Orphan Black S02 E10 – Nothing personal

Previously: Rachel kidnapped Kira and fuck her forever.

By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried

Lorraine: This show ended up taking Sweeney and I by surprise for a reason that’s unique to our experience: it’s a pain in the ass to recap. Part of what intrigues me about the whole Snark Squad project has a lot to do with the material we pick and cover and how it lends itself to scrutiny. It’s hard to tell what a recapping experience will be like before we get a few posts under our belts. Anyway, the point is that this is better than average material that just takes SO. LONG. to cover. I’ll go into the construction of this season a little more at the end, but there was never an easy way to recap one of these episodes. It was always a many, many hour ordeal.

Which also (partly) explains why this is so late.

Sweeney: Game of Thrones used to be the monster, but OB took that coveted place this season.

Lor: That all said, I’m pretty excited to see what happens in this episode so let’s get to it:

We start with weird jerky shots of Sarah peeling off her clothes in some sort of all-black facility. That cuts to Siobhan’s house. Felix is freaking out, thinking he should’ve know it was Rachel not Sarah. In the background, Sarah and Siobhan argue. I wasn’t clear what exactly they were saying at first, but in the end, Siobhan says she thought it was Sarah. Rachel looked like Sarah. After a steadying breath, Sarah just launches herself into Siobhan’s arms and they grieve together.

Evil is the New Black Facility. (S: A+) A man is asking Sarah lots of medical questions like about when she was first sexually active (14-15) and if she’s ever had an abortion (yes) and if she’s ever been diagnosed with a reproductive disease (no). She cries her way through the questions.

Cut back to Siobhan’s house where Sarah tells Mrs. S that she knows Kira was always her first priority. Mrs. S agrees and says she’s going to again put Kira first, but like second to first because first, first they have to get Felix to a doctor. Felix is still quietly crying and then insists that he’s fine. Sarah’s patience is at lower than usual levels, ’cause you know they kidnapped her baby and all, so she just grabs her jacket and leaves without a word.

Evil is the New Black Facility. Sarah sits in a chair in a plain clothes, hands handcuffed in front of her. She starts to talk but to add insult to injury, an unseen man is all, “SPEAK UP! YOUR HUMILIATION MUST BE LOUDER!” Sarah tries again: My name is Sarah Manning and this is my unconditional surrender.



For the last time for a while folks: DNA AND SCIENCE AND NEAT-O SCREENSAVER.

Inside a room that is the love child of a bachelor pad and an interrogation room (seriously, WTF is with this facility?) (S: I respect their commitment to style in their shady dealings. It’s not really illegal/unethical if you look good doing it!) a man with a briefcase and recording device walks in and sets up in front of Sarah. Dr. Nealon says he “met” Sarah previously, but back then he thought she was Beth Childs. Sarah realizes that he was one of the scientists who examined her in her sleep. Sarah says she’s going to cooperate but wants to see Kira. Dr. Nealon gives his word that Kira is fine and Sarah looks at him like, “for real right now? ‘Cause you are giving me your word in some murder lighting so…”

Cut to Kira. A woman dressed in scrubs is trying to swab the inside of her cheek but Kira refuses to cooperate. Scrub Lady sits on the bed next to Kira and says, “please.” Kira opens her mouth and for a second I think, “well that was easy!” before Kira proves she’s smarter than me because she just wanted the lady close enough to steal her cell phone. I mean, she’s either smarter than me or has lots more experience being kidnapped. Maybe both. Kira dials a number and we hear a male answer, “hello?”

I HOPE THAT’S DAARIO NAHARIS. ‘Cause you just he’d kill some people who kidnapped his daughter.


Sweeney: A+, 1430, and whatever other commendations we’ve got. A gold title star, maybe? Nobody ever says these crazy long episode titles.

