Orphan Black S02 E02 – Idea juice

Previously: Rachel and co., didn’t really have Kira, but Sarah punched Rachel in the face anyway. Helena is still alive.

Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion

Lorraine: The soundtrack squeals and we fade into a hospital room where Helena is fading in and out of consciousness. There is a police officer there, taking pictures and collecting evidence. He asks the same question I had last episode: how is she even alive? Almost in response to him, Helena starts convulsing and the nurse rushes to her aid.

Meanwhile, Art is asking Sarah what the Proletheans want with Kira. She doesn’t know. Everyone wants Kira, and probably not to play with puzzles and finger paints. There’s a knock at the door and Sarah lets Felix in. He immediately comforts Sarah by letting her know they will find Kira. Felix greets “Arthur,” but adds a grumble about how he can’t believe Sarah let a cop into Clone Club. Yeah, I’m having a hard time with that one too, Fee.

Sweeney: Really? Because I think a little law enforcement support for uncovering the mystery of the highly illegal human cloning that brought her into this world might be wise. Mostly, I’m just partial to Art due to how he’s a TV cop who can actually kind of do his job. IT’S AMAZING.

L:  Yeah, but Art gives shifty eyes, though. It’s not so much that he’s a cop, but that he’s Art and I still don’t trust him.

Art is studying a black and white photo of a broody cowboy, and says the whole shit show is starting to finally make sense. Sarah wants to know how to find the religious freaks. Felix’s phone starts to ring and Sarah and Art look back at him with judgey look, like this is a movie theater. Or the investigation of your missing niece. They’ll be happy he didn’t silence his phone, though, because it’s Kira on the other line. Sarah grabs the phone away and Kira says she isn’t supposed to be calling. Sarah asks where she is, but Kira doesn’t know. All she knows is that there is a weird man there. A weird man who just entered the room, takes the phone away from Kira and hangs it up. A weird man who apparently didn’t know better than leaving a kidnapped child in the presence of a phone?

Sweeney: Not very good at this kidnapping thing…


Art uses his super spy gear to trace the phone call to Green Acres Motel.


Felix points out it could still be a trap. Before they go, Felix pulls out new Clone Phones, Lime Green Edition. Sarah thanks him and says that once she gets back, they are out of there. Felix has heard that one before. Sarah turns back around to him. She needs him to keep telling her that they can make it. He promises that they can. Art, meanwhile, rolls his eyes.

Aynsley’s Funeral. There is a gigantic portrait of her on stage as the minister goes on about Aynsley’s warmth and love of book club. Alison looks around a little bit and catches the death glare of one of the Stepford Bitch Brigade. Later, at the reception, that same SBB bitches to Meera about Alison’s gall, showing up to the funeral. Donnie and Alison are waiting in line to sign the guestbook. He says he wouldn’t blame her for drinking just then, but she insists she’s staying clearheaded indefinitely. Her kids run over and show their mom the beautiful flowers they just pilfered from the dead lady. Alison is horrified and Donnie offers to take care of it, handing her all of their coats.

Alison frets a bit before a community theater friend, Sarah, comes over to commiserate. Alison lost a friend and shouldn’t be treated the way the SBB are treating her. Other Sarah awkwardly hugs Alison and then goes on her way. Alone again, Alison feels the phone in Donnie’s coat pocket vibrate. She pulls it out and quickly scrolls the series of text messages on the screen: She makes her own choices. Placate her. Come outside. Call ASAP—urgent. Alison stuffs the phone back away and grabs a glass of wine as a waiter passes by. She houses it, just before Donnie and the kids come back. She gruffly hands them all their coats as the Synthetic Sounds of Super Suspicions swells.

Ranch. Pick-up truck. Barn. The Broody Cowboy from Art’s black and white photo tells Smarmy Hipster Cowboy (Mark) that he did the right thing saving Helena, as she is Sarah’s sister. Mark admits that Helena almost didn’t make it. They take a pause from this helpful, exposity dialogue to reveal a little more about who we are dealing with through the artificial insemination of a cow. No joke. (S: I never thought I’d prefer Game of Thrones sexposition, but here we are.) Broody Cowboy sticks his hand all up in the cow and they announces that the rest is up to the Lord. “We just helped Him along a little bit.” Mark replies, “Amen Pastor.” So, Broody Cowboy is actually Pastor Broody Cowboy and also, these are Proletheans that obviously don’t shun all science.

