Supergirl S02 E08 – Someone called the police!



Samantha: Hello friends! It’s Thanksgiving here on Supergirl, and the episode opens with Kara using her laser vision to cook a turkey. Weird, but also what I’d probably do too. Jimmy and Winn have an annoying conversation about who should be the one to tell Kara that Jimmy is Guardian. To be clear, they are having this argument in Kara’s living room. To be even clearer, they are having this argument in the living room of the girl who has super hearing. But whatever.

Marines: The best, best development would be for someone to tell Kara and for her to go, “yeah, I know, you idiots. You talked about it in my living room.”

Samantha: We can certainly dream.

Alex comes over and steals Winn’s beer which is a lowkey great moment.

I’ve been sick so I’ve been binge watching Grey’s Anatomy and Alex is Lexie on Grey’s so. BRAIN MUSH.

Catherine: I have never seen a single episode of Grey’s Anatomy so Alex will always be Janie Briggs from Not Another Teen Movie to me. 

Samantha: Oh my god I forgot.

Jimmy tells her that he’s going to tell Kara he’s Gaurdianing but Alex tells him NO WAY because she has something important to tell everyone and they will just hijack the dinner. Kara comes over with an AMAZING braid crown on her head. If I had any hair skill I would constantly have different versions of braid crowns on my head. #truestory

They lie that they’re talking about the food when there’s a knock on the door. Ugh, Mon-El THE WORST is here with a bag full of mattress stuffing instead of food stuffing. Ha ha, listen Cool Whip, I take stuffing very seriously HOW DARE YOU RUIN STUFFING? (C: All you have done is DEPRIVE THESE GOOD PEOPLE OF STUFFING.)  Mon-El is then super nice to Eliza and Kara decides he’s hitting on her? IDK. She then takes away Alex’s beer and puts it in the freezer. Why, Kara? Why would you take away the alcohol?

Catherine: Oh, because in last years Thanksgiving ep, Alex got schwasted and divulged to her mom that she was working for a notsosecret!secret alien hunting organization. She also gets a bit tipsy in this scene, too. Maybe Alex has something against Thanksgiving? 

Mari: Wow you are very good for remembering things from season 1. There’s a reason you are our resident expert and Sam and I are just here to question why the Jeff people are having secret conversations in a super-hearer’s apartment. 

Samantha: Jeffing bananas we say.

She heads over to Mama Eliza and is all “You really hit it off with Mon-El?” Kara, girl, they talked for literally 30 seconds what are you even saying? Alex sneaks back her beer in the background.

Eliza straightens her out that he’s just being nice to her to impress Kara and then they sit down to eat. They’re all going to go around and say what they are thankful for and they all act like its the first time anyone ever had that idea. Jimmy stands up and gets ready to declare himself before Alex forces him to awkwardly sit down. Mon-El is up next, to say he’s so lucky it was Kara who found him. Then it’s Alex’s turn, and you can tell she’s trying to come out but she’s stammering and stalling so much that something is bound to interrupt her. And yep, a glowy blue portal? orb? thing appears above the table and then vanishes.

DEO. Winn, Alex, and Supergirl walk as Winn tells us that the space time continuum ripped open at dinner and they don’t know what caused it yet. Alex pulls some leftovers out of a bag that I cannot stop staring at, while Hank walks in wondering why Lillian took Supergirl’s blood. Supergirl wants to know what Lena knows and she’s going to find out with “reporter skills and sneaking” instead of hacking. Alex and Winn are skeptical, and Alex instructs Winn to hack anyway. The scene ends without any explanation given for the leftovers just sitting prominently out. I thought they were maybe going to give them to Hank Jonn since he was missing from dinner. IDK.

Catherine: It’s cute that you need an explanation for this. 

Samantha: Luthor HQ. Lena is asking Kara what this interview is for. “Women of Power and the Mothers Who Molded Them” is what Kara has come up with. I will also point out that these two have more chemistry just sitting across from each other than Kara and Mon-El ever do when they are gazing longingly at one another. (C: FACT.)

Lena tells Kara that her and her mother have never really gotten along. Kara asks what her mother thought about Lena changing the company direction. “You mean when I changed it from its murdering world domination direction?” Lena asks. I would be so happy if they, plot twist, don’t make Lena evil down the road. DEFY EXPECTATIONS LENA. She clearly gets uncomfortable with the questions and fakes a meeting. Kara leaves and Lena calls her mom.

Alien Bar. Cyborg Superman/Real Henshaw is sitting with his hood up and his voice at maximum gravel. Mon-El comes in and gets a beer and an alien girl immediately hits on him. He notices Cyborg Hank at the end of the bar. Cyborg Hank puts a device under the bar and leaves while Mon-El follows him. Shouldn’t he hear the suspicious beeping under the bar?

