel. Angel’s got a sword and Gunn is picking out some weapons. Fred is fangirling over the fact that Wesley has inside information on Wolfram & Hart. He’s all, “just doing my job,” about it. Cordelia tells Angel that Connor is going to be fine because he’s special and a champion just like his dad. EW EW EW EW.

Sweeney: Angel’s face says he also +1s that EW.

K: At least this means we can kill a few brain cells with CHAMPION SHOTS??

Lor: Angel says someone should stay and hold down the fort. Lorne happily volunteers. Gunn points out that last time they went up against this demon, they got their asses handed to them. Angel says the plan is to grab Connor and get out. Should they come across the Beast, they should run like hell. Cordelia picks up a knife and says the plan works for her. Angel grabs the knife and sets it back down, telling her to stay with Lorne. Angel fakes his way through a, “it’s too dangerous. I can’t have you there,” speech which he ends by telling Fred to get a move on. Fred is a part of the club; Cordelia is not. That’s what happens when you sleep with boss’s emotionally stunted son. They leave and Cordelia is not happy.

Also, I’m sorry, but I am loving passive aggressive Angel.

Sweeney: His general, “I really can’t look at/talk to you right now,” reactions are spot on. Neither can we, bro. Neither can we.

Lor: Sewers. Wesley shows them where he earlier came out of the chute. Gunn and Wesley are bickering again and Angel tells them to shut up and get it together so they can rescue his son. Angel then spidey jumps up the chute and drops a line down to the others.

K: I would never be able to climb that rope thing. 

Lor: Me either.

Inside, the Gang encounter the mass death scene. It really is chilling. They walk past a body, a woman who I believe was earlier repeatedly pressing an elevator button. Her eyes flash open. They walk past the supply closet DDK was dead outside of and Wesley notices DDK’s body is gone.

In the conference room where they expected to find Connor, they only find that he’s gone. Angel takes it as a good, he’s still alive sign, though Gunn thinks Wesley’s intel was wrong. (S: Gunn is due to get punched in the face at this point. Shut the fuck up.) Thankfully, Angel’s super sense of smell is on hand to settle the argument: he can smell Connor. He sends the gang off to sweep the floors and takes off alone.

On the 7th floor, Angel finds Connor. He gives him a big hug and tells Connor that they have to get out of there. There is no use fighting the Beast. They have other concerns though because they come face to face with Dead DDK. Angel knocks him about a few times as he tries to explain to Connor what a zombie is:

Angel: It’s an undead thing.
Connor: Like you?
Angel: No, zombies are slow-moving, dimwitted things that crave human flesh.
Connor: Like you.


Sweeney: Jerk, but also, I giggled. I giggled especially because I legit had that thought about 10 minutes ago, trying to wrap my head around zombies in a vampire universe — specifically because I started to type “undead” re: DDK, and it felt weird. So whatever. I LAUGHED. NOT SORRY.

K: It’s okay, Sweeney. I laughed too.

Lor: Wesley, Fred and Gunn aren’t having a better time. They get attacked by zombies coming from all sides. They manage to escape into an office, but not before Gunn gets bitten on the forearm. Wesley looks concerned about the bite, but he doesn’t think it will turn him into a zombie. Gunn asks Wesley to get rid of him quickly if he does turn. Wesley asks for the same favor in return and Gunn is a bit too eager to consent.

The zombies start to break down the door to the office. Fred heads to the other door and breaks the lock with the hilt of her sword. She calls for the guys, though Gunn tells Wesley to take her to safety. He stays behind to fight them.

K: OH LOOK. Gunn making decisions on Fred’s behalf again. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Lor: Hallway. Angel exposits to Connor that the only way to kill a zombie is to stop their brain activity. Luckily, they are slow and stupid. Unluckily, Angel and Connor are pretty much surrounded.


Wesley and Fred don’t find much safety as they are also surrounded by zombies. They chat a little about if the Beast is the one reanimating the dead, before Gunn joins them, seemingly successful in his one man zombie killing spree. Next, Angel and Connor also join the group. Wesley only knows of the two supply rooms with exits, but Angel thinks they are too far away, given the zombie infestation. He remembers the white room, and suggests paying the creepy little girl living there a visit.

