Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Best Of (Kirsti)

Kirsti: This morning we talked about the ten episodes that I thought should be buried at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, never to be seen again. For something a little more positive, let’s talk about my ten best episodes. It’s a list that’s changed dramatically over the course of this project, and if you guys want to see what my pre-Snark Squad list would have looked like, just let me know and I’ll put it down in the comments.

Also, y’all should be impressed with my editing skills because when I finished filming, I had 25 minutes worth of footage of me rambling vaguely about how wonderful these episodes are. I mean, a decent chunk of it was bloopers. But still – 25 minutes worth of footage down to 4 minutes? I HAS WIKKID SKILLZ. Ahem. 

Let’s do this thing.


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  • Zovc

    Nice segue into promoting the Snarkathon 😉 I, however, won’t be joining you guys, as I’ve sworn never to see the movie. Buffy isn’t SMG + no Willow, Giles, Xander, Oz, Tara, or any of the various other great characters= not my cup of tea.

    And I, for one would be interested to know Past!Kirsti’s rankings, unless it’s inconvenient for Present!Kirsti. I remember you saying OMWF and Tabula Rasa were your favorite episode and runner-up, respectively.

    • If it helps, Seth Green is in it??? As a vampire. Also Ben Affleck, Ricki Lake (LOL), Hilary Swank, Pee Wee Herman, Luke Perry, David Arquette, and Donald Sutherland. AMAZING.

      And as for Past!Kirsti’s rankings:
      1. Once More With Feeling
      2. Tabula Rasa
      3. Fool for Love
      4. Doppelgangland
      5. Band Candy
      6. Hush
      7. Conversations with Dead People
      8. Potential
      9. Graduation Day Part 2
      10. Fear Itself

      So yeah. A VERY different list.

      • Zovc

        If I watched everything Seth Green’s been in, I’d wind up seeing some pretty terrible movies, so it doesn’t help. Sorry. Oh, and you left Rutger Hauer off your list. What’d he do to you? 😉

        That list is still a pretty damn good one, even though your list now is closer to my views than Past!Kirsti’s. I actually think all of those episodes are in my top thirty or so, except “Potential” and possibly “Fool for Love”.

        Oh, and Wilhelmina’s right, you look quite pretty.

  • Wilhelmina Upton

    Hush will forever be my favourite episode because it’s half an episode without anyone saying a word and it’s interesting and the gentlemen are really creepy and I love it, brilliantly made in my opinion. Once More With Feeling, my first Buffy episode. I can sing the songs up and down (remember when we tweeted the entire first song?) and they pop into my head every week.
    I can appreciate how well The Body is done, it’s a great episode but I can’t rank it as a top episode, I just can’t because of #personaltrauma

    And can I just say you looked really pretty?! Because you did.

    • Personal trauma is a completely legit reason to not rank something as a top episode. COMPLETELY LEGIT.

      And thank you <3

      • Wilhelmina Upton

        Totes welcome!

  • JEL

    I’ve mentioned most of my favorite Buffy sites one time or another here. One I haven’t mentioned before is all about lists, rankings and numbers – apropro to 10 best/worst discussions:


    The site was updated last year including his own reviews of all the episodes and additional counts. For example in


    which is his series summary, a little over half way down are counts of kills (Buffy leads with 212, Dawn gets 7 but 2 of those are the TV & radio she “killed” in CWDP) and how many times people broke the law (Buffy again leads with 76) and many other lists.

    Browsing that site can be a fun way to kill an hour.

    • Zovc

      “Fun way to kill an hour”- You have a most impressive level of restraint 🙂 I definitely don’t agree with all of that guys reviews, but the site is addicting, and the Hellmouth Line League that he links to might an even bigger time-suck. Fun, though.

  • Democracy Diva

    Hush would probably have been at the top of my list, but I agree with basically everything on your list. Doppelgangland, The Wish, The Body, Graduation Day Pt 2 – +1 to everything you said about all of those.

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