Pastor Broody Cowboy tells Mark that Helena is going to need some help getting out of that hospital. A lady enters the barn and wonders if she has to make up another bed. Pastor Broody Cowboy, recently named Henrik, says that’s all up to Mark. Henrik says Mark is like a son and they only one they trust with all of their most immediate, breaking the law needs. Thanks, Pop. You shouldn’t have.

Dyad Institute. Cosima and Delphine are meeting with Dr. Leekie, trying to convince him that they had nothing to do with Sarah, “shit-kicking” Rachel. Delphine says Sarah fooled them all, and Dr. Leekie gives her a, “really?” “She stole your pass card.” Cosima doesn’t hide her amusement at that. Dr. Leekie is decidedly not amused and explains that Rachel takes the insult very personally. He’s trying to avoid a war. Delphine, for her part, just wants to make crazy science with Cosima in their new lab.

Sweeney: I smell character happiness. That never leads anywhere good in Traumaland.

Lor: Green Acres Motel. Art checks with the management and finds that Kira and the Strange Man are gone. They go check out the room anyway, and Sarah is surprised to learn that witness just saw Kira and Strange Man. No sign of Siobhan. Inside the now empty motel room, Sarah finds one of Kira’s drawings. Art looks out the window and sees Rachel’s muscle man approaching. Art goes out to talk to him. This conversation mostly involves Art patting Daniel down and confiscating his gun. Daniel says Art is going regret doing this, professionally speaking.

Meanwhile, Sarah spies an article of Kira’s clothing on the banister outside. That leads her down the backstairs and there, she finds a sock. In the foreground, Art is still patting Daniel down, and Daniel is still threatening him. The trail of clothes leads Sarah to the laundry room and out the back door to a garage. There is a car parked inside, the trunk open. Sarah braces herself as she approaches it, but finds it empty. The Strange Man grabs Sarah from behind, covers her mouth, and tells her that if she wants to see Kira again, she better get in.

Strange Man is pretty lucky Sarah got there alone. That trunk doesn’t look big enough for two.

After the Not Break, Strange Man lets Sarah out of the trunk. They are alone along a deserted road. Sarah asks where Kira is, and Strange Man simply says that someone will be along. He pulls out a knife and Sarah knees him. She starts yelling for her daughter when Mrs. S appears behind her, pulls her away and tells her to stop. Sarah is shocked to see Mrs. S, who is sporting a large rifle. Mrs. S apologizes to Maybe Not So Strange Man, as he didn’t sign up for getting kneed. He agrees he didn’t, as he grabs Sarah’s hands and cuts off the zip tie he used to bind her. Sarah again demands to know what’s going and Mrs. S says Kira is fine. Not So Strange Man is not a Prolethean. Sarah just passed through an airlock. When Kira called, she knew Sarah would show up and bring all her troubles right along with her. Benjamin hands over Sarah’s Clone Phone, and says it was ringing so he took the batteries out. Mrs. S thanks him, and he’s on his way, leaving a still shocked Sarah nothing to do but follow Mrs. S.


Dyad. Dr. Leekie is leading Cosima and Delphine to the “old wing.” Cosima snarks about this being where they sterilized lunatics. Delphine translates her snark, and insists that Cosima knows the Dyad was built on vaccines. Leekies leads them to an area that is further sectioned off into labs. The most restricted programs are compartmentalized so that, as Cosima explains, “smart people won’t know what they’re working on.” Leekie says that Cosima will know what she’s working on: herself.

Cosima uses her new key card to let herself into a pretty grody looking lab. Cosima is not impressed: “I was right; it’s Clone Jail. You know if I wanted an obsolete lab, I could just go to a community college.” Some of the labs I encountered at community college were absolutely disgusting. I’m actually surprised that grody, outdated labs still standing in the name of education don’t actually claim more lives a year.