Catherine: No, because his brain is mostly hair product.

Samantha: He goes outside calling for “J’onn” because he’s dumb so Cyborg Hank starts punching on him. The device starts smoking under the bar and people start coughing and dropping to the ground. People flee and Cyborg Hank takes off. Mon-El heads back inside where an extra helpfully tells him “They’re dead! All the aliens are dead!” And indeed they are.

DEO. Mon-El is in isolation so that he can’t pass anything on to the rest of them, though he protests that he’s fine. He relates what happened, with a side of guilt. Alex is baffled by the tech that can target aliens but avoid humans. She thinks that Eliza may be able to help. Supergirl makes to come with but J’onn Hank informs her that the aliens are staying inside. Supergirl protests but Alex and J’onn are firm.

L Corp. Lillian visits Lena and Lena exposits about how she could never be the favorite because she was adopted. Why adopt a child you plan on loving less and treating differently? (C: #LuthorLogic) Lillian admits that she loved Lex more but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love Lena at all. Lena demands to know what Lillian is up to and tells her that there’s a reporter sniffing around.

Mon-El and Kara are playing Monopoly at the DEO Quarantine Bonanza! Kara just suddenly asks Mon-El if he like-likes her but has to reduce it to “You don’t want to mate with me, do you?” to get him to understand. He laughs and is like “Have you seen all the babes I can get?” before starting to choke cough. Supergirl rushes in and grabs him and shouts for help.

Cut to him in a hospital bed while Eliza monitors him. He’s infected but the virus isn’t contagious, aliens have to be infected by the aerosol itself. Eliza also tells them that it’s a Kryptonian virus and Kara realized why they took her blood, to get in to the Fortress.

Kara zooms up the the Fortress and sees footprints in the snow. The adorable robot tells Kara that she’s an intruder and heat blasts her. Kara destroys him easily. Sad face.

Catherine: I was more bothered by this than I have been by any of the other deaths on this show. Kal-Ex! No! 


Samantha: She goes over to the dashboard and sees that Project Medusa was the last thing searched or whatever. A hologram of her dad shows up. This is Superman’s fortress, shouldn’t it be his dad chilling here? (C: Right? Zor-El, does your bro know you hacked his fortress?) HoloDad tells her that Medusa is a weaponized virus he created to keep Krypton safe. In the event of an invasion, it would kill the invading aliens but keep Kryptonians alive. Kara is appalled because she thought her dad saved lives, and he clarifies that he saves Kryptonian lives. So. That’s a bummer.

DEO. Kara fills everyone in and asks about Mon-El. His DNA is similar to Kryptonians which is what kept him from dying outright but he needs a cure. Hey, why wouldn’t it kill humans? They are also alien DNA?

Catherine: I guess the idea is that Cadmus changed it somehow to protect humans and kill everyone else? Because they are worried that it will kill Kara. But no one seems to warn Superman. Not that he doesn’t kinda deserve that. 

Mari: This is now two Thanksgivings in a row he’s missed… 

Samantha: Alex and Eliza look at all the research Kara brought back. Eliza asks Alex what she’s been trying to tell her since Thanksgiving. Eliza asks if it has anything to do with Maggie and wonders why Alex can’t tell her. Alex worries that she’s letting her mom down. Oof. Eliza asks, “Why would you being gay ever let me down?” <3

Alex says that Eliza always wanted her to have a regular life. Eliza tells her that she is exceptional and she will love her however she is. They hug.

Kara stands on the DEO balcony with J’onn Hank and reminisces about Krypton. She feels like she didn’t understand anything because she thought her parents were the good guys. But maybe she should be ashamed to be their daughter. J’onn Hank tells her that her parents were trying to save lives but Supergirl points out that Lex and Lillian had justifications too. Hank J’onn tells her that she is her parent’s legacy. Then he doubles over in pain and his face turns half White Martian. He tells her about the blood being poison and Supergirl wants to tell Eliza and Alex so they can fix it. J’onn Hank wants the priority to be Medusa. Alex and Eliza come up and science science science Cadmus needs an isotope from L Corp to mass distribute the virus. Supergirl takes off and Alex calls Maggie.

It is here, halfway through, that I realize this is less of a crossover episode and more of a “Barry will show up at the end” episode.

Image result for mad gifs

Catherine: Sorry, buddy. I bet they promoted it as a crossover to. IT DOESN’T COUNT, CW! YOU’VE DONE THIS TO ME SO MANY TIMES! 

