Reader Beware: these book are nothing like you remember them. While the book covers are still creepy as ever, the truth is that the books responsible for more than one nightmare or childhood trauma just aren’t all that scary. Confusing? Yep. Illogical? Definitely. Riddled with sexual innuendo, bad parenting and contrivances? Yes, yes and yes. But still, entertaining as all hell. Plus, we’re pretty sure RL Stine is in love with us.

Revisit all the thrills and chills with the Snark ladies.

100th POST PARTY: Bad Decisions & False Choices [VLOG] thumbnail
Bad Decisions & False Choices: EXTRAS! thumbnail
Give Yourself Goosebumps #01 “Escape From the Carnival of Horrors” – Adult Choices thumbnail
Goosebumps #001 “Welcome to Dead House” –  Or “Yay Death!” thumbnail
Goosebumps #002 “Stay Out of the Basement!” – That’s where I keep my stash. thumbnail
Goosebumps #003 “Monster Blood” – Or I told you cats are evil. thumbnail
Goosebumps #004 Say Cheese and Die! – Or people really shouldn’t let me borrow their camera thumbnail
Goosebumps #007 “Night of the Living Dummy” – Or where the hell is Slappy in this damn book?! thumbnail
Goosebumps #012 “Be Careful What You Wish For” – And stay away from old ladies. thumbnail
Goosebumps #014: “The Werewolf of Fever Swamp” – Or this is your body on puberty. thumbnail
Goosebumps #016 “One Day at Horrorland” – Or none of this would have happened in the 21st century. thumbnail
Goosebumps #017 “Why I’m Afraid of Bees” – Or why I’m afraid of awful books. thumbnail
Goosebumps #019 “Deep Trouble”- Or where’s Jaws when you really, really need him? thumbnail
Goosebumps #026 “My Hairiest Adventure” – Well, this is embarrassing. thumbnail
Goosebumps #028 “The Cuckoo Clock of Doom”- I Said “CLOCK!” thumbnail