Meet The Snark Squad

The Snark Squad came together in 2011, like an epic girl band — but instead of musical talent we have a shared love of pop culture, sarcasm, and booze. We started out recapping the awful books we read as children under the name “Childhood Trauma.” Then we realized that our snark-colored glasses have effectively ruined us for life, demanding that we mock the new as well as the old.

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Snark Captains:

Marines (all posts)

I'm a 20-something south Floridan who loves the beach but cannot swim. Such is my life, full of small contradictions and little trivialities. My main life goals are never to take life too seriously, but to do everything I attempt seriously well. After that, my life goals devolve into things like not wearing pants and eating all of the Zebra Cakes in the world. THE WORLD.

Sweeney (all posts)

I collect elaborate false eyelashes, panda gifs, and passport stamps. I earned my MA in Global Communications and watching too many YouTube videos. Now people pay me to edit YouTube videos. The circle of life. Reconciling my aversion to leaving the house/wearing pants with my deep desire to explore everything is my life's great struggle.

Series Contributors:

Kirsti (all posts)

I'm a 30-something librarian and I still live with my parents because I'm super broke. Leader of Team Heartless Cow. I have an inexplicable love for 90s television, eat too much chocolate, and tweet about the random crap that happens to me on public transport more than I should.

Sara (all posts)

I'm a married old lady of 25 who is currently pregnant and eating all the things. ALL THE THINGS. I work full time and consider myself "in between" semesters of college, because that sounds better than, "I have 8 classes left and just can't force myself to finish." There's a whole lot of Internet out there, and I plan on reading all of it before I die.

DemocracyDiva (all posts)

I'm a J.D. by day/blogger by night who directs her snark and judgment primarily towards celebrities and their many red carpet mishaps. Blogging from the style capital of the world (just kidding - I live in DC), I rant and rave over the best and worst in fashion and pop culture.

Stephanie (all posts)

I'm a miniature adult who still gets offered the kid's coloring menu at restaurants. I like to pretend I'm an illustrator, but mostly I spend my time complaining about TV on Twitter. My life dream is to have my consciousness placed into an android body so that I'll have more time to watch/read things.

Alex (all posts)

I'm a thirty-year-old postgrad living in Scotland. When I'm not writing (which, between my degree and Snark Squad, is almost never) I watch entirely too much TV, and live in constant fear of the day that I run out of things to watch.

Anna May (all posts)

19-year-old writer, blogger, musician, YouTuber and pretentious idiot studying Creative Writing at UEA (read: preparing for a career in Starbucks). Other occupations include panicking about the future, drawing on anything that sits still long enough and having heated arguments about Doctor Who.

Jessica (all posts)

I'm a chronic book nerd and love storytelling in all forms. I'm particularly excited by the rise of the television show as an art form with long, cinematically beautiful plots and complex character arcs (I also watch cartoons). My travels in the past handful of years have led me through three continents and most recently landed me among the majestic mountains of Colorado. Some day I will compile all my travel journals/blogs into one place. Some day. Until then, you can find me with craft beer in hand, ready at any moment to deeply and passionately discuss survival tactics for the zombie apocalypse.

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  • You guys are awesome! I love snark and I anticipate that I shall fall in love with your blog very soon!! :))

  • RW High

    The Fifty Shades of Grey you have going on here is absolutely BRILLIANT. I suppose it doesn’t take much to pick apart such drivel as what EL James gives us, but you gals do it with wit and aplomb to rival SNL or something like it. Thanks – keep up the good work!

  • Alice

    Loving this. Should you ever need another squad member, my blog is filled with snark. I review bad children’s TV shows and am currently slogging through book 3 of the crap that is Fifty Shades. Very funny stuff!
    aliceatwonderland at wordpress dot com

  • Summer

    I just stumbled across this site and I am now totally in love. I’m so glad that I finally found people who found 50 Shades as un-sexy, horribly written and creepy as I did. You ladies are my heros!

    • Thank you!! We’re super glad you found us too. Us people who find Fifty Shades creepy have to band together. It’s the only way to survive the trauma.

      Welcome and we hope you enjoy the site. 🙂

  • sfkzra

    Best blog ever. Always puts a smile on my face, even on the darkest of days. You gals are awesome! 🙂

    • Thank you! Comments like these make US smile, so we appreciate people who take the time. 🙂

  • shackmammy

    Hi ladies! I found this blog a while back and love love love your humor! Now that the Fifty Shades of Asshole movie is out I feel like the least I can do is share it with all the poor bishes who keep gushing about how OMG the best thing eveeer! ugh. But thank you! You guys are hilarious!

    • Thank you so much! So glad you found us and we really appreciate you sharing our recaps. THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW.

  • hostile17

    This site is very cool but why are there no guy contributors?