Childhood Trauma Books

The original Snark Squad mission statement was to blog our way through “the books that ruined us for life.” While we adopted “The Snark Squad” from the outset, Childhood Trauma was the original blog name. So here it is: the place where we rip our childhood memories to shreds, and nostalgia comes to die. You can poke through all of those posts, or browse by series:

The Baby-Sitters Club | Sweet Valley High | Goosebumps | The Nancy Drew Files | The Boxcar Children

Goosebumps #039 “How I Got My Shrunken Head” – Island Edition thumbnail
Sweet Valley High #015 “Promises” – Shared milk. thumbnail
Give Yourself Goosebumps #01 “Escape From the Carnival of Horrors” – Adult Choices thumbnail
Sweet Valley High #014 “Deceptions” – Possible crime. thumbnail
BSC #019 “Claudia and the Bad Joke” – PTSD thumbnail
Goosebumps #003 “Monster Blood” – Or I told you cats are evil. thumbnail
BSC #018 “Stacey’s Mistake” – Poor people are gross, but at least they’re useful for contrivance! thumbnail
Sweet Valley High #013 “Kidnapped” – It’s not as bad as you think. thumbnail
Bad Decisions & False Choices: EXTRAS! thumbnail
100th POST PARTY: Bad Decisions & False Choices [VLOG] thumbnail
BSC #017 “Mary Anne’s Bad-Luck Mystery” – Trapped in middle school for the rest of forever thumbnail
Sweet Valley High #012 “When Love Dies” – It’s my job to make fun of this, okay? thumbnail
Nancy Drew Files #006 “White Water Terror” – Someone’s trying to kill you, FYI. thumbnail
BSC #016 “Jessi’s Secret Language” – More fun with stereotypes! thumbnail
Sweet Valley High #011 “Too Good to be True” – Out creeping the creepster. thumbnail