Lor: TRUE. We’ve never given one out for this show. I think I can give me one for a Daario gif.

title star

Making Crazy Science Lab. Scott is yelling at some people who are confiscating his samples. Cosima tells Kiss Ass Lackey that they just finished processing that material. He explains that her transplant has been booked and they are moving the material to Dr. Nealon, her new physician. Cosima had no clue she even had a new physician.

Rachel and Delphine ride on an elevator together. Delphine is being reassigned to Frankfurt where she will have no more contact with the clones. She asks what happens if she refuses, and Rachel doesn’t even give a real answer, only tells her that she will be on that plane. Delphine cries and accusingly says that Rachel had everything she wanted. “Everything Dyad wanted,” Rachel corrects. Delphine asks to say goodbye to Cosima but Rachel refuses. She says Cosima will be well cared for and Sarah’s procedure – a thing we’re just hearing about – is imminent. Rachel says none of this is personal, but Delphine counters that she loves Cosima and if Rachel lets her die alone, it will be personal. Rachel walks away without a word.

Sweeney: I love Cosima too much to want to see this happen, but I would also totally dig a Delphine revenge plot. I think I’d like her a lot more if she went batshit on Rachel in a quest to avenge Cosima.

Lor: YES. Besides Cosima dying, I love everything about that.

Making Crazy Science Lab. Cosima is not looking well at all. Scott fights with Martin about the fact that Delphine was taken off of Cosima’s case, but as he does, Cosima gets an email from “Eskimo Pie” saying it’s all up to her now. The message has a calendar attachment that includes a 2pm surgery on Sarah for Dr. Nealon. While seeing Scott stick up for Cosima is really sweet, she thankfully stops him before he’s punched in the face or murdered or something. She tells Kiss Ass Lackey that she’s excited to work with Dr. Nealon and asks if maybe they’d consider letting her see Kira as a nice gesture. Kiss Ass Lackey says he’ll see what he can do.

Once gone, Scott rushes over to Cosima and asks what she’s up to. She’s not too sure yet, but she shows him the itinerary that Delphine sent her. They know where Rachel will be and where Sarah will be.

Evil Bachelor’s Interrogation Room. Dr. Nealon explains that they want to harvest Sarah’s eggs. BECAUSE OF COURSE. Sarah barely reacts, instead saying she wants to see her daughter. Dr. Nealon gets her to sign her consent to the procedure and she stands and demands to be taken to Kira.

Kira is having a tea party with her stuffed animals. Sarah is led into another black room. This one has a one way mirror into Kira’s room. As Sarah watches, Rachel enters the room. Kira immediately asks if her mother is here yet, and Rachel says she will be soon. She looks briefly at the mirror on the opposite wall, quite clearly knowing that Sarah is watching. She tells Kira that the last time she saw Sarah, she “laid hands” on her. So maybe all of this is a little personal, huh Rach? Anyway, Rachel says that Sarah ran away from her, like she ran away from Kira all those times. Kira admits that made her sad, but says her mother is all grown up now. Rachel says she hopes so. She stands again and now talks directly in Sarah’s direction as she says that sometimes even mothers need to do what they are told.

Siobhan’s House. She’s on the phone in the living room telling someone that an Amber Alert is absolutely not an option and if she tells them to make a car bomb, they better make a car bomb. (S: She’s a pretty badass person to have in your corner.) Siobhan notices that Felix has entered the room and quickly hangs up. He asks about the call, but she isn’t forthcoming. Someone knocks on the door and S cocks her gun to go answer it, as one does. She opens the door, but only a little, because it’s CAL! but she doesn’t know Cal. He introduces himself as Kira’s father, complete with a sheepish eyebrow raise.

Sweeney: Calm that eyebrow raise, buddy – I’m still stuck in permanent swoon over that Daario winking gif.

Lor: One can only handle so much.

Inside, Cal’s told them about Kira’s phone call. Siobhan is wary, but Felix vouches for Cal. Siobhan and Fee briefly argue about keeping secrets from each other, but Cal tries to calm them both. He says Sarah never told him about the clone thing, but he figured it out for himself and did a lot of digging on the Dyad. SURE HE DID. I DO NOT TRUST THAT DEVELOPMENT.