Sweeney: Welp, there goes that big community college blog sponsorship we were gunning for.


Delphine promises that they’ll customize the lab and Leekie keeps up his sales pitch by sharing that he recently emailed a vaccine to a colleague who then printed it on a 3-D biological printer. Cosima has to admit that is impressive. Leekie walks closer to her and puts his hands on Cos’s shoulder. She glances over at Delphine like, “help me, he’s touching me.” Delphine gives her a little smile. Leekie tells her to make a list of personnel and equipment. I’m still not sure why they couldn’t put her in a lab that already had that equipment… BUT OKAY HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS LEEKIE. OKAY.

Community Theater. Alison, in character, says that no one likes the touch of dead bodies. Say what you will about this director and community theater, but he sure did know how to pick a timely, plot relevant play! Other Sarah says that she’ll help and that leads them all into a song and dance about cleaning up the blood. Alison stumbles a bit during the choreography, causing another lady to trip and fall. She apologizes and asks to do it again, but the director calls for a break. He ushers Alison down from the stage for a chat. The director puts his hands all over Aynsley under the guise of illustrating her anxiety and how she has to breathe from her sacrum. He puts his hand on Alison’s butt and she worriedly tells him that she doesn’t think that’s her sacrum. He keeps touching and rubbing her until Felix comes in, and Alison sees her salvation.


Alison and Felix find a room where they can talk alone. She’s told him about Donnie’s text messages and thinks Donnie is her monitor, not Aynsley. Felix tries to talk her down, reminding her that she has a habit of jumping to “monitor conclusions.” (S: Like, of a kind that allow her to justify murdering someone to herself. Serious fucking jumping.) Alison tells him that Aynsley’s dead. I’d forgotten that no one else in the Clone Club would know about this. She tells him how it happened, and how she watched it happen. “Are you joking?” Felix asks and I laugh forever, especially at how that clears Alison’s tears immediately. It isn’t a joke. They all thought Aynsley was her monitor. Alison says she killed Aynsley and Felix is all, “nooooo, no, no… not really… I mean hardly.” I love that guy. I’d want him to be around to tell me I hardly killed someone should that ever be the case.

Wait, what?

Sweeney: It’s a good thing you blog under a pseudonym, girl. (But also, I promise to be that friend if needed.)

Lor: You truly are a good friend.

Moving on. Alison makes him promise that he won’t tell anyone because she can’t go to jail. Felix assures her that she won’t. Alison casually pulls out a mini-bottle of alcohol and starts sipping from it. Without missing a beat, Felix grabs it from her and takes a deep sip of his own. Felix thinks they need to now prove that Donnie really is her monitor by setting a trap. He asks if Alison has any ideas, or if she’s going to keep drinking. She repeats one of the many Snark Lady mottos: I think I need to keep drinking for a while and then I’ll have an idea.

Sweeney: That’s like our second favorite motto! (Obvs #1 is that you’ll have an idea after you take a nap.)

Lor: Back in the back woods, Sarah asks why Mrs. S didn’t just call her. Siobhan says she couldn’t trust the phones and knew that more than one person was watching their house, so she tossed it and made it look like an abduction. She put Kira first. They arrive to where they are going and Sarah recognizes the place. It’s where they first stayed when they left the UK. Sarah and Mrs. S are greeted by two people Sarah calls the birdwatchers. If you’ll recall, when Sarah first meets her about Kira, Siobhan was birdwatching. These people are her old network. They helped her disappear once and are helping her do it again. Kira comes running to her mother. Another reunion for those two. Sarah asks if she’s okay and Kira says she is. Mrs. S invites them to come inside, saying she could use a drink.

DeAngelis is at Art’s apartment, since he wouldn’t answer his phone to squash the rumors that he’s getting suspended. He’s pouring himself a drink. This episode is heavy on the “fuck our lives. Let’s drink!” Art tells her about crossing paths with Daniel, so they assume he’s the one trying to get Art suspended. To make matters stranger, a cop sent her a picture of the “weirdest Jane Doe,” who is none other than Helena in her hospital bed. “That’s like, what? Number 5?” Art tells her not to go there, to drop the whole thing, but DeAngelis doesn’t look like she’s going to take that advice.