Sweeney: Bonus giggle for the character moment (remember those!?) when Gunn says something about where his heart’s in the many-floors-of-zombies-v-creepy-little-girl debate and Fred quickly disagrees in favor of the little girl.

Lor: In order to get up there, they need Fred to rewire the elevator and bypass the building shut down. She gets to work while the rest of the Gang fend of zombies. (K: Um. The power is out to the entire building. How did she overcome that??) (L: MAGIC.) Once Fred gets it working, they join her in the elevator, and Angel punches in the code he remembers thanks to his photographic memory. It doesn’t work the first time because of reasons, giving a moment of suspense as the zombies get closer and closer. One of them is DDK, and out of compassion, Gunn chops his head off. Thankfully, the doors close just before the rest of the zombies reach them and up they go to the white room.

There, the Beast kneels over the creepy little girl’s body and is sucking some black smoke out of her. The little girl turns towards the gang and tells them, “the answer is among you.” All done drinking the black smoke out of the girl, Beast gets up and walks slowly toward the Fang Gang who brace themselves. The little girl reaches out her hand toward them and chants quietly. The scene fades to white and the Gang find themselves back in the Brooding lobby. Lorne looks up from his book to find them all standing there. He considers his martini suspiciously.

Sweeney: Amazing. Many things on this show give me that face too, Lorne.

K: YUP. 


Lor: We’re going to get so much use out of that gif.

Angel deduces that the creepy little girl sent them home. Then he sees Cordelia sitting there and he says, “oh.” Angel turns away from her. Connor calls after his dad, but he ignores him and heads toward his office. Cordelia hugs Connor. Between Gunn and Wesley, they rehash the Beast besting the ancient evil disguised as a creepy little girl thing for Lorne and Wesley concludes that it’s going to take a power stronger and smarter than they are to defeat it. Um, what is, “the answer is among you?” No? Just a guess.

Cordelia, who keeps plowing ahead despite this cold shoulder, enters Angel’s office and says she was really worried. Angel deadpans, “I bet.” Cordelia says she’s just happy everyone is safe and together again. Angel: Me too. Now, take your new boyfriend, and get the hell out of here.

Maybe it was the fact that today’s corresponding Buffy episode was so aggressively mediocre, or the fact that the Wolfram & Hart scenes were genuinely chilling or the fact that we got to watch Angel be a jerk to Cordelia, but I didn’t even hate this episode!

Sweeney: That’s a high mark for Angel S4 episode! “3/3 DID NOT HATE.” Good job, episode!

K: And on the plus side, Cordy seems to have good hair again. IT’S A MIRACLE.


Next time: The Beast is trying to turn off the sun. Legit plan in Angel S04 E09 – Long Day’s Journey.


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  • Clément Polge

    I love that although Angel spent the whole episode being all passive agressive, he did end up using his words. I kinda want to give him an award for that, because this show and buffy are very good for gold stars, but not as good when it comes to actually talking.

    I also liked that Wesley broke up with Lilah, I mentioned last time that it was really the mature thing to do and there he does it. I didn’t even remember that, so that was a nice surprise. We can also see him trying to re-ignite his bromance with Gunn with the “if you’re a zombie i’ll finish you”. On the other hand, I totally agree with you that he is really creepy when it comes to Fred… I don’t think he considers her a trophy, but using her a subtext in half of his sentences really sounds like an obsession, which is rarely healthy.

    That scene with Connor getting all snuggly at the beginning was worse than the actual sex for me. NO NO PLEASE MAKE IT STOP. For ONCE that Connor doesn’t have his daddy’s poop face, he’s goota do puppy eyes ? Really ? REALLY ?

    Also, I love that gif where Angel says “unless there are hundreds of them”, because watching Connor pop up being him on repeat is hilarious.

    • Zovc

      HOW DID I MISS THE HILARIOUS SITCOM FRAMING IN THE ANGEL & CONNOR GIF? That is priceless and thank you so much for pointing it out 🙂

      I think the snuggling is worse than the sex, too. It makes them more couple-y, which is, naturally, totally unacceptable. The puppy-dog eyes need to stop as well.

    • I’M SO GLAD YOU MENTIONED THE LOLZ BECAUSE YES. I giffed it basically so that I could giggle at it at 1am because that seemed like a good life choice. I wanted Lilah/DDK (“who are you more afraid of?”) to be the thumbnail, as a sort of send off, but I got distracted by that moment. I’m glad it makes someone else chuckle too.

