After Chapter 48 – The son of Satan is a drama queen.

Previously: Tessa got Hardin back to the dinner table with her tears and kisses.

Samantha: The chapter begins with Karen being surprised that Tessa would offer to help with cleanup. What a bunch of rude men she lives with. Because of course only a girl would think to help the lady who cooked the whole dinner. Tessa notices that all the dishes seem new and remembers what a dick Hardin is for breaking all of Karen’s dishes during a tantrum.

Marines: She only remembers this when it doesn’t count.

Samantha: Karen then blushes (?) as she asks Tessa how long her and Hardin have been seeing each other. Tessa expertly skirts the edges of the question with “I’ve known him a month”. IT’S ONLY BEEN A MONTH OF BOOK TIME?!

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Mari: It’s definitely one of those situations where I want to say “it seems longer!” and “but nothing has happened how has it been a month?” Congratulations to Anna Todd who is messing with my perception of time through the sheer force of her shitty fiction.

Samantha: Karen must truly have Tessa’s number because she right away tells her that she’s different (from the other girls). Can we headcanon that Karen is the Taylor of this series? Playing Tessa like a fiddle with her random blushes and her saying what Tessa likes to preen to?

Karen goes on to say that Hardin isn’t as bad as he seems. He’s just hurt and when ittle babies get boo boos they have to break things. I, uh, may have interjected some of my internal monologue in there. Tessa is changing him for the better blah blah blah. I have not seen any signs of change. He showed up for the meal but then acted like an actual child who needed treats to behave. That is not even the bare minimum of acceptable behavior.

Mari: Even if just showing up for dinner is supposed to be this woah big change deal, I wouldn’t say it was Tessa’s ~*influence*~ on Hardin? Like she literally just threatened and manipulated him to be here. 

Samantha: Karen hugs Tessa and blots her eyes, ending a masterful performance.

The next inner thoughts section is kind of a hot mess. Tessa stares out the window and thinks about how lucky Hardin is to have his family. “He is lucky to have them, us” Tessa thinks and that is an awkward phrasing.

“I would do anything for Hardin; even though I would deny it, I know it to be true.”

I guess she means she’d deny it out loud but its so strange to see basically “I don’t think it’s true but also it’s true” next to each other. (M: I feel so sorry for us, you guys.) THEN she thinks that Noah and her mom don’t care about her the same way that Hardin’s step-mom cares about him. Whut? Firstly, why are you with a boy that doesn’t care about you a lot? Why are you just chill about that? Second, you had one conversation with the woman, calm down with huge sweeping statements. Man, Karen REALLY sold her.

Mari: I figure it has something to do with the fact that Tessa believes that anyone who willingly spends time with Hardin must care for him? Because he’s awful? And love is putting up with your abusive men? Seems onbrand.

Samantha: Tessa makes her way into the house to see if she can find Landon or Hardin. She claims she’d be cool with whomever but I’m not buying it. She heads to Hardin’s room when she doesn’t find anyone and just turns the door handle. I’m torn because Hardin barges into her room all the time but damn, knocking is an option. What is with these people and basic door etiquette? It’s locked, which is the only reason she knocks. Hardin lets her in and then goes back to sitting in the window seat, brooding out at the storm, without saying a word. No, seriously.

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She eventually asks him why he stopped holding her hand at the dinner table. She wonders if it was because his dad offered her an internship and is rightfully confused because he also offered to help her with it.

“That just it Tessa,” he says and looks out the window again. “I want to be the one to help you, not him.”

Holy hell, everything really does have to be about Hardin at ALL TIMES. Tessa tells him it isn’t a competition and if it was, he offered first.

Mari: And it’s probably the same contact? And also Hardin is just barely not a child? So, who is he really getting a job? Like, calm down, drama queen.

Samantha: The wind and lightning get more ferocious outside and maybe Hardin is the Antichrist and can control the weather?

Tessa asks if she should have Tristan come pick her up and Hardin doesn’t understand how him wanting to help her makes her think she should leave. I mean, I guess that’s one way of looking at it. Tessa reminds him that he’s barely talking to her and also creating a storm with his mega moody powers. He tells her that she’s maddening because he doesn’t know what else to do. He held her hand one time and told her he wants to help her one time! Everything should be totally clear! God! Tessa is all, “wait he can’t be saying he like likes me right???” inside her head.