Samantha: L Corp. Cyborg Hank walks in and throws the security guard across the room but it’s okay, Supergirl catches him. They face off across the lobby. They fight and Cyborg gets the upper hand just as Lena shows up. He picks up a really obviously fake looking piece of debris and throws it at her but Supergirl blocks it. Maggie and SWAT show up as Cyborg has Supergirl pinned. He taunts her that there is no one who can rescue her, which cues another blue wormhole thing to pop up. It distracts Cyborg and then goes away. God dammit. These are obviously holes Barry is trying to use to get into Supergirl’s world. Why not just let him come in there?! Why deprive me of glorious crossover times?

Whatever, Cyborg shoots Maggie who drops to the ground. Supergirl rushes over to her and Cyborg escapes.

DEO. Eliza asks if she got the isotope thing from L Corp and Supergirl admits that she didn’t, but neither did Hank. Uh, why didn’t you go and get it after Cyborg Hank left? They bemoan how there doesn’t seem to be a cure on any of the Fortress files from Krypton. Eliza wonders if Lena could be working with her mother but Supergirl doesn’t think so. Hank J’onn wonders if she’d stake Mon-El’s life on that.

L Corp. Supergirl flies into Lena’s office, who does a cute little laugh at the arrival before thanking Supergirl. IDK you guys, I’m really enjoying Lena’s addition to this show. I’ll be very sad if she goes evil. (C: Seconded.) Supergirl tells Lena that her mother is behind Cadmus and she needs Lena’s help finding her. Lena doesn’t believe her and wonders when Supergirl will come after her next. For me, the acting was very believable and kept this from being too frustrating. Supergirl tells her that she knows the feeling of being disillusioned with parents but Lena is nothing like her mother. She passionately says that Lena is too good and too smart to be like that. Yeah, just kiss. Get rid of powdered donut and focus on this ship please? (C: SECONDED.) Lena asks her to go.

Alex stitches up Maggie and I’m torn between making a Grey’s Anatomy joke and wondering why Alex isn’t getting stitched up in an actual hospital? Here’s a Lexie gif anyway:

Image result for lexie grey gun gif

Alex tells Maggie that she came out to her mother and talks about the stages of her own denial. But she’s happy now that this is her new normal and it’s nice. She feels like she understands herself. Maggie looks thoughtful.

Supergirl sits with Mon-El. He wakes up and they talk about how he’s not afraid of death. Supergirl confesses that her dad made the virus and Mon-El strokes her cheek. He tells her that she looks beautiful with the weight of a bunch of worlds on her shoulders and that’s a weird compliment. I think he’s trying to say “you’re pretty even when you’re stressed” but that phrasing was jarring. Anyway, he kisses her.

Catherine: UGGGGHHHH. I’m already so bored with this ship and it’s barely even started.

Samantha: L Corp. Lillian walks into Lena’s office and confronts her with the Cadmus truth. Lillian wonders if Lena is going to lecture her but Lena wants to help. She offers her the isotope and this better be a fake out. Don’t burn me already, Lena. (M: Too much has already burned us in this episode.)

DEO. Winn’s alarms go off, alerting them that the isotope has been moved. The virus is going to be released at the docks for maximum National City impact. Cadmus hijacks the TV with a creepy message about how Earth is for the humans and all the aliens are gonna die. Hank J’onn is going to go out with Supergirl even though the virus may kill him, so that he doesn’t die as a freak show later.

Docks. Lillian gets a rocket launcher ready, and Lena is wearing a fabulous deep raspberry colored coat. Lillian hands the key over to Lena so that Lena can prove she’s with with her by unleashing Medusa herself. Supergirl and Hank J’onn land, and Supergirl asks Lena not to do it. “Why not? I’m a Luthor,” says Lena and turns the key. Dammit.

The missile fires and Supergirl takes off after it. Cyborg Hank comes out of nowhere and tackles J’onn Hank. They fight and Cyborg Hank gets the upper hand and throws J’onn Hank into some storage unit things. (C: They are shipping containers. I know that for some reason.) (M: They are a classic bad things are happening in the shipping yard TV/movie thing. That’s how I know them.) (S: Thanks, friends. I knew them by sight but not by name.) Lena and Lillian take off and J’onn Hank transforms into a White Martian. Supergirl catches the missile but Lillian has it blow up and knock Supergirl off.

Alex, Eliza, and the DEO watch as the bomb begins to rain down on the city. Real Hank tells J’onn, “You may be an alien, but I’m Cyborg Superman!” And I laugh and laugh at how utterly ridiculous that sounds. (C: BECAUSE IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE!) Supergirl punches him unconscious. J’onn transforms back into Hnk form and says, “I’m coming Mira” as the virus rains down. All over the city we see aliens watching the virus. One woman even takes a picture of it, which I would mock, but damn if I wouldn’t too.

Catherine: I actually found this scene sort of touching. This show is such a weird blend of boring and heart-wrenching. 