We cut to the hospital where DeAngelis is not taking that advice. A nurse is showing her to Helena’s room, but it’s empty. Elsewhere, Mark is pushing Helena in a wheelchair. She asks who he is. “Family,” he replies. But probably like the weird family who post the prejudiced things on Facebook and comment on your status with opinions you wish they wouldn’t have, right?

Sweeney: Clearly. A+ and 1430.

Lor: Religion Ranch. Bonnie hands a red-headed girl named Gracie a plate and asks if she’s nervous. Gracie is, but Bonnie tries to reassure her, and tells her to do just as her father says. Gracie takes the plate down to the barn where Pastor Broody Cowboy and Mark are waiting. Gracie passes a bunch of womenfolk hanging laundry. Mmmmhmm. Mark shyly greets Gracie who mostly ignores him because of that whole nervous thing. She asks her dad if “it” will eat and he replies that “she” definitely will. She needs their care. Pastor Broody leads Gracie up the stairs, into the barn, while Mark stays on guard.

Upstairs, Tomas is kneeling by Helena’s bed, self-flagellating. Gracie looks like, “SHIT. I KNEW IT.” She puts down the tray of food as Tomas apologizes for his old habit. Gracie gets out of there as Tomas expresses his gratitude to Henrik for saving Helena. He was praying for her soul, even though “abominations” don’t have souls. He says that the bullet missing Helena’s heart might even be considered a miracle. Henrik thinks it is one, lifting up an envelop. He pulls out an x-ray and holds it up to the light for Tomas to see. Helena’s internal organs are all reversed. He explains that this sometimes happens in identical twins. Henrik puts a stethoscope up to Helena’s right side to prove that he heart is there.

Ain’t that some shit? Sarah aimed for the heart and missed, and the metaphor of these two being connected, the yin and yang Henrik referred to, keeps on. In episode 10, Helena says Sarah can’t kill her because they are sisters, just before Sarah shoots her. All said and done, though, she wasn’t wrong.

Sweeney: It was literally because of their sisterhood that she failed to kill her. So brilliant.

Lor: Tomas is horrified and sees this as the mark of corruption. Henrik studied at MIT, though, and sees this as God opening a new door. Tomas says Helena is the war for the future of creation. Henrik gives him a tight smile that kind of looks like an I’mm-kill-you smile, and says that they agree on that point at least. Tomas and Helena are welcome to stay at the Religion Ranch for as long as it takes her to recover.

Birdwatcher House. Sarah is pointing out certain things that hold memories, like where Felix cracked his head open because Sarah was “helping him” down the stairs, head first. Kira says she’s sleeping in Sarah’s old bed, and Sarah points out where she and Felix carved in their initials. Sarah and Mrs. S exchange a long look.

Donnie is working out as Alison is having a staged phone call with Felix, insisting she absolutely cannot go out. Felix is coaching her on the other end, as he’s painting wearing nothing but a smock. We see his butt again. “Mention Sarah,” he tells Alison. “They’re all obsessed with Sarah.” (S: “And I’d be like, ‘Why are you so obsessed with me?'”) Alison does and that definitely catches Donnie’s attention. Alison ends the call with an, “OKAY FINE,” and tells Donnie that she has to go out. He looks at her suspiciously.

Aynsley’s grave. Alison is waiting around and Donnie creeps up behind her in a manner that makes it a wonder she never caught him spying on her before. He’s got binoculars and is on the phone with Dr. Leekie, who asked to be alerted if Alison ever had contact with Sarah. It’s Other Sarah, from the play, that arrives to greet Alison. All that alcohol did Alison’s idea having good, because this is fantastic. When they named this lady Sarah, I wondered at why they would repeat the name, and then silently congratulated them for doubling up on a common name, true to life.

Sweeney: A fair point. There are certain names that of course you know more than one person with that name. That Alison managed to make this real convenient for herself is just a bonus.