He tells her that he wants her more than anything ever and the air becomes charged around them because Hardin is def the son of Lucifer. It’s around now that I start frantically flipping ahead and see what kind of scene is about to start. Buckle up, dear readers.

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Mari: As always: I’m sorry, but I’m glad it isn’t me!

Samantha: Hardin starts to say that he knows she doesn’t feel the same way, because no one ever said the Antichrist had to be smart. Tessa interrupts him by pulling him close and asking him to kiss her. At least consent was given? He lays her down on the bench and gets on top of her and starts teasingly kissing her slowly and on her neck and stuff. He grinds down on her and “swallows my gasps” because they are his lifeforce! He rubs her over her tights and she thinks about how one touch puts her under his control. He asks what she wants him to do to her and she tells him anything. I cringe at the possibilities. She also notes that she doesn’t care about consequences, which can’t be true because she wigs out every time Noah thinks about dumping her cheating ass. He pulls of her tights and underwear and

“The cool air hits me and I buck my hips involuntarily.”

My brain first took this as she’s suddenly very cold so she’s major shivering but then then evil in my brain was all “no, I think she finds the cool air sexy and this is a sexy move”. So. Idk. Were it me (gag) I would be freezing and just want to get under the blankets. (M: Fair.)

He moves his fingers down her and licks them and asks if he can taste her. Tessa remembers the last time they were going to do this he was “cruel” and hopes he won’t ruin it. With his routine cruelty. He doesn’t make her say it and they head over to the bed. He smirks at her plain and cutesy bra as she takes off her dress and locks the door. He teases her for a bit and then goes down on her and its the most amazing. Then, weirdly, Anna Todd throws this in:

“Without my permission, Hardin slowly slides a finger inside me,”

Like. It’s weird that she thought it was sexy to blatantly point out that Hardin is doing something they hadn’t talked about in the previous conversation. (M: *BREATHES FIRE*) And then continues on with the scene like “ooh yeah, wasn’t that non-consent so good?” She even mentions that his finger causes an “uncomfortable sting”. The magical sexytime continues and the thunder booms around them in answer to its lord’s demands and Tessa orgasms.

Hardin lays down next to her and asks how it was and she thanks him. She’s worried about how vulnerable he’s seen her be now. He apologizes for not asking before using his fingers and it felt good so it’s totes okay with Tessa. She snuggles close to him and he pulls up the blankets, which surprises her because it’s considerate. They joke about getting back downstairs before everyone thinks they’re banging. Hardin gets turned on again as she’s getting dressed and Tessa is surprised again by this. And Anna Todd feels the need, AGAIN, to remind us that Tessa has no piercings, tattoos, and dresses conservatively. Karen interrupts their post-play fore-play by knocking on the door. She offers them dessert and I cheer Karen on for interrupting them and ending this chapter.

Mari: Karen is actually an angel, sent to monitor Lucifer’s son, got it.

Samantha: WE’RE ON TO YOU, KAREN. Save us!


Next time on After: What has Karen made for dessert??? in Chapter 49.


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  • Brooke

    Hardin being able to control lightning and thunder would make this story slightly more interesting.

    • I guess that was our first clue to it being untrue.

  • Alicia

    So, it is as I said last chapter, that Hardin’s step-mom would praise Tessa for even getting Hardin to show up in the first place, and pushing the “you’re so different than other girls” BS. Hardin didn’t show up because he WANTED to make amends with his family. He only showed up because he felt backed into a corner, and Tessa basically manipulated him. There is literally no change at all.

    Also, my fiance helps his mother do dishes and clean up after supper. If Hardin’s father and Landon never help Karen clean up after supper, well they are douches. I also thought I read somewhere that Anna Todd said her husband likes to cook. Why didn’t she incorporate that into this terrible fanfiction, that men are capable of cooking and cleaning up in the kitchen? At least that would have been something.

    Karen’s crying over EVERYTHING was another thing that really annoyed me. I mentioned it before, but this is supposed to be some sentimental moment that even other people are noticing Hardin’s -changed- behaviour, and now Tessa’s bringing their family closer. Sigh. It’s too bad that Hardin’s parents are ignorant to the real extent of Hardin and Tessa’s “relationship”.