Lor: Thanks for that. I feel better.

Felix’s Clone Phone rings. It’s Art, who says he came home to find someone at his table. The shot opens up so we see Helena standing in front of his fridge. “Hello seestra brother,” she calls out to him. Heh. (S: I giggled.) Felix tells Siobhan that Helena is back and she quickly tells him not to share any information about Sarah, seeing as how Helena will probably go murder everyone if she knew. That’s pretty much why I say we tell Helena, but whatevs. (S: SAME.) Felix reluctantly agrees to go keep an eye on Helena. Cal watches this whole exchange closely.

Dyad Detention. Sarah’s led by a guard down a hall, to an elevator. It opens up and reveals Papa Duncan inside, also in scrubs and handcuffs. Sarah looks at him with a face that says, “PLOT TWIST!” As they pass each other, Papa Duncan tells her not to despair.

Art’s Apartment. Helena tells Art and Felix the story of Jesse.Art asks if she knows anything about the fire at the Proletheans Who Heart Science Ranch. She claims not to. Felix gets closer to her and asks again if she burned down the fish people’s ranch. She smiles widely, but says no.

No one believes you, girl.

She asks to see Sarah again and Felix tells her she will soon, and adds that Kira is excited to see her. This seemingly soothes Helena who next starts to tell them about her roommate at the ranch, who was a very good girl, but had a crisis of faith.

Cut to Smarmy Hipster Cowboy and Gracie’s escape roadtrip. She asks if she’s a sinner for wanting her father dead. SHC is all, “nah. We’re good. He deserved it.” He assures her that everything will be okay because they are together now: him, her and her father’s children with a crazy clone.

Siobhan’s House. Cal is trying to map out what he’s discovered about the people running Dyad. We see some names like Judge Smith, Senator Rahmstein, Trimorez Pharmaceutical Company, McBraddon Financial, and Hudson Motors. It’s all super PACs and research lobbyists. Siobhan seems unimpressed but he keeps on explaining that someone tried to hack him, so he hacked them back and then followed them on the darknet. Siobhan mocks him for falling for that, but Cal says this person has real information on the clones and Project Leda. Plus, they knew that he was Kira’s father. Siobhan says that if they get to him, they get to Kira, so he reminds her that they already have Kira. And yet, this person is still around. Like, right this second.

Cal sends a message to the person, Swan 7, and they confirm that mother and daughter are still in custody. He asks if Swan 7 can help and there is no immediate answer. Siobhan tells Cal to tell Swan 7 that he’s with her, even correcting his spelling of her name as he types, which was adorable. Swan 7 replies and says to ask her about Castor. Cal is confused. Siobhan says he clearly doesn’t know his mythology, but luckily he’s not the only one with an inside man.

A highly scientific analysis of Wikipedia informs us that Castor was one of Leda’s twin sons. Castor’s father was the king of Sparta and his twin brother’s father was Zeus. So. That’s awkward.

Shady Parking Garage. Siobhan waits for inside man who arrives in a Hummer. Three soldiers get out of the car, one coming over to pat her down. Once cleared, PAUL GETS OUT OF THE CAR. Siobhan looks impressed, as she didn’t peg him for a major back at Duncan’s house. Paul admits he wasn’t then, but a lot has changed since he came back in. Siobhan confirms that he’s still willing to help her out, and he is, because he wants to know the truth. Paul says he’ll be if she manages to pull this off. Siobhan offers him a cup of tea while they wait.

This all probably means that Paul was a double agent all along– before Sarah all the way to Beth, trying to get to the bottom of the clone conspiracy. After he met with Siobhan the first time, after he saw Smarmy Hipster Cowboy, he decided it was time to go back in. He’s Siobhan’s inside man.

