Baby-Sitters Club

As a child, my membership to Scholastic’s official Baby-Sitters Club was just one of the many ways I made my parents waste their money. Once a month I received four of these books, along with some other random crap like stickers. As an eight-year-old, I did not question the adulthood or authority of the girls who were trapped in the eighth grade for eternity. Even then, however, I knew that Kristy Thomas was a total bitch. I also learned about diabetes from Stacey and as she’s supposed to be the gorgeous blonde city girl, it perplexed me for longer than I’d care to admit that diabetes was actually associated with weight problems.

Revisit the tragic #firstworldproblems shared by your former fictional besties and a few snarky bloggers.

BSC #001 “Kristy’s Great Idea”- Don’t leave the dryer near the tub. thumbnail
BSC #002 “Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls” – So, what are you wearing? thumbnail
BSC #003 “The Truth About Stacey”- Cupcakes are delicious, yo. thumbnail
BSC #004 “Mary Anne Saves The Day” – …by calling someone else to do it for her. thumbnail
BSC #005 “Dawn and the Impossible Three” – Or really just Dawn and a single mother going through a bad divorce thumbnail
BSC #006 “Kristy’s Big Day” – Yes, even her mother’s wedding has to be about her. thumbnail
BSC #007 “Claudia and Mean Janine”- Or why I hate absolutely everyone in Ann M. Martin’s fictional world. thumbnail
BSC #008 “Boy Crazy Stacey” – Or #hosuspension!!! thumbnail
BSC #009 “The Ghost At Dawn’s House” – Or the moment I wished R. L. would come to Stoneybrook. thumbnail
BSC #010 “Logan Likes Mary Anne” – Because she wants to hug every cat. thumbnail
BSC #011 “Kristy and the Snobs” – We judge books by their covers. thumbnail
BSC #012 “Claudia and the New Girl” – Or Jesus Christ, what a heinous bitch. thumbnail
BSC #013 “Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye” – Or seriously, good-bye already! thumbnail
BSC #014 “Hello, Mallory” – Or, Hello, Blatant Bigotry thumbnail
BSC #015 – “Little Miss Stoneybrook…and Dawn” – Another book, more dubious values. thumbnail