Supergirl S02 E06 – Really good crying.

Previously: Mama Luthor is Cadmus and she was giving out alien guns.


Marines: We start in Svalbaro, Norway at the Thorul Arctic Research Center. A lady scientist finds a Dr. Jones, as there is something he needs to see. Dr. Jones is played by William Mapother, who has guest starred in a bunch of stuff, was on Lost and is Tom Cruise’s little cousin. (C: I wouldn’t put that particular detail on my resume.) We cut to a lab where there is a dead wolf on a table. The lady scientist explains that they found an arrowhead in it, dating back to 3000 B.C. Dr. Jones kind of waves off the discovery, as they are climate change experts not archaeologists, but lady scientist invites Dr. Jones to touch the dead wolf. Despite having been trapped under the ice for 5,000 years, the wolf is warm.

Samantha: I would survive all movies and tv shows because at the sign of freaky stuff I’d bounce, curiosity be damned.

Catherine: Same. What’s that? Dead science wolf? Nah. I’m out.

Mari: Well, against better judgement but like true TV scientists that want to die or become a bunch of patient zeros, they decide to conduct an autopsy. Dr. Jones makes an incision as lady scientist asks what the hell survives 5,000 years under ice. “Besides a disease,” Dr. Jones asks, probably about to get mauled.

Catherine: “Besides a disease?” He asks, with no fucking mask on or any type of protective gear besides some shitty latex gloves. Yay! TV Science! 

Mari: Dr. Jones puts his hand inside the incision and sure enough, something from inside the dead wolf pulls at his hand and there are gross flesh ripping sounds.

National City, Alien Bar. Kara and Mon-El are at a booth and a giggly blue alien sends them a round of drinks. M’gann says it’s a shot that would be deadly to most, but not to the supers. Kara can’t believe it because this is the fourth round they’ve gotten because GEDDIT MON-EL IZ SO GOOD WITH DA LADIEZ. (S: I do not get it, honestly.)

Hank is also at the bar. M’gann says Hank has some real nice friends. He says it makes being on Earth a little less lonely. M’gann says that bartending at Alien Bar does that for her. Hank is glad they both found this place. They give each other EYES for like 10 seconds before we pan back to Kara and Mon-El.

Kara wants Mon-El to stop “flirt-drinking” BECAUSE MON-EL IZ SO GOOD WITH DA LADIEZ. (C: PUH-LEAZE.) They have to talk about him getting a job. Mon-El doesn’t want to talk about work, so Kara brings up training him on how to use his superpowers. He insists that he has it under control, so of course, he smashes the cup in his hand. Mon-El makes a deal with Kara: if she drinks the super-shot, Mon-El will train with her. Kara falls for the dare and chugs the super-shot. It hits her immediately, so she starts swaying and snickering. Mon-El heads to get more shots.

Alex walks in and spots her sister, surprised to find that she’s obviously drunk. Alex next sees Maggie, which is really who she came here looking for, so she leaves Kara with an offer to drive her home.

Samantha: Kara’s hair is cute here.

Catherine: The only constant on this show is that the super!hair is always cute.

Mari: Alex apologizes to Maggie for dropping a bomb on her and disappearing. Maggie says it’s no sweat. Alex is still not clear on what she should do. She’s almost THIRTY (she says with exclamations and anyone THIRTY and older cries a little) (S: Suuuuuuper rude, show.) and she feels like a kid again. Maggie says that everyone’s experience is different. She can only say what she did: she came out to her family. And though they aren’t the most open-minded, they were pretty good with it. Alex asks what happens if this is a phase, what if this isn’t real.


Maggie says she’ll save a drink for Alex for after she comes out. Alex’s phone rings. She looks up, and Hank is already standing to leave.

We cut to the DEO. Hank is dragging Kara in. Winn asks if she’s drunk, and she explains that Mon-El took her to happy hour (Winn: of course he did…). Hank calls everyone’s attention to the actual reason they are here: shady happenings in the Norway research facility. Winn plays an SOS video. It’s lady scientist screaming for helping, saying something is not human. Since the SOS went out, no one has been able to contact anyone at the facility. Hank says he and Supergirl will fly up there. He looks back and Kara is sleeping. So I guess everyone at the DEO really, really knows that Kara is Supergirl. That’s weird. (C: Right? They’re playing pretty fast and loose with the super secret here.) Anyway, the point is that Hank changes the plans and says he and Alex will take the jet.