Sweeney: All of this is very interesting and makes me want to rewatch S1 to see if it feels like epic retcon or actually jives with what we saw there. This is a whole lot of seriously significant backstory to drop in on someone without intending it from the start.

Lor: Papa Duncan sits in that weird Crazy Viewing Room, watching home videos. Rachel comes in with tea, but Papa Duncan says he’ll just be needing hot water as he’s brought his own tea. I like thinking that after they stripped him down, they were all, “oh, but this is tea. He needs his tea. He can keep it.” Rachel asks if he remembers the day from the video, and he admits he does. It was a day made possible because of his synthetic sequences, which made the clones possible. She asks why now he’s keeping that sequence from them, denying the existence of more clones. He tells her that he meant to use the sequence only to cure Cosima. She says that if he unlocks the sequence, then they can cure her. They are in a deadlock.

Duncan says that since no one knows what Rachel is for, her attempts to make more clones should be met with failure. He’s made his cipher damn good. He didn’t write it down, either, because he’s also really good at remembering things. All the while he keeps slugging back his tea, as Rachel becomes more and more angry.

Rachel turns back to the home movie and he asks her if she remembers the feeling of that day, if she remembers how much they loved her. His hand is shaking as he says it, and he starts to cry. Rachel says she watches the videos so often because she doesn’t remember at all. It’s now clear that the shaking and crying are less emotion and more whatever Duncan had in his tea. Rachel lunges for him, demanding to know what he’s done. “My poor, poor Rachel,” he says as she drops to her knees in front of him. She’s crying and slapping him, insisting that he can’t leave her again. Duncan: “I’m afraid you don’t deserve me anymore.” He starts to choke as Rachel cries out to Kiss Ass Lackey.

A wonderful scene by (shock!) Tatiana Maslany.


Lor: Shady Garage. Another car, this time a limo, approaches and Paul confirms that Siobhan knows what he needs if this gets Sarah out. In a voice that conveys whatever it is makes her not happy, Siobhan says she’s aware. Out of the limo comes Cal. Siobhan jokes that this should be interesting. Cal says that “they” are willing and then S introduces him to Paul as Kira’s father. Paul chuckles and Cal figures out that he’s a “friend” of Sarah’s. Siobhan, bless her, just looks between the two men and wonders how Sarah managed. Paul heads toward the limo and Cal asks what’s going on. Siobhan says they are going to see if there are still good people in corupt places. No, probably not, Siobhan. TRUST NO ONE!

Inside the limo, MARION! waits. She recognizes him as a monitor and he’s a little less sure that he knows who she is. They are both willing to risk their necks, though, to get to the bottom of the conspiracy. Paul says, “Castor,” and then says that she must get Sarah and Kira out and protect them. Marion agrees to get them out but says the rest is up to Sarah. Paul hands over a file.

At the Dyad, Cosima is visiting with Kira. Cos asks if Kira likes her new frilly dolls, but she doesn’t. Inspired, Cosima asks if she wants to try science instead. She grabs a piece of construction paper and asks her to push her favorite pencil through it. Kira tries but breaks the lead. Cosima tells her she needs more force. This starts a little science montage. We get cuts of Cosima and Scott working down in the Making Crazy Science Lab and Cosima explaining to Kira that force is velocity times mass. In the lab, they work with a pencil, a fire extinguisher and rubber tubing. In Kira’s room, Cosima tells Kira to try moving the pencil faster. Kira does and pokes a hole through the paper. Cosima cheers her on, telling her she won science. Next, she suggests drawing a picture for her mom to explain what they learned today.

In the lab, Cosima reaches for duct tape and falls to floor. Scott rushes to her aid and tells her this won’t work. He pulls out an access card from his pocket and asks her to let him do this, because they only get one shot.

