Be Our Snarky Guest

We receive occasional requests to participate or submit new material, and for a long time we weren’t entirely sure what to do with those requests. With as much time as we pour into this site, we are excited about the possibility of sharing the snark responsibilities with others, and the chance to introduce hilarious bloggers to a new audience.



Some submission guidelines:

  • Posts should be stand-alone. We are not accepting submissions to series in-progress (possible exception for CT Books) or new series proposals. (Because our cover-one-day wishlist is already FOREVER long.)
  • We prefer to receive submissions as Google Docs that you share with us ( team [at] snarksquad [dot] com). This makes it easier for both of us to have access, and give any feedback.
  • Please know that submissions are likely to receive some editing in order to better fit the tone of the site. We will get your approval on all edits before posting, but if you are very attached to your words as they are, submitting to this site might not be a good fit.
  • Try to keep submissions under 2000 words.
  • Please submit completed drafts, rather than pitch ideas.
  • Keep in mind, however, that we can’t guarantee that we will publish submissions. If we don’t publish, we will try to give helpful feedback, explaining that decision.

Because snarking aint easy, we also have a few tips:

  • Self-deprecating humor goes a long way.
  • We’re not down with anything that needlessly picks on large groups of people for factors beyond their control. (Basically, don’t be a racist, sexist asshole.)
  • It is, however, perfectly acceptable (and a common thing around here) to point out the ways in which an author or a show either unfairly picks on, or unfairly stereotypes/overlooks large groups of people. By all means, mock them mercilessly for being assholes and/or willfully ignorant.
  • There is an important line between our “give a little gif” policy and becoming a Tumblr post.

Just writing that felt a tad obnoxious, but we’re trying to cover all of our bases. If, after that, you are still interested in contributing to, please email us at team [at] snarksquad [dot] com.

Happy snarking!


  • So, what shows should we snark about, if we were interested?

    • Melodie Hatley

      I don’t think they are looking for shows, but rather stand alone things like books or movies. Maybe if you do some books/movies and they like it, and you have an idea for a tv series, they may ask later. I can only imagine that it’s hard to sit and read through things and edit them for the blog, in addition to writing one’s own blog posts.

      • I’m pretty sure you must be fluent in Snarky Ladyese. Thank you, and yes, that’s what we were thinking. We’ll have to tweak the wording some. It’s unclear because we were never entirely clear about what we were looking for.

        • Melodie Hatley

          Yay! Snark Ladyese is a dialect of GAFFese (or maybe the other way around?), which is where I first learned to snark… by snarking bad fanfiction.

          Also reading the comments below this, yay for y’all commenting on guest posts too, woo! 🙂

    • Late reply is late! More or less what Melodie just said — we are trying to snark more movies, for example. Netflix is a gold mine of crap movies that never should have been made. Starting a series is an epic commitment, so part of why we did this was to say that if people wanted to contribute, it would make infinity times more sense to do so with some sort of stand alone post.

  • I’d be interested- I definitely enjoy snarking bad movies! But question- since your posts here are all dialogues between snark ladies, I feel l like it might be a bit hard to capture the site’s tone in a post written by just one person. What do you think?

    • We will clarify this in the guidelines above, but the reason we are only taking on stand-alone submissions is because we (Sweeney and I) will be commenting on the posts! So our hypothetical guest snarker will submit their fully written post, Sweeney and I will add our comments and viola! Hope that clarifies.

      These questions are super helpful for us too, so that we know where we need to communicate more clearly. 🙂

  • If you’re still accepting submissions, do you guys have any examples of standalone posts that have not been submitted by the team?