    Ugh. The only reason that Tessa thinks her mom and Noah don’t care about her the same way Hardin’s family (and herself) cares about Hardin is becasue 1) her mom could spot a potentially abusive relationship from a mile away and tried to warn her, and 2) Noah’s boring. Noah…DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG TO HER. I don’t even know where she got the idea that Noah doesn’t care about her. Like, wtf? And Tessa being able to judge Karen’s entire personality by one conversation shows now naive and too trusting she is. Karen could just be putting on a show since Tessa’s a guest. Tessa knows nothing about the woman, except some basic stuff that she shared at dinner. It takes time to know someone, but even no matter how long you know them for, they can instantly turn into someone you didn’t expect. Tessa’s fucking horrible to the people who actually do care about her, but is always defending the one who treats her like shit.

    Seriously, what is it with these people and not knowing how to KNOCK ON A DAMN DOOR. I think it’s some of Todd’s crappy writing style, where she tries to build suspense by having characters just burst into a room without knocking to catch somebody doing something.

    Hardin literally makes everything about him. Tessa getting a job must be controlled by him because HE wants to be the one to “help” (control) her at all times, especially after he treats her like shit. If he “helps” her it gives him brownie points, also manipulates her (and the poor, dumb, naive readers) into thinking that he cares for her as more than a sex object. Even though they haven’t had sex yet. If someone is only nice to you some of the time, in real life most people get tired of someone like that after a while.

    Bucking the hips involuntarily is NOT a sexy move. Sure, I occasionally lift my hips but have never, EVER bucked. It’s also great now Tessa only things about Noah for one millisecond then forgets about him when Hardin touches her. You know, it also makes me sick. Because if this book were from Noah’s point of view, and Noah was the one who was cheating on Tessa with a “bad” girl, and if HE was forgetting about Tessa because the other girl was sexier and made him feel alive or whatever, I don’t think this book would have gotten as popular as it did. There would be more cries of Noah being a cheater and glamorizing cheating, than there are of Tessa being a cheater and glamorizing cheating.

    I am not really sure why Todd threw the “without my permission” in there. I think it was her mistake, a weird way of putting it, just more proof that no editors actually looked at this book in thorough detail. But my fiance doesn’t ask permission to kiss me, he doesn’t have to. It either happens or it doesn’t. Todd could have worded it, “And then he fingered me” and it wouldn’t have been as weird.

    Hurray for Karen interrupting another potential sexy-times scene. I wonder what would have happened if they were allowed to go on some more. I bet Tessa would have given Hardin a blow job so amazing that he comes in 0.5 seconds.

    • David Sagneri

      Right; I mean I don’t have anything against people realizing that a particular relationship isn’t for them. I can even understand how an inexperienced who’s never had sexual chemistry with someone before can be stupid and selfish and not have the integrity to end the other relationship before cheating, humans are good at lying to ourselves especially if we really want to, but you are absolutely right if this was reversed it wouldn’t have been treated as acceptable to people and if Noah so much as looks at another person I have no doubt that he would be condemned out of hand in this text. After all he’s not broken and in need of good woman to heal him.

      Just want to reiterate that if this was about people that weren’t awful (not Edward/Bella Christian/Anastasia Tessa/Hardin) I wouldn’t even condemn not-awful but somewhat callow not-Tessa to harshly as long as she stopped lying to herself and others and breaks up with Noah.

      Though I did just realize that Noah could be a proto-MRA and Hardin his own personal Chad Thundercock. I really really don’t want to know but is there a niche for MRA-fiction because write this from Noah’s perspective change it around and someone could cash in on MRA victimhood. Of course at the cost of never feeling clean again.

      • Alicia

        Yep, of course, some people date someone for a while and eventually realize that person isn’t for them or maybe they fell out of love with them. It happens. But if it takes CHEATING on them with someone else for that realization to hit…well…the other person deserved better anyway. Noah deserves better than cheating Tessa. I have fallen out of love with guys but I’d never cheat on them and it didn’t take another guy to make me realize it.