Black Room. Sarah is lying down when the lights flicker on and some attendents come and grab her. They restrain her into a stretcher and roll her into an operating room. Dr. Nealon comes in. Scott is also there. He quickly says that Cosima says hi, but then ducks away when Dr. Nealon speaks. They are going to remove one of Sarah’s ovaries for research, but don’t want to leave her infertile. In fact, he hopes that she looks forward to being pregnant again. Scott gets Sarah’s attention and directs it to something at her side that we can’t see.

Rachel enters now, still looking smug as hell. Rachel kicks everyone out so that she can talk to her “sister.” Rachel shows Sarah a picture Kira made for her: it’s Cosima, Kira and a fire extinguisher. Rachel tosses the picture down on the table next to Sarah and next holds up three tubes of Kira’s bone marrow. Rachel is so busy doing a Villain Stroll and some Villain Gloating that it gives Sarah a chance to study the picture and understand the message; there is a fire extinguisher next to her with a helpful tag that says, “squeeze.” Rachel tells her that Duncan took his own life, but she’s convinced that he left her the key to his cipher. Sarah denies it and Rachel, losing her composure, slams the bone marrow to the floor and stomps on it. “Enjoy your oophorectomy,” Rachel says with a sneer. But like, this isn’t a personal attack against the clone who can reproduce at all.


Lor: Rachel starts to walk out, but Sarah better realizing what the contraption does, calls her back into the room. She pretends to know about the cipher, getting Rachel in position and leans over and squeezes the release. A pencil flies out and lands in RACHEL’S EYE. THAT’S HORRIBLE. But also: not so smug anymore.

Sweeney: Because eyeball trauma. Such eyeball trauma.

Lor: Scott runs back into the room and gives Sarah the access card, telling her to go get Kira. On the floor, Rachel stops twitching and on any other show, I’d be all, “BAM. DEAD.” but Helena survived last season, so you never know.

Sarah runs through Dyad and finds her way to Kira’s room. Inside, Marion is already there, getting Kira ready to leave. Kira runs to her mother. Marion says they don’t have to run; they are free to go. Marion admits she’s impressed with Sarah and her mother. Sarah is just super confused and asks who Marion is. “I’m with Topside. I’ve opened the doors, but this does not end with Rachel.” She says if Sarah wants to stop running and know they truth, she will meet her tomorrow. Cal will set it up. He’s downstairs waiting to take him home to her sisters. Sarah says nothing. She grabs her daughter and leaves.

Felix’s Frisky Flat. Sarah is seeing Cal out while, behind his back, Cosima and Alison pantomine their approval of his hotness. Out in the hall, Cal jokes that that’s a pretty standard group of sisters. More seriously, he says he’s going to stick around because he wants to help with Kira and with getting the marrow for Cos. Sarah tells him that can’t do that for another six weeks, though. Cal looks stricken as realization dawns. They don’t have six weeks. Cal gets closer to comfort her and Sarah thanks him for getting Marion involved. He doesn’t want her thanks. He says he did it because he needs SOMETHING WE DON’T HEAR BECAUSE THIS STUPID SHOW HATES TO TELL US THINGS. And because Sarah cuts him off with a kiss, like a loser who hates information.

Sweeney: I always hate when TV characters do things that interrupt our acquisition of information, but I can’t actually begrudge Sarah her uncontrollable impulse to make out with Daario.

Lor: Right. I was thinking more of my needs than her need to kiss Daario forever.

They are interrupted by Felix who greets them and asks Cal if he’s going to bring all that game into his bed. Cal says unfortunately not; it’s a clones only night. Felix brightly announces that that includes him. Cal takes that as his cue and leaves. Felix tells Sarah that Art is with someone downstairs who wants to meet her sisters.

We cut to Felix ushering Helena into the Frisky Flat. First, he introduces her to Cosima who beams at and hugs her. Helena says Cosima clearly shouldn’t be up, but Cos waves off the worry. Cosima tells Helena she’s beautiful and OMG. HAY FEVER. Helena tells her sister that she likes her hairs.