      (I passed on Lorne and his booze because I was going through the S4 thumbnails and he’s probably got a higher share of appearances than he ought to. I have tipped my “Lorne is the only one left that I like” hand.)

  • SnazzyO

    So I think Cordy’s hair status is a direct indicator of episode potential.

    Pardon me while I gush all over this episode. It’s one of my favorites. Let me count the ways…
    1) ZOMBIE LAWYER FAILSAFE – Perfection. I mean, if you are an evil law firm, how do you handle your crisis? You turn your dead employees back into zombies and kick them back into the fight! I love this evil plan. I’m totally on board with it. These guys signed away their souls in perpetuity so I have no feels for their plight. And although Stonehenge was completely oblivious to them, it did slow him down a tad. So.. two thumbs up for that building security measure.
    2) Lilah the BadAss. First she breaks my heart with her actual FEELS for Wesley. Then, like the very model of a modern major villain she caffeinates up and threatens to boil people in oil who piss her off. I love her trying to negotiate with the Beast and then just unloading a clip into him because that’s all she has left. But my favorite moment? When she realizes Connor is going off to confront the Beast and she gives him the “see ya'”.
    3) Connor humor. I’m sorry, but that was pretty funny. “dimwitted things that crave human flesh’…’like you?’ He’s usually so dour. It’s nice to see a little spot-on snark.
    4) Creepy little girl shows up.
    5) Just the whole concept. The Beast has an Apocalypse to get to. His first move after RAIN OF FIRE? Take out the local Big Bad. He may seem pretty dimwitted himself but that was a solid move.

    Connor Feels:
    – So not only does he have pity sex for his first time (and he doesn’t know it), the morning after rejection comes with a side order of “the beast popped up where you were born” guilt trip. So I have major Connor feels for him being 1)used by Cordy for apparent Apocalypse sex and 2) CLEARLY thinking he’s not only connected to The Beast but responsible for the thing. So all those evil dead zombie lawyers are on him in his mind. And yes, for me Connor’s happy puppy face was a little heartbreaking when we knew the rejection was coming.
    – And what does Angel do? Well he’s rightly pissed about Connor sleeping with Cordy but he seems to completely miss the part where Connor is having a serious existential crisis and just abandons his ass. Because he’s jealous. Bad Angel. Bad.

    ETA: I totally support the nap policy. I think naps are a right, not a privilege.

    • Clément Polge

      Yeah, Angel and parenting doesn’t really seem to mix. Tough love might be good, but it often seems like he’s got the “tough” down but really need to work on the “love” part.

    • Zovc

      Good point about Cordy’s hair. I’m thinking of lbh’er jrypbzr. Probably her best hair, and a great episode.

      • Alex

        V’z hfhnyyl gbb qvfgenpgrq ol Pbeql’f obbof va ‘Lbh’er Jrypbzr’ gb abgvpr ure unve. Gubfr guvatf cenpgvpnyyl unir n fgneevat ebyr va gung rcvfbqr. Ohg abj gung lbh zragvba vg, fur qbrf nyfb unir snohybhf unve.

        V srry yvxr V’ir tbar bss ba n ovg bs n gnatrag urer. Bu jryy.

        • Zovc

          Lrnu, Punevfzn’f pyrnintr znqr zr srry irel znyr juvyr jngpuvat gung rcvfbqr, ohg bppnfvbanyyl V abgvprq ure unve 🙂

  • Zovc

    Hey look, an ensemble show that remembers that it has more than two characters! GASP!

    This episode is alright. The Beast is going to have some questionable schemes later, so it’s nice he just cut to the point and gutted Wolfram and Hart. Angel using his words and the Weslah break-up, were well done, and definitely necessary in order for the show to keep moving. Still, it has nothing really worth writing home about except for the awesomeness incarnate that is Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan.

    OK, I’m not sure if there’s any “correct” way of spelling it, but I thought “hellfire” was one word. Apologies for the unnecessary semantics.

    Was that first gif being Alison Brie intentional, since she and Vincent Kartheiser play husband and wife on “Mad Men”?