Research facility. It’s a creepy little scene, very horror movie-esque, and I don’t like it. The dead wolf is still on the table. Everything is a mess and there are no lights on, save some flickering screens, so you know shit is bad. There are corpses on the floor, and all of them look sucked dry. The agents all hear a noise and quickly find a survivor: Dr. Jones.

We cut back to the DEO where they’ve brought the suspiciously alive survivor back. I don’t think this is a good idea. I’m not saying leave the man to die in Norway but… this is not a good idea.

Samantha: 100% sketchy. Remember when they brought that guy back from the Reaver attack in the Firefly “Bushwacked?” And countless other examples? Not good.

Catherine: Also, they brought him ALL THE WAY back to the DEO in California… from Norway? Why wouldn’t they bring him to the closest hospital? I mean, I guess Kara could fly him there pretty quickly. Still feels pretty sketchy. 

Mari: Definitely sketchy is the consensus.

Dr. Jones seems pretty recovered, but Alex says she would like to keep him 24 hours for observation. Dr. Jones says no way because climate change doesn’t take a break, and he has to go do climate change things.

Catherine: I fucking rolled my eyes so loud at this part. This makes two weeks in a row where this show has taken a good, important message and delivered it in the most clunky, forced way possible. Like,  “I can’t wait to get my test results. The earth won’t wait! CLIMATE CHANGE AVENGER, AWAY!” 

It seems that so far the biggest change with the switch over to The CW has been this ‘Look how hip we are, fellow young people!’ mentality of barely understanding soundbites of big issues and then shoving them down the viewers throats. Climate Change is horrifying and we need to do everything we can to combat it but holy shit this is so clunky. Stop. 

Mari: Agreed. At least the gun thing last week was relevant to the storyline, geez.

Anyway, Dr. Jones says that if they have more questions for him, they can find him at National City University. He leaves, but on his way out he starts retching. He ducks out of sight of the other agents milling around and throws up a SLUG that then CRAWLS INTO HIS EAR.

Samantha: Oh are we not done with the recap? Because I thought that… fine, okay.

Mari: Elsewhere at the DEO, Supergirl is training Mon-El. Mostly by “training,” I (and Kara both) mean beating him up. There is very little training going on at all. I don’t mind, though, because Mon-El is annoying. PUNCH HIM! PUNCH HIM! PUNCH HIM! (S: Right in the throat, Kara!) Mon-El asks why he’s being punched so much, and Supergirl insists it is training for in case he ever wants to make a difference. Mon-El asks what happens if that isn’t him. Supergirl knows that it is. (S: There has been 0 indication of this, Kara.) They are interrupted by Alex who wants to talk to Kara in private.

Outside. Alex says she wants to talk about something that has to do with her personally. She is struggling around finding the right words here, even after Kara assures her that she can tell her anything. Alex starts by talking about Maggie. They worked on a couple of cases together and they started hanging out after work and she started to think about her and develop feelings for her… Kara repeats the feelings part and Alex confirms. Kara seems taken aback. So much so that she needs to take a seat. Kara asks if Maggie is gay. Alex says yes. Kara asks if Alex is gay. Alex says she doesn’t know. Kara thinks this sounds an awful lot like Alex is coming out to her. She asks some questions about whether Alex has ever felt this way about a girl or been with a girl before. In her attempt to understand, it seems like she’s circling the idea that Alex hasn’t found the right guy yet, though she says that’s not what she meant. Alex says that she’s been thinking nonstop about this, and she’s remembering things now. She had a best friend in high school and she loved sleeping over her house, in her room, in her bed… Those feelings scared her so much that she started arguing with that friend until they just drifted apart. Alex keeps remembering things like that, feelings like that, that she just shoved away. Kara gently asks if this means Maggie likes Alex back. Alex says she doesn’t know and also she doesn’t want to talk about this anymore. She gets up and walks away.

I teared up a little, just saying.

Samantha: Same. Good job, show. Honestly. Don’t screw it up.

Catherine: This was sweet. You can really feel how difficult this is for Alex, too.

National City University. Dr. Jones is examining his own blood. The slug alien has rewritten his DNA so that they are no longer two separate organisms, but one “greater than the sum of its parts.” Someone walks into the darkened lab, mostly to ask WTF Sluggy Jones is even doing there. Sluggy Jones gets very intense about climate change again and that’s when the other guy fires him. Sluggy Jones doesn’t take that well. The last thing we see is Sluggy Jones launching himself at his boss in a very murder-like way.