Lor: Next, Alison comes over and primly shakes Helena’s hand. Helena notices that Alison is married and says she’ll be married one day too. Alison calls it very rewarding, once you get past the rough patches. Finally, Kira comes running out to greet auntie Helena and seriously, this entire scene is incredibly moving, and let’s not even talk about how 4 of the 6 people in it ARE THE SAME PERSON. Helena plays with Kira as the other clones look on emotionally.

We cut to Cosima playing some music and removing her oxygen tube. She starts to dance to the reggae music and Felix grabs her hand to give her twirl. Sarah stands and starts dancing. Helena stands and Felix pulls Alison up. Helena goes crazy. Cosima starts to lose her breath. The editing here is off, as you can tell that it’s been digitally pieced together. Still, it’s an adorable scene.

Sweeney: It was a little weird because it’s the first time where I was really aware of the green screen and the editing and stuff. It’s incredible that this is the first time that’s happened, though. And, as you said, the cute totally outweighs that.

Lor: Later, everyone is asleep. Cosima and Sarah are sharing a bed. When Sarah rolls over she sees that Cosima is awake and staring at the ceiling. When prompted, Cosima shows Sarah a tattoo on her arm of a spiral shell. She explains that it represents the Golden Ratio, which is a mathematical pattern that repeats in nature. Sarah marvels at how different they are. Sarah admits that she can’t even look at art. Cosima laughs and promises not to tell Fee. Unnoticed, Helena gathers her stuff.

To immediately negate the less than perfect editing before, Cosima holds up her hand and Sarah entwines her own with it. Cosima tells Sarah that she’s “the wild type…you propagate against all odds. You’re…restless. You survive.” Sarah’s face crumbles as she cries, “I can’t do this without you, Cosima.” Cos promises that she can. She just has to keep moving forward.

Helena takes the tank out of her bag and leaves it amongst Felix’s things. I at first didn’t realize what this tank was, but I think it’s safe to assume it’s her embryos. She leaves but right outside in the hall, two men grab her, BECAUSE OF FREAKIN’ COURSE, YOU GUYS. WHAT THE HELL? I thought Kira got kidnapped a lot. Sheesh.

The next day, Sarah is delivered to Marion’s gigantic house via limo ride.

Frisky Flat. Kira goes to see Cosima who is in bed, but she is unresponsive when Kira calls out and shakes her. After a bit, we see Cosima open her eyes to a bright light. It’s Delphine, bathed in that light, whispering that she will never leave her. When Cosima opens her eyes for real, it’s to see Kira. Her little exhale when her auntie opens her eyes broke my heart. Kira grabs her book and asks if Cos can read her a story.

Sweeney: I was genuinely terrified that Cosima had died so I was exhaling right there with you, Kira.

Lor: Marion’s Mansion. Sarah lets herself in and calls out to the empty house. She follows sounds of a young girl laughing and it’s them!! IT’S A BABY CLONE. Sarah doesn’t notice as first as the girl goes running into a room and Marion appears behind them. She calls out to the girl, to Charlotte, to come on out and it is then that Sarah gets a good look at her. Charlotte wears a leg brace. Sarah kneels, like she often does with her own daughter, to get to Charlotte’s level. “You’re my sister,” the girl says. She’s 8, just Kira’s age, and she also knows Kira is her “cousin.” Marion grabs Charlotte’s hand and they walk ahead of Sarah.

Frisky Flat. Cosima finishes reading Kira one book and gets handed another book. This time it’s The Island of Dr. Moreau. Kira whispers that it’s a special book and when Cosima opens it she sees why. Kira explains that Papa Duncan gave her the book as a gift. I’m so glad Cosima has this now because HECK NO, WE WON’T GO. about Cosima dying. And now she not only has a cypher but Helena’s embryos…

Back at Marion’s Mansion, Charlotte plays in the background as Sarah asks if Marion is her monitor. Marion is actually her mother – she adopted her. They attempted to make over 400 clones and Charlotte is the only one who survived. She says Sarah is a survivor too, and she’s counting on that because what she’s doing puts her in grave personal danger.