        Tessa should have ended things with Noah immediately when she realized she liked Hardin. Even if her and Hardin never ended up together (sigh, we wish) at least she could have also moved on from the Hardin situation and found someone who basically is a mix of Hardin and Noah, I guess, since that’s what she seems to want. A “bad” boy who is also nice to her. She’s constantly going on about how amazing it is when Hardin is nice but she hates when he’s cruel. She often wishes he was more like Noah, but then complains that Noah is boring. So yeah, talk about being really confused.

        The thing is, Anna Todd has no qualms about what she’s done by writing and publishing this and promoting it as a coming of age love story. She loves to brag about it in interviews as a One Direction fanfiction. She recently claimed she re-read After for the first time in a while, and you’d think if her writing skills grew, she would notice all the glaring mistakes and problem areas, right? Nope. Instead she would always post quotes from her book, badly written of course, not only with grammar but problematic content, along with sad faces as if her writing is so deep that it makes people sad. It does make me sad, but not for the reasons she thinks. So I don’t think she feels bad at all about the violence and abuse she’s made light of and promoted as “he’s mean to her cause he loves her and doesn’t know how else to show it” BS.

        As for an MRA fanfiction, again I’m not sure how well it would pan out with Noah as being the cheating prick instead of Tessa. It might get popular through negative attention. However, one could definitely make a satire of After, and in that, point out all the problem areas only with gender roles switched.

        • Mae

          “at least she could have also moved on from the Hardin situation and found someone who basically is a mix of Hardin and Noah, I guess, since that’s what she seems to want”

          Agreed. She tries to push Noah into being more physical like Hardin and that failed. Then she tries to force Hardin into being more like Noah and be nice to her. Either way, she’s trying to change people in ways that are unnatural to them. If she were a stronger character, she’d learn from this and realize that what she really wants is a sweet quiet guy she has sexual chemistry with and that neither of her boyfriends fit this bill so it’s time to move on.

          • Alicia

            She basically wants someone like Noah who she’s sexually attracted to. It seems like maybe she realized she’s not into Noah sexually. I think the relationship with her and Noah was kind of something she felt like she had to do because they’d been friends for so long and he was her only friend. But the minute she finally got out of her bubble and started showing interest in other guys, she should have broken up with Noah and saved him the grief of finding out he’d been cheated on. I’m sure at some point she thought she was in love with him, but then obviously it wasn’t strong enough to keep her from straying.

            The problematic thing here is, not only the cheating itself, but the fact that Todd pushes it as basically not officially cheating because Tessa and Hardin haven’t had sex yet. She seems to want us to believe that Tessa is always innocent and good, even though she is currently cheating on her boyfriend of 3 years. Any kind of intimate contact with someone other than your spouse is cheating, and any kind of emotional feelings (as in more than friends) for someone else is also a type of cheating. At least in my opinion.

  • David Sagneri

    I can’t help but to read Tessa as having some form of full blown personality disorder. Just can’t unlike Anastasia Steele who reads to me as dumb as a stump and mean. So see this clearly isn’t an awful rip-off of an awful rip-off of an awful original.

  • AmandaOoooh

    It’s only been a month?? They’ve been to like 45 parties already. I don’t even know what’s happening anymore.

    What weirded me out most about that line is… why WOULD he ask permission? I’ve never known a guy to ever STOP and say “hey babe, I know my face is already all up in your hooha but is it ok if I, you know, use my fingers?”

    • The Bad Slayer

      Agreed. The notation of lack of consent is what makes it weird, not him actually doing it.

      • It was her bringing it up, truly. Because if she’s thinking, “I didn’t give him permission…” it’s because she isn’t totally on board. I agree that I wouldn’t be weirded out by someone adding fingering to oral sex, but then, I know things about sex? The implied consent of the moment goes hand in hand with informed consent, and I think we can assume that Tessa is anything but informed. And for the author to bring it up in the middle of her sex scene is so strange to me. Why is she like this?

        • The Bad Slayer

          Because she’s a moron?

  • Joy

    One of my hugest ever pet peeves in sexy sex times is anatomical inaccuracy. The only reason one fucking finger should *sting* is because you have an infection of some kind, you have vaginismus, or because your hymen covers more of your vagina than it should, which you seriously should have found out by college because tampons are a thing.


    • But Tessa is pure and we need to signal that with as much stinging as possible.