    Not sorry to see Gavin go. Daniel Dae-Kim was so good at playing smug, it made me want to smack him every time he was onscreen and the character was useless and boring.

    I wish I could join your various drinking games, ‘cuz it would make these shows more enjoyable.

  • Angi Black

    Maybe the Angel episode and the love we feel have direct correlation to Cordy’s hair. Just a thought.

  • Alex

    I don’t have kids, but I’m fairly certain that if I found out my friend had taken my troubled teenage son’s virginity, I would be so unbelievably angry that I can’t honestly say I wouldn’t resort to violence. I’m not saying that I want to see Angel punch Cordy in the face, but I HATE that his reaction just seems to be that of a jealous boyfriend who’s been cheated on, rather than a furious father.

    I know Connor and Cordelia are both adults but, as we discussed a few weeks ago, Connor really doesn’t have the emotional maturity of a normal 18-year-old and this is clearly just going to make him even more angry and confused. Ugh. ngel’s reaction to Connor and Cordy pisses me off SO MUCH.

    • Zovc

      YES to all this so, so, SO MUCH. The way the writers handled Angel’s reaction makes this storyline even worse, which I wouldn’t have guessed was possible.

    • Not sure what we’re going to see in future episodes, but I’m not sure I 100% fault the way the Angel reaction was handled.

      I agree 100% with the notion that there should totally be some ragey father. We’re on the same page about Connor’s emotional maturity and it was just gross and comes across as Cordelia taking advantage of him.

      I would definitely have liked Angel’s frustration to read more paternal than it did, HOWEVER, it was consistently directed at Cordelia and not Connor, which *was* a solid choice. Maybe this changes in the future (and I suppose telling them to get out does that too — that final line to Cordelia is the only thing that I really wish would have been done differently) but in this episode, I was glad that he only expressed his frustration with her and not him.

      But you’re definitely right that the issue should be more paternal than jilted lover. So I guess I mostly agree with you and just expressed it in a stupid way.

      • SnazzyO

        I think you’re right that Cordy gets the direct blast but what bothered me was Connor says “Dad?” And Angel ignores him. So Cordy already told Angel that Connor is having a freak due to Beast connection concerns. I just think Angel should have spoken to him before throwing he and Cordy back out of the hotel. Now to be fair, Angel DID go straight to rescue him. He gave him a hug when they met. AND when Connor said what the Beast was doing was his (Connor’s) fault, Angel said it was not. But my inner Mom responded to that “Dad?” and Angel just left Connor hanging. I think Angel does hero-thing well but dealing with emotions is just an epic fail. *sigh*.

      • Alex

        I think we’re on the same page really. He definitely makes a point of only acting passive-aggressively towards Cordelia, but then again I can’t really bring myself to give him points for NOT being a dick to his teenage son, ya know? And with all his anger towards Cordelia, it all feels very much like ‘I can’t believe you slept with someone else’ rather than ‘I can’t believe you slept with MY SON’.

        You’re right, though, it’s mostly the final line which leaves the bad taste in my mouth. If he’d been giving Cordelia the cold-shoulder all episode and then finally turned around in the last scene and said ‘now you get out of my sight and never go near my son again’, then I’d probably feel very differently. But instead he just tells them both to GTFO and calls Connor her ‘boyfriend’.

        I guess I can see an argument that the ‘your new boyfriend’ line was just the most stinging way he could let Cordelia that he knew what had happened, and it wasn’t actually the way he felt. But still, the paternal side of things just doesn’t quite seem to be there. And I really wanted to see him get MAD at Cordelia. Particularly when she waltzes in and gives him a lecture about how he should talk to his son, mere hours after she woke up in bed with said son and then broke his heart.

        I mostly see it as bad writing, which is why it annoys me so much! I don’t think the writers really thought this reaction through at all.

    • SnazzyO

      Yes. This. I get Connor is unlikeable but where is the outrage that she just broke off her non-relationship with Angel and then Mrs Robinsoned his new-to-this-world-full-of-major-childhood-trauma-issues wonder child. He’s 18 based on random temporal difference calculator but he’s about a year old earth time. What he needs is a therapist. Or hey, a PARENT.

  • Unintentional LOL moment: When Gunn see’s Gavin and says, “That’s Gavin. I know that guy.” What a weird piece of dialogue. I’ll be over here, laughing at things no one else finds funny.