They walk through the house as Marion explains that Topside steers the Dyad. Sarah puts it plainly: you’re a cabal. Marion agrees that they are, “securing a monopoly on a future that embraces genetic engineering, synthetic biology—a future I passionately believe is inevitable.” Sarah, again baldly, says that if Topside doesn’t profit someone else will. Marion is shocked by that observation and says yes, but it’s not all about profit.

We join Helena in a transport truck surrounded by soldiers. OH MAN. We see the soldiers help her off the truck. They are at an air field with a cargo plane in the background.

Back at the mansion, Marion says that Project Leda was never canceled. It was compartmentalized. The Dyad carried the female clones to term and the military carried the males. MALE CLONES, SEE? Marion stops in front of a window and tells Sarah that this is Project Castor. In a room, a man is facing away from us, doing pull-ups. Sarah says she knows this man.

Airfield. Helena is being herded past a truck where Siobhan and Paul sit. She was the price for Paul’s help, you guys. Siobhan says Sarah will never forgive her for this, and while Paul says she did what she had to do, he doesn’t sound particularly convinced.

Sweeney: My heart hurts so very badly for all of them.

Lor: In a church, Gracie and Smarmy Hipster Cowboy get married. You’re probably wondering why you care.

You care because we cut back to the airfield where Helena walks past a soldier WHO LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE SMARMY HIPSTER COWBOY. He’s the male clone! I thought for a second it might be Paul but that seemed to obvious. (S: +1) Mark is kind of obvious when you think about it from a it wouldn’t be Felix or Art or Cal position, but still. I got a good, “OOOH!” out of that. (S: +1 to this too.) It raises a lot of questions about if Pastor Broody Cowboy knew Mark was a clone and if not, who planted him there. Mark said he was ex-military too, so he might be deep undercover. The army is now in possession of Helena, who is pregnant. The siblings of those babies are in Gracie, who is now married to Mark, a clone.


Sarah stares at Smarmy Clone who gets real close to the glass and gives her a maniacal grin. Does he know who she is? And could it be that next season, the title of Crazy Clone will be worn by someone else?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

In all, I thought it was a very solid season. The production values and acting on this show make it better than most of what’s on TV at the moment, no doubt. I’m not sure if season 1 was better than season 2, or if it’s just a difference in how I consumed it. I marathoned season 1 and rewatched for recapping. Here, I was recapping as I went, which made the process of watching labor intensive.

And, not all of that is the “fault” of blogging. This season had A LOT going on. That would be my biggest complaint about it is that I think it erred on the side of too much with all the balls it threw in the air. We’ve got all these moving parts and unclosed story lines. Even here at the end of the season, we don’t learn an answer to an already asked question; another new mystery starts.

Sweeney: Agreed. This is the sort of show that would do very well as a Netflix series, where it’s released in one fell swoop by design. When you have this many moving parts, it’s hard to watch spread out like this. It seems meant to be consumed in one large chunk.

Lor: Still, I’m pumped about the male clones and all said and done, I’m greatly invested in the sister clones.

What do you all think? How did season 2 size up for you?


Join us next year for season three! Maybe we’ll even actually recap it real time. Like, for real, real time.


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  • I didn’t even realize until this episode that Helena hadn’t met Alison and Cosima. And yeah, I freaked out for a minute thinking Cosima was dead.

    I can see this being hard to recap- it moves very fast and there’s always a lot going on.

    And do not even get me started on the Emmys. I feel totally comfortable making the sweeping statement that Tatiana is the best actor on any show right now, period. It’s ridiculous that she hasn’t gotten more recognition.

    • Yep. In lesser shows there are entire chunks of dialogue or even scenes we can gloss over, because it’s just filler and most time not even good filler. THERE IS NO FILLER HERE. Or at least like I have to pay attention to everything because I don’t know what will be useful and because it’s all so interesting. Even watching Maslany dance around as four different people, you know? BECAUSE SHE DESERVES AN EMMY.