Samantha: It disperses through the air but no one dies. Everyone, including Lillian, looks shocked. Turns out our girl Lena switched out the isotope and made the virus inert. HELL YEAH. Lena also called the police because she wants to be my favorite character.

Catherine: GIRL. YES. 


Samantha: Supergirl and Jonn marvel at the not being dead thing and then notice that Cyborg Hank is gone.

Space. IDK, we are suddenly on a spaceship in space. A man tells two hooded figures that they have reached the Well of Stars, which sorta sounds familiar. The man tells the figures that there is no sign of the Kryptonian pod but they want him to find it anyway. Turns out they are looking for Mon-El’s pod.

DEO. Mon-El is waking up because Eliza was able to reverse engineer a cure. Who wants to bet me that he has forgotten or will pretend to have forgotten the kiss? Eliza was also able to use the Medusa virus to get rid of the White Martian blood cells inside of Jonn, who stands there in Green Martian glory.

Catherine: That was… abrupt. I actually thought this was a dream sequence it worked out so over-perfectly. They literally brought J’onN in for this one line. It was weird. This show is also weird. Add that to the blend. 

Samantha: Supergirl goes over to ask Mon-El if they’re going to talk about what happened, but he has no idea what she’s talking about. What do I win????

Mari: A brand neeeeeew you have to watch this show again next week! Woooooo! 

Samantha: Alex’s apartment. She’s drinking in her pajamas because she’s great when Maggie arrives at her door with pizza. Since she almost died (I never felt like she was about to die) she realizes that she has been stupid. She was scared but life is short and “We should kiss the girls that we wanna kiss.” They kiss and it’s cute.

Catherine: It’s cute, but kinda jerky of Maggie to be all “I don’t wanna date you!” and then “Lets makeout” like, a week later. Sorry, I wanted to revel in the cute but I couldn’t get past how hot and cold that seemed on her part. 

Samantha: Fair assessment.

Kara’s apartment. The blue vortex appears and this time BARRY ALLEN and CISCO RAMON (Barry’s friend who is currently mad at him and a super science nerd who also has some powers) appear. Cisco hopes this is the right place, as Kara arrives home. They hug and Barry asks for help and then the episode ends.

This episode was a mixed bag for me. It was kind of touted at the time as a crossover episode, but wasn’t really. It was just set up for Supergirl going on Flash.

And then we have Lena who I am really enjoying as a character. A Luthor who is legitimately struggling against the expectation of her family name and trying to make her own. There is a lot of nice nuance and Katie McGrath is a good actress.

Catherine: Same. I feel like the only think that kept this Lena story line from devolving into a cheesefest was Katie McGrath’s acting, which is great. Although, you can hear her struggling against her English accent a bit in some lines. But I’m not criticizing and I think that’s cute. 

Samantha: Jimmy and his Guardian nonsense were not in the episode and I did not miss it.

Alex’s storyline continues to be genuine and cute.

Still not sure if they ever told Eliza about her dearly departed Dean Cain?



Next time on Supergirl: Kara investigates a missing girl and gets transported to another planet in S02 E09 – Supergirl Lives.


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  • Brooke

    Can Kara just get together with Lena or Barry and leave Mon-El in the dust?

    • I just started watching Flash and I don’t like Iris so I’m good with Kara and Barry. I’LL TAKE IT.

      • Brooke

        I haven’t seen Flash. Is it recap-worthy?

        • It could be, but it wouldn’t be my first pick by far. It is very trope-y and formulaic, but earnest and entertaining. There would be stuff to make fun of, but probably the same stuff every episode, you know?

    • Samantha


  • Andrew Alonso-Emanuel

    I’m sad as I realize this isn’t the musical crossover episode though I will say this crossover arc is quite good across the other 3 shows and Kara gets a good showing so even if you don’t watch the other shows I would recommend watching this “4-part” (3-part) crossover.

    • Is the next one the musical crossover? I know Sam has been VERY excited about it.

      • Andrew Alonso-Emanuel

        Nah it isn’t until 2×16 or something like that this is a crossover about a big alien invasion on the other earth

      • Samantha


  • Megan Waldron

    I just wanted to point out that not only does Alex sneakily steal back the alcohol after Kara confiscates it, but actually she doesn’t go for her beer. Instead she steals the hard liquor, whisky or something, that is also in the freezer.

    • Samantha

      Lol, Kara has been stealing her drinks all night.

  • Karen

    Yay for Alex! I agree that Maggie going back and forth is kind of weird, but now they’re together and they can be cute and happy.

    LoL. I love how they built up J’onn’s disease for like three episodes (?) and then, “Fixed!” Good job, writers. Real smooth.

    I’m loving Lena and shipping Lena/Kara purely from the gifs. So relieved she’s not evil.