DEO. Winn found some more footage from one of the computers in the arctic lab. He plays it and we see the bit from the cold open, with the wolf autopsy. This time, though, we see that after Dr. Jones gets his hand sucked in, he gets free and then chokes the lady scientist. Our boys realize that Dr. Jones is now Sluggy Jones.

Supergirl and Alex check out the NCU lab. They find Boss super dead and looking like the other corpses in the arctic. They don’t have to wonder at it for long because Sluggy Jones comes out to threaten them and call humans parasites who are destroying the Earth. See what he’s doing here? Sluggy Jones says they are the only ones who can save the Earth. Supergirl tries to punch him, but Sluggy Jones steals her energy. Alex starts shooting at the alien, but Alex’s gun NEVER works before the last 10 minutes of the episode. That’s not a joke; that’s a fact. (C: ACCURATE AS FUCK.) What I meant was: the bullets don’t work on Sluggy Jones. He crushes her gun, decides to break a window as an exit because I guess that’s more super-bad-alien than using a door, and leaves. (Samantha: Fuck the windows!) Alex checks on Supergirl who seems fine but doesn’t really understand what just happened.

DEO. Winn has identified the alien as basically an alien parasite. Supergirl says that it’s more than just using its host for food, though, because the second it touched Supergirl, it got more powerful. The more it consumes, the more powerful it’s going to keep getting. James walks in and asks Kara if she is alright. She says she’s fine, but she can barely stand. Hank tells her to go home and rest. James says he wants to help, but Supergirl shuts him down. Alex offers to come home with Supergirl just to make sure she is okay, but Supergirl shuts her down too. It hurts Alex’s feelings.

Alex asks James how he even heard about the alien stuff anyway. Winn jumps up and is like ha ha ha silly reporters and their sources. He escorts James out. In another weird empty room, Winn and James yell at each other A LOT. Winn asks if James is crazy. James asks if he saw how Kara almost died. James demands his suit RIGHT NOW. Winn is like NO, because it’s not ready yet, and he’s the genius in the room. If James goes out there without the suit, he’ll die. HE WILL DIE. James looks absolutely crushed, but he says okay. Winn says okay. They have a hurt eyes showdown.

Catherine: I’m already really bored with this ‘Jimmy wants to be a superhero too’ stuff. I’m so bored. 

Mari: Super Pad. Kara is watching TV. Alex lets herself in, though she says she’s not here to check up on Kara. It’s just that Kara has been acting weird since Alex came out. Kara says she doesn’t mean to be, but Alex said she didn’t want to talk about it anymore. Alex says she will if Kara isn’t okay with it. Kara insist that she’s so okay with it. Alex knows when Kara is sad or disappointed. Her voice cracks when she says she couldn’t deal with it if Kara were disappointed in her. Kara says she could never be and invites Alex to sit down. Kara starts with an apology for not creating an environment in which Alex could feel like she could talk to her sister about her sexuality. All those nights growing up, talking and sharing, were so often about Kara and her secret that Alex never had room for her own. Kara knows it isn’t the same thing, but she does know what it’s like to keep a part of you hidden and how lonely that can get. But Alex is not alone. Alex breaks down and cries and so does Marines. I can’t help it. Sister feels are too, too much for me. Alex says she can’t do this without Kara. Kara replies that she won’t have to.

Samantha: Sister feels crying for DAYS! It’s a snotty river in here.

Mari: Kara asks about what Maggie is like. Still tearfully, Alex says Maggie is smart and tough and just beautiful. Kara says Alex is beautiful too and they hug.

Sister feels come to an end because there is an alien attack downtown. Kara says she’ll go get the alien and Alex should go get the girl. Alex laughs but it melts into a deep sigh.

Alley. Supergirl lands and surprise! The alien is Mon-El beating up another alien. It turns out his new job is muscle for hire for a bookie. Supergirl is So Disappointed. She yells at him about how he cannot use his powers for money. Mon-El doesn’t get it because he doesn’t want to save the world, and he needs money. Supergirl calls him selfish and wonders what else she expected from a… she cuts herself off but Mon-El knows she was going to say “Daxamite.” Mon-El says Kara isn’t all the pure of heart herself because she loves the attention she gets. She isn’t selfless. Supergirl says that Mon-El isn’t a hero. She thought he could be, but she was wrong. Supergirl flies away, and Mon-El at least looks a little sad.