      • Furious Strong

        My thoughts exactly – it’s supposed to indicate that she’s super-tight, which makes her more sexually desirable. Ugh.

    • Alicia

      But but Hardin’s touch gives her electricity or whatever, so maybe his fingers are emitting some sort of static electricity?

      • Joy

        That would make sense IF HE CAN CONTROL LIGHTNING!!!!

        • Alicia

          Damn, that’s true. So her hoohah either stings because Hardin’s emitting lightning from his fingers, or because she has a yeast infection. Guess we’ll never know.

          Though, tbh, the first time I was fingered, it did sting. I was a virgin before then though, as in nothing, not even a tampon had been up there (I thought they were weird back then). Something wrong with me? 🙁

          Btw, another thing authors don’t seem to understand is that fingering can break a hymen, as did happen to me so that’s probably why it stung, maybe? The hymen breaking has nothing to do with losing your virginity. So I don’t understand why, after most heroines in these novels have sex for the first time, even after being fingered, there’s blood on the sheets. That’s another thing that bothers me. Penis in vagina = virginity lost.

          • Joy

            OKAY! So. A well-lubricated, aroused vagina is good to go. Like, it’s so good to go that even if it is your first penetrative sex, you’ll maaaaaaaaybe feel a slight twinge? But the hymen doesn’t actually break. It’s an elastic membrane that stretches. It can stretch from physical activity, insertion of stuff (fingers, sex toys, tampons, penises, etc.) Typically, you don’t even bleed. You may have a bit of spotting, but the blood covering everything is a holdover from the idea that you need proof, or that dudes can just magically tell whether or not you’re “pure.”

            (As an aside, likewise, the hymen is at the entrance to the vagina and not halfway up like I’m convinced Ms. Todd is going to say it is.)

            HOWEVER. The myth that your first time is supposed to hurt is perpetuated because *mumbles*, and a lot of the time it’s not exactly comfortable for a vagina-holder because they’re NOT good to go. They’re not relaxed, or they’re not aroused enough, or they’re not lubricated yet. And chances are, first time, it’s going to take a little longer to be any of those things (although not necessarily).

            I do stand by my *should*. Based on how swampy Tessa is, she shouldn’t been like, “YES, A FINGER!” Unless she had a yeast infection or Hardin’s magical lightning fingers.

          • Alicia

            Oh okay, well I do know that in 50 Shades, after Christian and Ana had sex, there was blood on the sheets. But Christian shoved his dick roughly into her. Like BAM and it’s all in. Could that cause it to bleed or hurt? Hardin ~spoiler~ goes super slow with Tessa but there’s still blood on the sheets. I guess blood on the sheets is apparently supposed to be the universal cliche thing authors use to describe lost virginity. Thank you for the well informed reply though 🙂 good to know.

            And yeah, Hardin is always going on about how wet Tessa is for him (like how Christian would go on about how wet Ana is for him) even before stimulation down there starts. I guess she shouldn’t be feeling any pain if she’s so wet, then?

  • The_v_from_the_sub_B

    Retch. Puke. Barf. The WORST.

  • Mae

    “Karen goes on to say that Hardin isn’t as bad as he seems. […] Tessa is changing him for the better”
    Gee, the same thing Esme said to Bella about Edward. And same thing Grace said to Ana about Christian. Then Bella and Ana become the glue that holds the family together. Todd is so original. And Jesus, if rejoining a family dinner and saying a mumbled sorry is miraculous proof of change for the better, what the hell was he like at family dinners before Tessa?

    “THEN she thinks that Noah and her mom don’t care about her the same way that Hardin’s step-mom cares about him.”
    Again, this is very Twilight. The love interest’s family must ALWAYS be better than the heroine’s. How else would the author show that the heroine is moving up in the world if they weren’t better (and by better, I mean richer and more indulgent of every whim)? I fail to see how Noah doesn’t care about her though. This just feels like such a cheap ploy to show that Hardin is somehow better for her, even if it makes no sense based on what we’ve seen on the page.

    “She even mentions that his finger causes an “uncomfortable sting”.”
    What substance was on his hand that stings her lady-bits? I refuse to believe that one finger inside her vag when there’s been foreplay could hurt her, virgin or not. Unless we find out the truth is that he has giant sausage fingers coated in rubbing alcohol.

