Snark Squad Pod #001: Riverdale

Sweeney: As you’ve no doubt guessed from the title of this post: WE STARTED A PODCAST. Because of course we did.

In our ongoing quest to do ALL THE THINGS this has always been on the list. We’ve had a few different ideas for what a Snark Squad Podcast might look like, but we finally arrived at this. Two of us (Sweeney & Mari) chatting about some piece of media every week.

Partially, this is a way of helping us tackle all the things – in our inaugural episode we discuss the first season of The CW’s Riverdale, something that would’ve taken us months in recap form. Partially, this is just a way of trying something new, which is one of our favorite activities.

We are, of course, still figuring out how this podcast thing works, but we hope you’ll join us as we do that. And, of course, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode below!

You can subscribe to us on iTunes orΒ use this RSS feed to subscribe with your podcast app of choice.

Let us know if you guys have any suggestions for what we should cover in future episodes.

Thanks to Stefan Chin for our fancy theme music.


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  • Samantha

    I’m so proud to be part of this site and to be a fan of this site and you wonderful ladies and friends. It’s so exciting to see it evolve and grow and I can’t wait to dive into this episode after work!

  • Karen

    This is delightful. I’ve never watched Riverdale, but what I’ve heard made me want some Snark Lady Opinions on it. I’m pleasantly surprised how much you guys liked it. Also, I just love hearing you guys talking together. It’s so fun.

    • me too, tbh! I was surprised by how well done the first season was. The second has been a little more scatted, in terms of quality, but I enjoy these characters enough not to mind.

  • Blinvy .

    I’ll have to wait until I’m home but I can’t wait to listen to this! I got into the first season of Riverdale because of how silly it all was. It was my guilty pleasure show. Still is but I’m not enjoying season 2 quite as much as I enjoyed the first season.

    • YUP. We have a whole group of friends who come over to watch each week. Season 2 has not been as good – more filler, I think as a result of the full 22 episode order – but still plenty fun.

  • The Bad Slayer

    So, I’ll be completely honest, I could not care less about Riverdale. Just not something that interests me. I do, however, have a great interest in snark squad and LOVED the episode! I’ve long thought your recaps would be better as podcasts simply because I think it would be less time consuming on your part (I don’t know if it’s true, just an assumption) (also, how noble of me!) And thus we could get more Snark (that’s my real motivation)!

    Truly though, I loved it, I am so excited for more.

    • You’re definitely correct about the time thing. This is still a little time consuming to edit, but it’s a time commitment that’s pretty comparable to one episode recap, whereas we covered an entire season, so YES, you are right.

      Anyway: THANK YOU! <3

  • Arian_foe

    Guys, this is a great idea! I don’t watch Riverdale but I wonder if you are planning to do this on other series that you started doing doing (and have kinda stopped due lack of time?) like Pretty Little Liars or Charmed

    • That’s an interesting idea! I’ll defer to Mari on this one, but my guess is that we would still want to complete those things as recaps, mostly for the sake of… completion? BUT it’s also quite likely that we’ll occasionally do an episode about some shows that we’ve covered on the blog. It is not realistic for us to consume an entire season of television for the podcast every week forever (we’re also not just doing TV, but that’s not the point) so we’re in the process of brainstorming some ideas for ways to revisit some stuff from around the blog.

      • Arian_foe

        yeah, completion would be great, since I love your recaps, I was thinking more on the lines of lack of time, you are recapping an amazing number of shows and Real Life happens :/ so these podcasts could be useful when you don’t have enough time for some recaps πŸ˜‰

  • Lilly Adzler

    Great podcast! I stopped watching Riverdale after the fourth episode because of how badly Mrs. Grundy was handled. However, I did like a lot of the corny things in the show, like Veronica wearing a pearl necklace to bed. ;p Oh, I noticed you two tended to say “like” and “um” a lot. Watch out for that.

    • I honestly almost quit after episode 4…! I mean, I couldn’t really because I committed to this thing but I was very not happy.

      It happens again in episode two with the likes and ums, but I think we both try to be better about it in episode 3. I tend to fill my speech and writing with lots of qualifiers. It’s always something I’m catching while editing posts and videos, but with a podcast, I just have to not say it. WISH US LUCK.

  • Arian_foe

    Guys, are you okay? In Spain we are having a normal, winter, maybe on the warm side, but how are you with the cold wave on America? I’ve seen on the news about Florida and on the other hand the extreme heath wave on Australia . I know this has nothing to do with the post, just wondering after watching the international news these days :/

    • THINGS ARE WILD OUT THERE. I’m near Miami so while we had a little cool down here, nothing outside of the norm, thank goodness. I can answer that Sweeney and Kirsti are also safe. Thank you for checking in on us and hope all is well with you!

      • Arian_foe

        Glad to hear that! Here in Spain is all okay

  • I’m so excited I get to add Snark Squad to my podcasts subscriptions! Can’t wait to give this a listen on my next day off. <3

    • Thank you! Hope you enjoy it and honestly thank you for all your support over the years <3

      • It was delightful! I love listening to you two chatting about stuff, and I personally thought the whole ‘figuring this new thing out’ aspect was charming. I’m very excited to hear more, and watch (listen) to the newest addition of Snark grow and evolve.

        Also, this website and everyone involved are such a huge and influential part of my life. The community here has not only taught me so much and helped me grow as a person, but has also just been a comfort and a source of friendship for me when I’ve been alone and at my lowest points in life. OF COURSE you have my support, and if there’s ever anything else I can do to help, just let me know. <3

  • Friiiiiiiiiends! Thank you for making something so delightful for my earholes that makes my hearthole feel warm and fuzzy.