Samantha: Meh. Go away, dude.

Catherine: I’m not sure who I’m siding with here. On the one hand, Kara is assuming that Mon-El wants to save people like she does. She keeps using the word “us” and “we” to describe them even though the “us” and “we” are actually her and Superman. Mon-El never said nothing about saving nobody. She’s kind of forcing this mission on him. 

But then again, on the other hand, Mon-El is a complete tool. So…

Mari: DEO.

Supergirl is right on time because they have a lead: a climate change denier who has been working to oust Dr. Jones. We cut to this guy, O’Reilly, in a parking garage. (C: Rand O’Reilly. I was only listening by this point, and I thought they said his first name was ‘Rando’. Which would fit.) Sluggy Jones confronts him. Supergirl lands a second later and tells Sluggy Jones that he needs help. O’Reilly morphs and it turns out it’s actually Hank/Martian Manhunter. Supergirl and Martian Manhunter fight Sluggy Jones pretty effectively for a bit, but then he manages to start sucking energy from them both, turning him into a full fledged monster. DEO agents roll in with their ineffective guns. Sluggy Jones runs away. Supergirl and Martian Manhunter are both out cold. Supergirl’s face looks all sucked dry and gross.

DEO. Supergirl and Martian Manhunter are both under some lamps in recovery. Alex explains that sucking both Supergirl and MM at the same time (C: Giggidy) mutated Sluggy Jones. It was probably too much alien energy. Mon-El is watching from the doorway. James arrives and asks if there are any updates. Mon-El just says that he has to go. Alex fills James in: Supergirl will be okay. The yellow sun lamps are bringing her back slowly. Too slowly for if this thing decides to attack again. Martian Manhunter lost a lot of blood, which is inconvenient for the last son of Mars. Alex remembers something: he’s not really the last. She takes off. James sits next to Supergirl and then turns to Winn and says they can’t wait any longer. So, even though the suit WASN’T READY like yesterday, now it’s SO READY. #plot

Samantha: Maybe it really was ready the whole time but Winn didn’t want James out fighting crime so he was lie delaying.

Catherine: OR this episode is just poorly written. 

Mari: Winn tells James that there is a climate change deniers event that night where the real O’Reilly will be speaking. James says it sounds like he should suit up. Before he does, though, Winn asks if he’s sure about this. Nothing will be the same and he’ll have to pay a price and other very serious things. James says more very serious things about how this is who he is and he’s ready to stop hiding behind his camera. Winn is convinced. They open the box that contains his super suit and it lights up his face because apparently it’s glow in the dark?

Alien Bar. Alex finds and M’gann and tells her that J’onn needs her help. She says yes, but she doesn’t seem too fussed, especially considering Alex’s urgency. M’gann goes off to get her stuff and Alex spots Mon-El at the bar. She tells him that the world could really use a hero right about now. He says that isn’t on his resume. Alex knows that he does have beating people up for money on his resume, though. Mon-El tells Alex to go find someone else to believe in. Alex doesn’t believe in him. She thinks he’s a coward. Kara believes in him and thinks he has potential, which is why she’s always upset at him. Mon-El more seriously says that he doesn’t know how to be a hero. Alex tells him that he can start by standing up, like the rest of them do. She walks out with M’gann.

Catherine: Uggghhhh, are we really watching this show about this Miracle Whip boy becoming a hero against his free will or whatever? I’m so bored. I can’t even remember his face from scene to scene. He’s so blaannnndddd. 

Mari: DEO. M’gann asks what she’s supposed to do for J’onn, since she’s not a doctor. Alex explains that he needs a blood transfusion from another Green Martian. Ruh-roh. M’gann says she can’t do this. J’onn wouldn’t want it either. Alex delivers a second passionate speech in as many scenes, this time about how this is the only chance J’onn has to live. The only chance. M’gann considers it for a bit and then sits down next to J’onn’s bed. Alex thanks her sincerely. M’gann asks J’onn to forgive her.

National City. O’Reilly is in his limo practicing his speech which includes sound bites about liberal media and Chicken Little pronouncements. He’s a doll. The limo crashes and Sluggy Jones rips open the driver’s door. O’Reilly gets out and tries to run away, but only falls as Sluggy Jones towers over him and roars. Mon-El yells at Sluggy to stop, allowing O’Reilly a chance to get up and keep running. Sluggy turns his attention to Mon-El, who throws a street sign at Sluggy and gets pretty quickly scooped up and choked. Sluggy Jones’ mouth opens and like there are three other mouths inside WTF. (S: told you we should have stopped watching when the slug crawled out of Jones’ mouth.)