    • Alicia

      Haha, my thoughts exactly on the first point. Bella, Ana and Tessa are all miracle workers in changing their broken, sad (abusive) men. This is definitely a safe message we want to keep sending out to young, impressionable readers, because everyone wants a dark, brooding, mysterious, asshole, controlling guy these days I suppose.

      I also was questioning like, where the hell she ever got the idea that Noah doesn’t care about her? Pretty sure he calls and texts her and they skype and stuff? There’s been no indication up until now that Noah doesn’t care about Tessa. Todd literally just made that up off the top of her head, as another point against Noah to make readers want to root for Tessa to dump Noah and be with Hardin.

      One finger shouldn’t hurt if Tessa is as wet as Hardin claims she is. He says this about her every time, too. So not sure what’s with the stinging thing.

  • Sarah

    Everyone around this asshole have just been enabling him his entire life, haven’t they? Though given his behaviour extends to shouting and throwing things in public, and the zero-tolerance rules in place in schools over the past decade or two, I’m at a loss to how he hasn’t been arrested and charged at any point. I mean, even if his father is some kind of local hotshot that takes advantage of the old boys’ club*, once the cops get involved corporate legal takes over and generally does not care if you played football with the mayor in high school or whatever. I wouldn’t necessarily expect him to get jail time** but SOMETHING should have happened by now!

    *Which needs to be demolished, and badly, but that’s another rant.
    ** Another rant, yet.

    • Alicia

      Basically everyone in Hardin’s life has never punished him, ever, as you’ll see later in the series. He does some shit that’s kind of serious and his big-shot daddy gets him out of it. Every time. Karen just sees him as a sad, angry boy that needs a girl like Tessa to come along and sweep him off his feet, and I’m not sure about his mother since we don’t know much about her yet. And well, we all know that Tessa constantly lets Hardin get away with his behaviour towards her which is why he keeps doing it.

      • Sarah

        That could’ve still been decent characterization if character development were any part of this. (I’m going to guess it isn’t.) But that would require, at minimum, Tessa to have some sense, Hardin to either be the villain or grow up, and this not to be a romance. That shit isn’t romantic it’s a sign to run away from someone who could well be your future murderer.

        • Alicia

          Yeah, I mean if Hardin was hurt and lonely and stuff but then started acting decent and you know, actually changing himself for the better when Tessa came along as his inspiration, that’s one thing. But he doesn’t ever change and it’s because as you said, everyone just enables him. No one ever says “Hardin I think you should get some help” because they know he’ll flip out. Tessa says it a couple of times but more offhandedly and not really serious. Also, you’d think she would wait until he was actually a better person and not a complete dick towards her all the time before getting serious with him, but nope. I see nothing romantic about this couple so far. It’s all just a sexual attraction, nothing more. Which, again, would also be okay, if she would realize that it’s just sexual, not real feelings. She’s mistaking lust for love. She could either dump Noah and stay as Hardin’s sexual partner, or run away from Hardin, but I don’t see anything charming about him that would make her want to try for more.

          • Sarah

            I know someone who used to be violent and angry like Hardin, lashing out whenever he didn’t like even the smallest thing.

            He got charged with something and tried his ‘throw things and bellow intimidation’ bit on the judge.

            He wound up face-down on the courtroom floor with two constables on top of him and court-mandated anger-management therapy while in juvie. Behold, reality.

          • Alicia

            Yep, that is what would happen if this book took place in any semblance of reality. However, Anna Todd doesn’t feel like writing about any legal repercussions that Hardin would actually face, so any contact that Hardin has with the police or a judge is minimal to zero.

            At some point in this series (sorry for spoilers, I think it’s in book 2) but Hardin goes to find Zed at school and harass him over something to do with Tessa because of course, in this “drama” we need to have male characters fight over the main female character constantly. So they end up in a physical fight and destroy school property. Hardin gets a few hours in a jail cell, up until Tessa begs Zed (who is in the hospital because of Hardin) not to charge Hardin, (which of course he agrees bc of his feelings for Tessa) and Hardin’s chancellor daddy bails him out. I don’t think he suffers any consequences, at all. When he gets out of jail, he’s STILL angry. I forget what happens directly afterwards, though.