#snarkathon – Highlander

Many moons ago, when #snarkathon was consistent, some brave soul kept suggesting Highlander. When my dear friend Nick Jenkins mentioned covering the Highlander movies on his podcast, Reel Bad, I proposed a sort of crossover event for the first movie. This movie, I was assured, was “not actually bad” but necessary to discuss in order to get to the sequels.

Friends, I was lied to.

Normally, this is the part where we would do a recap of the film, followed by some of our favorite tweets from the #snarkathon. However, I’ve already suffered through this film once for the live tweet AND discussed it at length as a guest on the podcast. What’s more, we’re gonna make this a full and complete crossover event.

AND SO, in lieu of the recap, here is the episode of Reel Bad, complete with 60 second plot dump, and a wide array of feelings:

And now, of course, here is Highlander as we all experienced it on Twitter:

Thanks for joining us, friends! Our next #snarkathon (chosen by our pals in the Discord *ahem*) will be Center Stage. Join us at noon ET on Saturday, March 3rd to relive some dance movie magic.

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  • Joy

    Oh, it’s bad. At least the show had Adrian Paul going for it.

  • Blinvy .

    I missed this one and I’m sad but I am so here for watching Center Stage. I’ve never seen it and it would be fun getting to experience it with a bunch of people.

    I loved all of the comments on this but I think I love the last comment best:

    “The prize is being able to “well, actually” everyone, I guess. #snarkathon
    — NonCompliantSamantha (@SamanthaSpice91) February 3, 2018″
    I legit laughed out loud. Worst. Prize. Ever. No one wants to be around an Actual Lee. Even worse is Tobe Fair.