Mon-El is saved when a bomb lands on Sluggy’s chest. It explodes and James shows up in his super suit, which I’m not very in love with. Mon-El hopes this new dude is on his side and asks who he even is. “Guardian,” he announces grandly, all the way into a black screen.

Catherine: This is an okay place to do this, I guess. So the villain is Parasite, from the comics: 

Parasite is a title that has been used by a couple different villains but all of them were pretty much the same. They can absorb energy and powers. Traditionally in the comics Parasite is created by some kind of leftover alien biohazard stuff. Your garden variety alien stuff. Although in the comics, Dr. Jones was a janitor who just happened upon the alien stuff accidentally, so it’s good to see he’s come up in the world. 

Now, on the other hand, Guardian, Jimmy’s hero persona is a character who is not traditionally associated with Jimmy Olsen and also has already been on the show? Well, his comic book alter-ego, James Harper has already been on the show in Season 1. 

He was the Colonel who interrogated Hank in the first season after everyone figured out that he’s the Martian Manhunter. In the comics, James Harper is a cop who becomes a vigilante. For some reason they gave this name to Jimmy in the same way they mashed up Hank Henshaw and Martian Manhunter. At this point, I’m officially calling this an alternate universe to the comics so I can stop having these nerd rage blackouts. 

Mari: Everyone has to do what they have to for self-care.

After the not!break, Guardian asks “the man in the van” if he’s there, and we see Winn hanging out at a command station of a nearby patriotically themed van. Winn encourages Guardian to do a thing. Guardian opens up his shield and when Sluggy Jones punches it, he goes flying back.

DEO. Supergirl wakes up suddenly and asks what’s going on. Alex fills her in about Sluggy attacking O’Reilly and Mon-El trying to hold down the fort. Supergirl jumps into action, despite Alex’s warnings, saying she’s going to need some power Sluggy won’t be able to handle.

Sluggy throws a car and this site is so beautiful, we have a throwing cars tag. So, so beautiful. Mon-El catches the car before it lands on a little girl.

Catherine: I love the comic-loyal shot of a little kid JUST STANDING THERE WHILE A CAR IS FLYING AT THEM. Only in Metropolis-ish.

Mari: Supergirl flies towards a power plant. Alex doesn’t approve of this plan, but Supergirl is confident.

Guardian is holding his own, but the fight isn’t really going anywhere. He asks for some help, and right on time, Supergirl flies in and knocks Sluggy Jones off his feet. Winn whoops at her appearance. (C: Oh, wow, Is Kara here? Is she still on this show? Wow.)  Supergirl tells Sluggy Jones that change is good when we are changing into who we are meant to be (thank you, episode lesson for showing up), but this isn’t who Dr. Jones is meant to be. She gives Sluggy Jones one last chance, but he just roars at her with all his mouths. She waves him forward.

Supergirl meets him with two handfuls of plutonium. She says there is a thing as too much power and apologizes right before he blows up.

After the dust settles, Supergirl walks over to Mon-El. She thanks him for showing up. She thanks him and the newcomer both. She tries to see through his super suit, but it’s made of lead. She asks who he is, but he’ll only say that he’s a friend and rides away.

CatCo. James is watching news coverage of Supergirl and Guardian. Winn walks in and jokes about his kind of lame hero name, but James likes it. They congratulate each other on being awesome and establish that they both want to keep being heroes. The also agree that, even though it feels weird, they should keep this secret from Kara or else she’ll just try to stop them. “Long live the super friends,” Winn says, which is even lamer than “Guardian.” (S: Omg, I can’t believe he said that.)

Look, I’m generally down with the idea of giving Jimmy and Winn more to do than “be in love with Kara.” I like that a ton. I also like the idea of everyday superheroes and how being in this kind of environment would change the so-called super friends. I can’t imagine that being so involved in these daily heroics wouldn’t color their view or inspire them to greatness. My main objections are: 1- that this has translated into Jimmy turning into a run-of-the-mill hero in a suit; 2- that Jimmy supposedly has wanted to be a super hero since he found out about Clark Kent; and 3- that they keep beating us over the head with Jimmy’s reasons for becoming a hero. We’ve gotten like 5 “all my life all I ever wanted” speeches at this point and I’m over it.

