Pretty Little Liars

Snark Squad Founder Sara took a little bit of a leave of absence from the site while she did some important stuff, like get married. For the site’s two-year-anniversary, she was poised to make a comeback and knew exactly what show she wanted us to cover: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. “Trust me,” she said. “It’ll be great.”

A million secrets, a thousands suspects, hundreds of non-plots and some of the worst outfits we’ve ever seen later, here we are. Sara is watching the series for the second time, before this project Lorraine saw one season before quitting and Sweeney is our resident Snow. (We use “Snow” lightly because ABC Family is famous for having the most spoiler-rific adverts ever. Still, try and keep the comments spoiler free!)

Join us as we try and figure out the show’s big mystery. No, not the identity of A, but rather, WHY HASN’T ANYONE MOVED?