Lor: Donnie tells Dr. Leekie that Alison is meeting Sarah Stubbs, who he then describes. During this, Sarah and Alison spot Donnie being not at all stealth. Leekie is annoyed as this isn’t the right Sarah and tells Donnie just to hang up. Donnie looks up from his hiding place to find Alison. He makes up an excuse about knowing she was going to the cemetery, and being worried about her.


Donnie claims he was just worried and leaves her to be with her new friend.

Kira is playing on a swing set while Sarah and Mrs. S talk. Sarah asks what she was planning to do with Kira. S hands over two passports and says she arranged for two tickets to London. Sarah assumes one of those tickets is for her, and gets pissed when she see the passport belongs to Mrs. S. She promises to arrange to bring Sarah over once it’s safe. There are people in London who could have answers for them. Sarah says Kira is her daughter, leaving Mrs. S to remind her she’s done a piss poor job of keeping Kira safe so far. She isn’t blaming Sarah, exactly, but just reminding her that this is her reality. Since the gloves are coming off, Sarah pulls out the picture Amelia gave her. Mrs. S looks at it, claiming she doesn’t know what it is. Sarah explains that Amelia warned her against Mrs. S and gave her this picture as she was dying of a stab wound. Mrs. S is sorry, but swears she doesn’t know who they are. I don’t think Sarah quite buys that. I don’t think I do either. Kira has been watching them talk from her place at the swing.

That night, the Birdwatchers, Mrs. S and and Sarah are having dinner. Kira is nearby, drawing. They start reminiscing about the past. Mrs. S was part of something called Guns for Funds, an organization that ran weapons to finance freedom. She says it made sense to her back then. Brenda Birdwatcher says that soon after that, they lost Jaime, who was Barry Birdwatcher’s dad. Mrs. S pointedly says that there is always a high price to pay for righting wrongs.

Clone Jail Lab. Delphine and Cosima talk a little bit of lab redecoration and then end up kissing. They are interrupted by the entrance of Rachel. She introduces herself and Cosima returns in kind, in the best way possible:

I love that she’s not letting an opportunity go by to remind people of that. “Gotta love concealer,” Cosima finishes.

Sweeney: We hadn’t forgotten, Cosima, but we certainly appreciate the reminder all the same.

Lor: Rachel is clearly unnerved. I wonder if this Big Clone in Charge is getting more than she bargained for with all these other clones suddenly very near her. Rachel says she heard Cosima was clever. Cosima: Yeah? I was ‘clever’ when I was, like, six. Rachel dismisses Delphine.


Rachel asks how Cosima is feeling and finally, she doesn’t have a quick comeback. Rachel has the results of Cosima’s most recent tests. Rachel claims it’s from a GP she visited two weeks ago, but I’m assuming it’s from the blood Delphine handed over to Dr. Leekie recently. The results indicate that Cosima has a high lymphocyte count, along with a high CRP and ESR. I saw some interesting things circulating around Tumblr about what Cosima (and probably the other clones) may have. It’s probably spoiler-y, so this is just like a general notice that smarter people have started investigating. They probably drank a lot of alcohol too, because they have ideas.

Rachel hands over the pertinent parts of Katja’s medical data. Cosima wants to investigate the original genome but Rachel calmly shoots that idea down. She assures Cos that the DNA was robust, and the problem must come from the procedure used for cloning. Rachel also has another assignment for Cosima. She gives her the little bit of information they have on Sarah, and her sequenced genome. Rachel wants to know why Sarah is different.


Uh-oh. I wonder if someone has baby fever.

Sweeney: OR ANOTHER THING. This is spoilery, but reading this comment after the most recent episode (2×04, for anyone reading this long after we’re done) I have other thoughts about Rachel’s motivations. This is me saying, “REMEMBER THIS MOMENT,” so we can talk about it then.