    I also laughed when Conner says, “why are they doing this? Why are they zombies?” I don’t know, you guys. My sense of humor is not sense making at all.

    • I loved that Connor moment too! VK mostly seems to excel at playing CREEP and BRAT which makes Connor hard to like, but the other thing he does well on the occasions he gets to play it, is confused-child-trapped-in-adult body. It’s these things that make the Connor/Cordy sex EXTRA squicky, but in the moment it can also be pretty funny. That was one such occasion.

    • SnazzyO

      Actually, I kinda liked that Gunn took pity on Gavin. And, yes I found several moments kinda funny.

    • Alex

      There’s something about Connor’s ‘why are they zombies’ which always makes me smile too. I think it’s because it’s a totally fair question, but expressed in such a childlike way. Little kids are always asking ‘why’ like that, often to things which adults wouldn’t even think to question. And there’s also this slightly petulant tone to it, like he thinks the lawyers are all dumb for being zombies and should just stop it, which is also kind of cute.

      • “And there’s also this slightly petulant tone to it, like he thinks the lawyers are all dumb for being zombies and should just stop it, which is also kind of cute.”

        YES. You just perfectly summed up why I thought it was funny.

  • Kendra

    I remember really liking this episode when I watched it. I think it had something to do with it being genuinely suspenseful and chilling, unlike the rest of the season thus far. I think this is where I started liking it more, for the most part. Reading these has made me realize how annoying Gunn and Fred were. I never just LOVED them, but I do remember being tired of them ybat orsber gurl oebxr hc.

  • darkalter2000

    Evil is afoot.

    The Beast is really giving it a good go, even if he isn’t doing it with much flair. Look at him tearing up Wolfram and Hart like an unstoppable killing machine! So precocious! Barely two episodes on the show and he has killed hundreds. Plus, he is doing a thing. Without the thing-doing he would have to be deducted evil points but he is clearly doing a thing. I give the Beast a 4.5 of 7 sins – Willfully and Wantonly Evil. Breakdown below.

    Lust 0.0 – No damaging lusts displayed

    Gluttony 0.0 – No damaging appetites displayed.

    Greed 0.0 – Damaging greed attributed to Envy for prize being held by a child-like being. No points attributed to avoid doubling up.

    Sloth 0.5 – Damaging impetus of others by appearing unassailable is praiseworthy, but seems inherent to him. Fewer points awarded.

    Wrath 2.0 – Damaging wrath displayed in slaughter of many innocent and evil alike without distinction.

    Envy 1.0 – Damaging covetousness displayed in murder for profit of a child-like being for prize.

    Pride 1.0 – Damaging pride displayed in total lack of care for the effects of actions on anyone but himself.

  • Policy of Madness

    Not sharing the episode love (or even non-hate) because the whole thing just felt like a video game to me. The dialogue and acting felt clunky and wooden. You know, like a video game. It opens with Angel beating down a door, which is how one often enters a room in a video game, surrounded by mediocre videogamish CGI. The demon thing stalking the halls, and Connor stalking back: video game. Maybe it was the weird lighting. You know how all video games these days have this piss-colored filter over everything. That’s how you know it’s “gritty” and “realistic.”

    “K: OH LOOK. Gunn making decisions on Fred’s behalf again. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.”

    I’m glad you said it so I didn’t have to.

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  • Strawberry_Pocky_Moose

    I lost interest in Angel around this point. The Frunn angst, the Wesley sleeping with Lilah angst, and then the grossest fucking pairing ever all together was too much. I don’t often turn off a tv show mid-watch, but watching a creepy annoying teenager who was a baby 5 minutes ago have sex with his maternal foster figure whilst his dad watches…NOPE I’M DONE.

    I really wanted to stick it out till series 5 (Spike!!) but everytime I think of it I cannot muster the energy. I think I’ll just go watch Firefly instead. It’s sad because no matter how much Buffy annoyed me I always felt the urge to come back for more, like a bridge had remained open. Cordy and Connor sex burned that bridge down and then peed on the ashes.

  • SonicRulez

    Huh. I have literally no memory of this episode. That’s weird for me, I love Angel. I will say I cannot stop laughing at that gif of Connor popping up from behind Angel. I don’t even know why, it’s just cracking me up.