  • urbancatsnake

    I can buy that Paul was an inside man but didn’t know about clones. Like, his job was to infiltrate DYAD and report back. His information was likely about DYAD’s infrastructure and Beth’s medical results. Then he found out about the female clones and probably pieced the rest together once he saw Mark at that bar and realized he’d “met” him before. (Paul specifically asked Mark if he was prior military.)

    • Excellent theory. I hadn’t even thought that Paul being an inside man meant he either lied about knowing about clones OR he didn’t know and this is even crazier than we though. Knowing this show, though, we should bank on the crazy.

      I like the idea that he didn’t know about the male OR female clones and he’s kind of double crossing the army too, trying to find out and give information about Castor.

  • Policy of Madness

    I watched this shortly after I watched the last ep, and then we had to trade in our DVR for a new, not-broken machine and my DVRs of the show are gone So I could not watch again while reading the recap.

    Mainly what I came away with was … wow, Rachel has a heavy hand. There were several points here when her clumsiness bit her in the ass. For instance, putting Duncan in handcuffs and browbeating him for the code to make more clones was obviously not the correct action. Not in retrospect … I knew as soon as I saw him on the elevator that Rachel had lost her mind, that she had thrown in the trash whatever goodwill that Duncan had toward her as his daughter, and for no reason. I understand what she said about not remembering the love of the family in the video, but a clever person would have realized that =Duncan= remembered and played on that. Rachel was not clever – she was an 800-lb gorilla, applying overwhelming force when finesse was required.

    I don’t know why she was in charge of Dyad, and all respect I had for her as a character and as an antagonist just evaporated in this episode. I hope she’s dead; the show will be better with that clone out of the picture.

    I’m eager to see how things develop next season, especially wrt Cosima. The science remains soft, but I’ve been watching a lot of Star Trek lately and that makes me very forgiving of bad science.

    • Rachel really does strike me as the kind of person who was once in control, though. I think what we saw was the decay of that character because of all the emotional curve balls, between finding this clone who COULD conceive to being reintroduced to her father to always being bested by Sarah, etc. She was extremely heavy handed.

  • I read somewhere recently that during the scene where Sarah’s being questioned about her medical/sexual history, Tatiana didn’t know what the questions were going to be and she just ad libbed the answers based on what she thought Sarah’s history would be. HOW DOES THIS WOMAN NOT HAVE AN EMMY NOMINATION???

    I liked season 2 better than season 1, and I think a lot of that was due to the development of Helena’s character. Like, she’s totally batshit crazy. BUT I HAD SO MANY HELENA FEELS OMG.

    Also, Kira stealing the phone? Baby girl is just like her mama.


      Helena’s character was definitely a highlight this season. I kept stopping to be amazed how they set up the character to bring her back from that Crazy Clone hole. I mean, they put her in a ranch full of people more crazy than she was/is. BRILLIANT.

      I was super impressed by Kira. I hope she wins it all. So basically, the Iron Throne for Kira!

  • Wilhelmina Upton

    Oh man, I was so afraid Cosima was dying in that shot but thank the heavens, she woke up again.

    This show is crazy and even though you keep digging deeper and deeper, it doesn’t get boring. I am just so amazed by this.

    If Delphine gets transferred to Frankfurt she is only about a two hour train ride away from me so I am kinda sorta okay with that development because HELLO TV GIRLFRIEND OF MINE!

    I’m a bit afraid of what the male clones will mean for this otherwise very female centric show but we will see, if there are any writers out there who can pull this off and whom I have faith in, it’s those of OB.

    In my opinion, the weird Fish Man Scientist knew that Marc was a Castor which is why he put his own eggs in Gracie and not Marc’s.

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    Every time I think this show could not possibly get any crazier IT GETS CRAZIER. WHAT. EVEN.

    Okay, that was my immediate post-episode reaction. Now on to reading the recap.