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SnarkTube #002 – Bless Her Heart.

by Marines October 8, 2013 Sentiments
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In the first Snark Tube post I mentioned that (Emmy Winning!!) Lizzie Bennett Diaries was one of the reasons we first started toying with this forever ago. I’m pretty excited, then, that we managed to get this idea off the ground just before they started Emma Approved. After the success of the P&P adaptation, this was the most obvious choice and I’m not just saying that because Emma is my favorite forever. She’s just so obviously the one who would be most likely to start a vlog, in large part because she’s the most self-absorbed of the lot.

Jane Austen described her as a character that only she would like, so it’s not really surprising that people seem annoyed with her vloggy incarnation.

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SnarkTube #001 – WTF is with the musical displays?

by Sweeney September 28, 2013 Sentiments
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Lor and I have been discussing the idea of a new series, of sorts, in which we can discuss random YouTube videos which catch our attention. I think the idea first came to us during The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. We wanted a way to be able to say, “Hey, here’s this cool thing we’re watching,” but LBD episodes didn’t really lend themselves to recapping, what with them being so short. But, you know, it would have been great to establish some sort of precedent/category on the site for us to discuss, for example, Darcy Day. Or the Catching Fire trailers. Or the thousand other flail/rage worthy things that come across the internet that we want to bring to you so that we can all sit around and discuss how we feel about them because obviously Lorraine and I have lost any other way to process such feelings because nobody else in our lives understands why we have so many feelings about fictional things.

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