Lor: Birdwatchers House. Barry’s phone rings and he goes to answer it outside. Sarah wonder why, and Siobhan says that’s just the way things are done. Kira comes over with a long face, and Sarah asks if she wants a kip before she leaves. Kira says yes. Siobhan tells Sarah that any goodbyes are just temporary. On the way upstairs, Sarah steals back her Clone Phone from Mrs. S’s pocket. Once in the room, Kira asks if she should put her pajamas on. That depends on what Kira has to tell her mother. “What’s wrong,” Sarah asks. Kira asks what Sarah showed Mrs. S outside. Sarah shows her the picture. Kira recognizes it as Amelia’s. Mrs. S saw it when she went snooping through Amelia’s stuff. Sarah asks why Mrs. S was snooping, and Kira just shrugs. Sarah says Mrs. S has a lot of secrets, but some of them are good. Kira doesn’t think so. “We should go,” Sarah says and Kira nods her head in agreement.

Making comments about Sarah’s parenting is kind of awkward, because of where she started the show at. That said, though, there is something about how Sarah gets down to eye level and asks her freakishly observant and in tune child for what she thinks. And I love that Kira is all, “yeah. Time to GO.”

Sweeney: Sarah started out as the ultimate negligent parent, but she’s earning those Sandy Cohen Eyebrows. Good for you, Sarah!

Lor: Downstairs, Barry comes back in and announces that they are on hold. Mrs. S is immediately suspicious. Brenda asks Barry if there is any trouble, and he simply says that he’s supposed to call in an hour. Brenda shrugs it off, but Mrs. S is clearly not appeased. Outside, Sarah and Kira let themselves into Barry’s truck, which still has the key in the ignition.

We go back inside where Mrs. S finally just asks to speak to the driver herself. They are alerted to the escape attempt by the sounds of Sarah trying to turn on the truck. Barry runs out with his gun. Mrs. S makes to follow, but Brenda pulls out her own gun, and yells for S to show her hands. She lifts them in surrender and turns around. Mrs. S asks what Brenda is doing. Kira is just a little girl. Brenda says they were all little girls once, but Mrs. S maintains not quite like Kira. Brenda gets a little closer as she asks what that means, giving Mrs. S the chance to attack, slamming Brenda’s face on the table. She uses a fork and knife to pin each of Brenda’s hands to the table, and rushes outside.

Those moments were intercut with scenes from outside. Sarah tells Kira to get down and stay down as Barry rushes toward the truck. Sarah struggles to get the truck into gear. Barry breaks the driver’s side window and Sarah knocks him in the face with a toolbox she finds in the truck. That slows him down, but it is a shot from Mrs. S that kills Barry. Sarah and Siobhan stare at each other for a moment, unsure of what either is going to do. Sarah slowly drives the truck forward and Mrs. gets out of the way, letting them pass. She watches the truck for second that heads back inside, where Brenda is writhing in pain, pinned to a table. Mrs. S wants to know why Brenda betrayed her, who got to her. Brenda says she found God, and as it turns out, God has deep pockets. It seems S understands this. It was the Proletheans. Brenda asks who the cursed children she brought into their life are. “They’re project Leda,” she replies. Brenda doesn’t know what that is, and Mrs. S says that good. And then she shoots her.

Well, shit.

While I’m pretty solidly on Team MMHMMM OKAY with most these characters, that’s my general reaction to the idea that Mrs. S is evil. I think she’s definitely hiding pretty big things, but I’m dying to believe that she truly is on Sarah’s side.

Sweeney: Same same. So far, I’m getting a major, “use your words,” vibe from her. She’s withholding a lot of shit, but I do believe she’s probably on Sarah’s side. I’m a little concerned that as we learn what she’s hiding I’ll be very big on the, “Ugh, seriously?” with her decision to keep it to herself and set herself up for this Toby Edit.

Lor: The next morning, Felix is waiting for Sarah in an alley. His Clone Phone rings, and it’s Alison, having a(nother) melt down. Donnie took the Sarah bait. He’s the monitor. She asks Fee to come pick her up before she snaps. He can’t. He’s leaving town for a little while with Sarah and Kira. He won’t tell her where to, because it isn’t safe. “Even my own clones think I’m useless!” Alison yells. Felix assures her that isn’t the case as Sarah pulls up in her stolen truck.


