This moment brought to you by Tumblr.

The thing about watching TV shows that have been off the air for years and established cult like following, as we do, is that you will inevitably be at least a little spoiled. The most likely culprit is Tumblr. We love Tumblr. Some moments are iconic and you see a millionty gifsets of those moments without ever seeing the show. We Snows flail a little when we see those moments placed in their proper context.

Game of Thrones S07 E04 – Many. Things. thumbnail
Supergirl S02 E04 – Super not even trying. thumbnail
Game of Thrones S06 E09 – It’s basically Woodstock. thumbnail
Game of Thrones S06 E07 – Long Live Princess Bearboss thumbnail
Game of Thrones S06 E01 – It’s tradition. thumbnail
Supernatural S05 E11 – Here are some gifs. thumbnail
Doctor Who S04 E05 – Dull potatoes. thumbnail
Dawson’s Creek S03 E19 – HMAS Pacephine thumbnail
Dawson’s Creek S03 E16 – Pacey is no Duckie. thumbnail
Game of Thrones S05 E05 – Dragon dinner thumbnail
Dawson’s Creek S03 E14 – Jen the Vampire Slayer thumbnail
Supernatural S03 E11 – Tuesdays are the worst. thumbnail
Doctor Who S01 E08 – Don’t cross the streams thumbnail
Supernatural S02 E15 – Dickheads beware thumbnail
Pretty Little Liars S04 E05 – Memory Lane thumbnail