Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Worst Of (Kirsti)

Kirsti: Well. Here we are, six hundred and twelve (according to the internet) days after our first Buffy post went up. Finishing this project is definitely a bittersweet experience, because it’s been SO MUCH FUN, but it’s also been an epic trip down the Everything Sucks And I Hate This Highway on the struggle bus. Which, now that I think about it, is probably the same highway that the Scoobies were on when they piled into a Winnebago and left town at the end of season 5…

ANYWAY. I had more thoughts on the subject of finishing Buffy than I can possibly convey, and if you feel the need, you can go and read a lot of them HERE because it seemed like a more appropriate place to dump all of my thoughts.

Later today, my ‘best of’ will be going up. But for now, let’s talk about the stuff that sucked major balls (aaaand writing that has just given me sniggery nostalgia for that “BALLS” poster on Riley’s bedroom door. Because obviously). Please excuse the references to “today” and “tomorrow”. The disadvantage of doing things a week in advance is that the plans change and you don’t have the time or energy to remake or re-edit the content. I’m sure y’all can cope…


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  • kat

    beer bad was hands down the worst episode of buffy

  • Wilhelmina Upton

    You said budgie smuggler (I’m probably writing this wrong) and I want to hear that on repeat because it sounds awesome!
    I didn’t know Seeing Red required any of the actors seek therapy but it was very NOPE! Though I think Beer Bad is the worst episode for me. At least it’s the one really, really bad one I remember.

    • Nope, you spelled budgie smuggler perfectly! And as long as you don’t want to see it on repeat, we’re all good.

      I’ll give you one guess who needed therapy after Seeing Red (hint: it wasn’t SMG). I do not blame said actor one little bit.

      • Wilhelmina Upton

        Well if I wanted to SEE it on repeat, I guess something would be very, very wrong with me. Ew.

        Was it Alyson Hannigan?

      • Rosalie M Town

        It wouldn’t surprise me at all if it were James Marsters who needed therapy after that episode. It must be terrifying to put yourself in the role of a rapist.

        • It was James. The poor guy couldn’t get out of doing the scene, and now his contracts always stipulate he will never do such a scene ever again.

  • On a completely unrelated note, I have almost the exact same necklace…

  • Democracy Diva

    First of all, your blouse is REALLY CUTE.

    We should all go to therapy after having to watch Seeing Red. It doesn’t surprise me that JM needed some mental health assistance after that. Anybody who’s a serious actor, who delves into his character’s psyche or is “method” or anything like that, would probably need some serious help dealing with that shit.

    BUDGIE SMUGGLER. Still giggling at that.

    Doublemeat Palace is probably in my bottom three of all time. For all the sad episodes in the series, this is sort of the most existentially sad – seeing Buffy the Vampire Slayer sling burgers for minimum wage just makes me depressed at such a deep level. Even without the penis monster, I just hate seeing Buffy in that place at all. I know it’s supposed to be jarring, that she’s out of her element there, but it just makes me pray for a scene where she’s literally anywhere else.

  • SonicRulez

    I’m so glad you mentioned Living Conditions! I think that episode is dumb. It’s built on two massive contrivances: that Buffy isn’t already rooming with Willow for no reason and that Kathy is actually a demon because of a weird toenail thing that was never mentioned before or after.