Felix climbs into the truck and apologizes to Alison, saying he has to go. He advises her to call Cosima, not to tip off Donnie and then hangs up. Sarah asks how Auntie Alison is doing, and we cut to Alison popping a pill and washing it down with wine. Felix tells Sarah she has enough worries of her own. He asks Kira if she’s excited for the trip, and she doesn’t seem very. Sarah says it’s going to be great and Felix deadpans, “Absolutely. I can’t wait. Are we there yet?

Religion Ranch. Henrik leads Tomas into the barn as he exposits some about their 140 acre ranch and 40 people living there. Tomas says God smiles on them, and Henrik is going to really drive the whole God AND Science point here, so he says that while farmers pray more than most, it isn’t worth much without effort and some basic biology. They keep chatting as we’re shown Bonnie standing by the doorway and Mark, unraveling a long hose of some sort. In the area where we last saw him stick his hand in a cow to inseminate it, Henrik says that since Sarah had a child, it’s possible that Helena can have one too. Tomas says any child of Helena’s would be a monster. Henrik quotes Einstein and all of this is just a way to get to this: Mark sneaks up behind Tomas and shoots him in the head with a cattle gun. Henrik takes off his hat and Mark and Bonnie both lower their heads. That’s really nice of them to take a moment of silence for the guy they just killed.

Henrik says it’s a new day. With new! improved! villains to boot.



Next time: Sarah hides out with an ex and Felix tries to support Alison as she gets a bit crazier in Orphan Black S02 E03 – Mingling Its Own Nature With It.


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  • From a writing standpoint I get why shows (or any fiction, really) seldom use the same name twice unless it’s for plot purposes, but you’re right, it’s unrealistic. I’m speaking as someone who was never the only Katie anywhere growing up and often cursed her parents’ lack of originality. (I would have been Michael if I was a boy, so again, yea with the originality, parents.)

    I loved that line from Cosima about how her sexuality isn’t the most interesting thing about her- this is one of the only show’s I’ve ever seen that was so nonchalant about a major character being gay. We didn’t even know it until a few episodes after they introduced Cosima, and she’s never presented as “the gay clone”- more like the mellow science geek clone.

    I have pretty much the same thoughts on Mrs. S. as you guys. Of the non-clone characters, she’s the most interesting to me. Not the most enjoyable (that’s Felix), but definitely the most interesting.

    • I have never, ever, ever been in a classroom, or even a room with someone with my same (real) name. This entire, “other people have my name” concept is fascinating to me. My sister is named Sarah, though, so I’m well aware of the struggle.

      A good point about Cosima’s sexuality. I’ve wondered what the were going to say with Cosima’s sexuality because they’ve put themselves in a weird position. We’ve seen this whole nature vs. nurture thing with the clones; Cosima is the only gay one. What’s the commentary there, you know? That she chooses to be? That they all are to varying degrees? And yet, they’ve kind of introduced it but let it mellow in the background.

      I think she’s super interesting too. I hope Mrs. S takes down all the villains in a blaze of glory. 😉

      • There are Sara(h)s everywhere!

  • Just stopping by to say that I had a total “OMG WTF” moment when Strange Guy turned up, because the same actor plays Death in Supernatural.

    • He looked weirdly familiar so I looked him up on IMDB and saw the Supernatural credit!

      …he plays death? Weird.

  • Wilhelmina Upton

    Mrs. S kinda scared the bejeezus out of me but I also kinda love her character and I agree, she is hiding lots of things but I think she truly is on Sarah’s side.

    And then there are Cosima and Delphine who just want to make crazy science together. Cos really is my favourite clone.

  • There’s a lot of stuff I could say about this episode, but mostly the thing that bugged me the MOST — to ranting levels, due to my upbringing as a farm girl — was the cow insemination scene, because 1) NOT ENOUGH LUBE, DUDE and 2) WTF ARE YOU PUTTING THAT TUBE IN YOUR MOUTH FOR, YOU CAN CAUSE INFECTIONS FOR THE POOR HEIFER WITH THE GERMS IN YOUR FILTHY MOUTH.
    Other than that, i really loved this episode, and thought it was really exciting and interesting. 😀

  • Policy of Madness

    I want to believe that Mrs. S is really on Sarah/Kira’s side.