The More You Know Fall 2017 – Choices.

Marines: It’s incredible to me that we are back here again for Fall TV, especially considering that we are struggling to get through season 1 of Designated Survivor, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

In 2014, Sweeney and I went on a vacation and thought up this thing (while sitting in a Parisian apartment sipping 5 euro wine…) where we would let you all vote on the new fall TV show you wanted us to watch and recap. That year, you all voted on Gotham (which we rage quit) and we chose to do How to Get Away With Murder, the runner-up (which we bored quit). In 2015, you chose Supergirl, which we are still recapping because although it isn’t great, it is easily snarkable and digestable. In 2016, you all chose Designated Survivor, which we are also still working through. That’s probably worse than Supergirl, perhaps because it takes itself more seriously and also it doesn’t know what it is. I’m not sure what to say about this mixed success. I mean, we are a website that often snarks bad things so the quality of the shows doesn’t necessarily say much about whether or not they belong on here, you know?

My point really is that you all have made some choices.


I’ve rounded up a group of volunteers who committed to this project without knowing what, exactly, we’ll be recapping. I’ll be joined by Sweeney, Dani and Jessica.

Below, I’ve included a playlist of trailers for you to watch. Under that, a poll. You are to choose your top 3 favorites for your friendly, neighborhood Snark Ladies to recap. The poll will remain open until September 1, 2017. Feel free to to discuss in the comments.

And pray for us. To the old gods and the new.




Lots of things are coming out midseason. If you had your pick from these, which would you like to see the Snark Squad recap? (I’m not saying we will… but just in case…)



We’ll announce the results at the end of the month!

The Snark Squad

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I'm a 20-something south Floridan who loves the beach but cannot swim. Such is my life, full of small contradictions and little trivialities. My main life goals are never to take life too seriously, but to do everything I attempt seriously well. After that, my life goals devolve into things like not wearing pants and eating all of the Zebra Cakes in the world. THE WORLD.

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  • f3stanie

    I’m more excited for the Mid-Season shows than the normal shows, wth

    • IDK. That was my thinking in putting the bonus poll because there were a couple I thought looked interesting. WE SHALL SEE.

  • You place such trust in us.

  • Christie Greenwood


    But…but…I love Gotham just because it’s campy and stupid and cartoony…and…and…Robin Lord Taylor is so adorable and…and…

    * bursts into sobs *

    * whispers * Please don’t think less of me. * sniffles *

    (Not complete with sound effects! 8D )

    I’d like you to start recapping Star Trek: Discovery and then quitting because the show is awesome amazeballs and there’s nothing to talk about! You can tell I’m a hopeful Trekkie.

    • I’m sorry but Gotham was one of the more painful recapping experience we’ve been through. It was truly, truly terrible. BUT I LOVE YOU.

      I’d rather Star Trek: Disovery than InHumans from an enjoyment of watching perspective but boy oh boy does Inhumans look AWFUL.

      • Christie Greenwood

        Well, at least you still love me, because I LOVE YOU TOO!!! * hugs *

        Inhumans looks truly terrible. Recapping something good may be enjoyable to the recappers, but less entertaining to the audience here. XD

  • It’s a small comfort to know that there are four of us this time, so if it’s GOTHAM bad, that’s an ever so slightly smaller slice of the garbage pie for me.


  • Karen

    After reading that recap of past fall TV polls, I told myself I would only vote for shows that look legit good. And I actually found some!

    For the fall, I voted for Me, Myself & I, The Mayor, and The Gospel of Kevin. Those were the three that really jumped out at me. Dynasty was my 4th-place pick because I was surprised by how fun the trailer was, and Star Trek: Discovery looked interesting, but I’m not a Trekkie so it didn’t grab me. Everything else looked mediocre to baaaddd.


    The midseason selections do look better on average, and The Crossing is definitely the most intriguing. I hope you do decide to pick up a midseason show because I actually like the current front-runners there.

    The midseason playlist and poll don’t match up, by the way. The playlist is showing The Resident and a video about a show called Reverie, which are not in the poll, and the poll lists four shows (911, A.P. Bio, Good Girls, and Instinct) thst aren’t on the playlist. (And I couldn’t find trdo ailers for them by just searching YT.)

