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Season 2

Supergirl S02 E06 – Really good crying.

by Marines May 4, 2017 Season 2
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We start in Svalbaro, Norway at the Thorul Arctic Research Center. A lady scientist finds a Dr. Jones, as there is something he needs to see. Dr. Jones is played by William Mapother, who has guest starred in a bunch of stuff, was on Lost and is Tom Cruise’s little cousin. (C: I wouldn’t put that particular detail on my resume.) We cut to a lab where there is a dead wolf on a table. The lady scientist explains that they found an arrowhead in it, dating back to 3000 B.C. Dr. Jones kind of waves off the discovery, as they are climate change experts not archaeologists, but lady scientist invites Dr. Jones to touch the dead wolf. Despite having been trapped under the ice for 5,000 years, the wolf is warm.

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Supergirl S02 E05 – Gun control

by Catherine April 24, 2017 Season 2
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Hey, so it’s been a while! I don’t really know why. I do know that I always see people squeeing about this show on Twitter, and I’m not sure if it’s because it’s gotten better in season two or if we are seriously not watching the same show.

Catherine: SAME. I have friends who watch this and tell me it’s amazing. I’m so bored. What are we missing? 

Samantha: Maybe it’s one of those shows that just really really falls apart upon recapping but works if you just mindlessly enjoy it?

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Supergirl S02 E04 – Super not even trying.

by Catherine January 16, 2017 Season 2
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We open on Daxam on The Day that Krypton Died. Fireballs are raining down on the planet and Mon-El and the Prince are running. They find a Kryptonian Ship that some dead emissaries left behind. Mon-El insists that the Prince escape in it but the Prince admits he cannot fly it. Mon-El gets in to pre-program the destination and then the Prince shut him in because he’s wounded and wants to go down with his planet.

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Supergirl S02 E03 – Representation?

by Marines December 6, 2016 Season 2
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DEO. Supergirl is still being choked by Kryptonian Coma Guy [KCG]. He flips her through some glass and runs out from his medical area. The DEO agents are both incompetent and puny, so they easily tossed aside by the super strong KCG, who seems to have all the same powers as the Supers. Alex shows up and I promise you she cannot successfully wield a gun or take down a bad guy unless we are at least 30 minutes into an episode. So, instead of taking the guy down, she just yells, “FREEZE!” KCG jumps out the window, lands unharmed, and super runs his way all the way into the title card.

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