Samantha: Yeah, IDK, I’m not sold on it yet. I find it annoying that they aren’t telling Kara. I actually understand their reasoning, sorta, but I foresee a lot of annoying lies and shenanigans. 

Catherine: This is probably already obvious but I’m not on board yet either. It’s also pretty obvious that Jimmy is only not telling Kara because he wants this to be ‘his’ thing. As in, something that she isn’t involved in and doesn’t get glory for. Which is understandable but also ‘Baahhhhh look at my manpain when I’m not the center of attention!’ 

Mari: DEO. M’gann sits by J’onn’s bedside. He suddenly get his Hank skin back on and comes to. Hank notices the blood bag, and M’gann explains that Alex came to get her. J’onn thanks her for coming. M’gann says she should go, but Hank asks her to stay. She will until he falls asleep. We see Hank’s hand, on which he still wears a wedding ring, shaking. M’gann looks worried.

Alien Bar. Alex finds Maggie, who is genuinely happy to see her. Alex asks for those coming-out-celebration drinks. Maggie is so proud of her and starts to go get those drinks right away. Alex pulls her in for a kiss.

Maggie pulls back a little, and Alex asks what’s wrong. Maggie says that she did nothing wrong, but that being in a relationship with someone so “fresh off the boat” never works. Maggie is there for Alex, but only as a friend. Alex says that it’s okay, everything is cool, but she leaves.

Later, at Alex’s apartment, she’s brooding with a drink. Kara is at the door, saying she can see that Alex is inside. Alex tells her to go away. Instead, Kara flies in through the open window. Kara was worried after Alex didn’t show up to work. Kara asks if this is about coming out, but Alex says not to mention that. (C: I like how she’s all ‘I take it back’ about coming out. Poor Alex.) It was all a mistake. Kara keeps pressing until Alex breaks down and says that Maggie doesn’t like her in that way. She sobs, saying she’s so humiliated, and Kara hugs her. And honestly, that sob over the humiliation of being turned away, especially because it meant so much to Alex to build to this moment? One of the most emotional moments of the entire show so far.

Samantha: Chyler Leigh is one of those actresses who cries so… believably? It’s like when Kristen Bell or Alyson Hannigan cries for me, I am always also crying. 

Mari: Street. Mon-El passes by a homeless man, thinks twice about it, and goes back. He asks the man if he can help him in anyway. He’s trying to be better, so he’d love to help him out. The man whips out a baton and electrocutes Mon-El. A van pulls up and a second man jumps out and helps pull Mon-El in. (C: Good. Keep him.) Cadmus Lady/Mama Luther is in the front seat and she says, “welcome to Cadmus” just in case we weren’t sure what was happening.

I enjoyed this episode a fair amount, all said and done, and I didn’t even hate the theme of changing in to what you are meant to become and the denial and acceptance that often comes hand in hand with that. I think Chyler Leigh is doing some great work during her more vulnerable scenes, which is a nice break from the sometimes one dimensional big sister tough girl characterization she’s usually given. I actually cried like three times this episode.

At first, I wasn’t sure how to take Kara’s reaction to Alex’s coming out. I would’ve loved to see her say, “I love and support you,” but reality is never really quite that simple. Kara bristles, even though we later find out that she’s more upset that she never knew this side of her sister. Even that, though, is recentering Kara’s emotions in Alex’s story. Still, by the end, Kara gives Alex love, support, and the platform to talk about what she needs to. Kara’s response wasn’t perfect, but it was heartfelt, and she course corrected. I appreciated seeing that dynamic between the sisters.

For all the shit that we’ve given this show (deserved), I do think that it is improving…? That said, I’m upset that the episode ended with that ridiculous kidnapping. Really? Cadmus knew Mon-El would help the homeless man?? Okay.

Samantha: Yes, I loved the course correcting. It was a nice way of showing “hey, if you mess up a little it’s okay to realize it and then fix it, we’re not asking you to be perfect all the time.” I appreciated it. I absolutely hated that ending. Mon-El helping that homeless guy was a fluke, that was some Pretty Little Liars A level bullshit. 

Catherine: The Alex storyline was actually the only thing I liked about this boring, overdone episode. If that wasn’t obvious from my ranting, I mean. Watching Mon-El accept his hero destiny is SO annoying. I want this show to be more about Kara and less about this boring white man being forced to be a good person, please. 

Mari: I mean, when you put it that way…


Next time on Supergirl: Guardian is accused of murder in S02 E07 – The Darkest Place.


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