    • REALLY??? So I also voted for The Mayor solely because it’s a show I’m totally gonna watch regardless of whether we recap it, but the other two look… Not Good.

      Dynasty also got my vote because (1) I enjoy trash and that trailer looks like really fun trash -and- (2) really fun trash is, imo, the Snark sweet spot. For me, at least. PLL is my favorite thing I’ve ever recapped on this site, because Really Fun Trash is the best.

      My other vote just because I got three was The Gifted because I just really love The X-Men and I figured either I will have fun or everyone else will have fun watching me be angry.

      • Karen

        I like the concepts behind those other two, and the trailers made me laugh, so.

        I am just so burned out on superhero stuff and so confused about what fits into what canon that I seriously just threw my hands up and quit it all. I watched Logan because I heard it was really good (it was) and I read whatever y’all recap here because that’s always fun, but I just don’t have the energy to care or the available memory.

        • The concepts are decent but the trailers made them look like pretty vacuous fluff, but WHO. KNOWS. I’ve also been very wrong about trailer before. I think ALL THE TIME about how Mari and I did our trailer watch and thought Jane The Virgin was gonna be the dumbest shit and it’s honestly one of my favorite shows. I know nothing, is what I’m saying.

          I definitely feel that superhero burnout. There’s just so much of it now. Too much, really. There’s a really cold, calculated thing of… established media properties have established fanbases, which, in addition to that being the reason why superheroes are being done to death, is also a reason why it makes for good blog fodder. GET THEM CLICKS. (jk, we do this for free, idk why this would matter at all.)

          To be clear: I’m pretty sure The Gifted is going to be Not Good. I want it to be good for Amy Acker and for The X-Men, but I’m expecting it to be Not Good. I just know that I’m either going to flail or rage, and the lack of in between is a net win for blog fodder.

          • Karen

            Yeah, I was reeeally leery of Jane The Virgin because the whole “accidentally impregnated” thing creeped me tf out, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. So it can be pretty hard to tell. I still feel okay eliminating the ones that are total cliche storms (Seal Team) or look potentially really offensive (The Good Doctor).

          • Oh yeah The Good Doctor stresses me out both because there’s a sensitivity issue with the show itself and also because I’m terrified of what that might mean for us, as recappers.

          • SAME. I almost left it off entirely…
            Thankfully, it’s losing.

          • Sometimes shows end up being better than their one-line description. Jane the Virgin is one- I love that show and I wish the Emmys weren’t so allergic to the CW, because it should be getting some. The Good Place is another. I thought it sounded kind of dumb, but I watched it earlier this year and loved it. There’s so much more to it than it sounded at first.

    • Also, re: Inhumans, as someone still watching SHIELD, I get so sad about everything the MCU does that shits on SHIELD, which is basically everything – SHIELD is beholden to the rules/events of the MCU, for some reason, but that dynamic is one-way and its the worst and I just.. IDK.. I’m gonna watch this show probably, but I already know its gonna drive me crazy.

  • I’ve heard surprisingly little about the upcoming TV season. I need to look into these new shows a bit more.

    • Okay, The Mayor looks cute. I’m surprised I hadn’t heard about it until now. And Daveed Diggs produced it? Awesome. That dude’s been busy in his post-Hamilton life.

  • Arian_foe

    Hi guys
    I’m new, I have been following this blog for some time, because of your recaps of shows I’m fan (Doctor Who), I watch (Pretty Little Liars) and the main reason is I’m actually watching Buffy and Angel for the first time. I love to end an episode and go to read the snark (as they are 5 years old I was hesitant to comment on the posts), I’m Team Feels and feeling Sweeney’s pain all along during Season 2b of Buffy , and now I’m actually in S04 of Buffy and S01 of Angel and love yopur snarks so so much

    I’m also a Doctor Whoi fan and absolutely squee with every Kirsti Who reference on other recaps. Please, keep on snarking it. I’m not a fan of the Moffat era but there are some good stuff there too. I

  • I’m almost afraid to vote for any of the shows I like, as all my previous top choices were cancelled after one season. I don’t want to jinx these innocent shows! That said, I was happy to note there are several shows I’m looking forward to seeing. I was surprised by how many of said shows are on the CW. Either the folks in charge over there are on fire this season, or my tastes have just become decidedly less discerning.