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I feel a little FLASHBACK coming on

Designated Survivor S01 E11 – Untrustworthy acting.

by Dani April 20, 2017 Designated Survivor
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We start where we left off, with Hannah making her way through the crowd, looking for the shooter. She pulls out her gun, someone yells “gun,” there is sudden, general chaos, Hanna fires at the window. Her bullet hits the window frame and the sniper is still able to fire his own bullet. Secret Service agents take Hannah down. Tom pushes Alex down to safety. He looks at her and notices that there is blood on her shirt. He tells her she’s been shot, but the blood isn’t hers. It’s his. Tom looks at his shoulder and he’s like, “oh shit.”

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BrainDead S01 E09 – Friends, Not Food

by Dani October 7, 2016 BrainDead
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Our singing recapper (the fabulous Jonathan Coulton) gets a small cameo in this week’s “previously on” bit. But then he gets infected by space bugs, and his head explodes, so I guess the exposure won’t exactly boost his career now.

We begin with Rochelle and Laurel staring at the mysterious SRB-54 door that the guy who attacked Rochelle went through after they released him in the last episode. Laurel prepares a fake package and tries to scope out the room when she delivers it. She spots Dr. Samira, the guy who testified that Syria was behind the exploding heads (even though they weren’t), but then the rude guy who opened the door (Jacob Pitts, Justified) slams it in her face.

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Pretty Little Liars S05 E14 – Stranger danger whistle

by Jessica September 7, 2016 Pretty Little Liars
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It’s 3 months later from last episode, because they don’t want to do Christmas or winter anymore. (S: Yeah, this time jump was jarring.) We open on Mona’s funeral. Our four Liars walk out of the church, commenting on the contents of the casket, which does not include a body. Nothing has been found out since Mona’s disappearance/murder, and Spencer has been the only arrest. She’s negative about the chances of the Bethany letter they discovered last episode making any difference. She thinks they should have told Detective Tanner about the perceived Holbrook/Alison affair, but Toby says Tanner wouldn’t believe them and “needs to find out on her own.”

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Doctor Who S04 E11 – Past and Future Feelings

by Kirsti July 31, 2016 Doctor Who
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Future, at an unidentified Asian locale. (K: Hooray! Not!White places are always exciting to me.) Donna and the Doctor are walking through a market and generally being so damn happy and adorable that it hurts me. We know that the Doctor has all of these adventures with his companions and we, as the audience, seem to stop in on them when things go wrong. They reference, though, and there is this sense that there are other, generally “normal” adventures. I know everything is about to go to shit in one moment, but this brief moment of pure travel adventure gave me feelings.

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Supernatural S05 E22 – I’m your density!

by Kirsti July 6, 2016 Season 5
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That’s right, friends. It’s the final episode of the season, and that means it’s time for the previouslies to take us right back to the beginning and remind us of all the major plot points from the past five seasons that may prove relevant here. But mostly it means a full minute of jamming to Kansas because I have not so secretly terrible taste in music.

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Eclipse Chapter 03 – Vampiraptor!

by Catherine July 6, 2016 Books
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So every chapter of this book is roughly 30 pages long so far. I want you to really think about that, friends. 30 pages. There are chapters in War and Peace that are shorter than that.

Anyway! This endless nonsense begins with Edward and Bella getting back to Forks from their trip to Florida. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Edward and Bella went all the way to Florida on a trip that probably lasted days and Meyer had the restraint to leave it out!?

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Game of Thrones S03 E03 – Big mistake. HUGE.

by Catherine May 17, 2016 Game of Thrones
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The previouslies for this episode take us way back to last season when that one prostitute killed that Unsullied dude, Sam and Gilly left, and Sansa learned all about Lyanna Stark. Also, other stuff that happened last episode, I think. I’m not sure. It’s been 6 seasons, and it’s all really starting to blend together.

Anyway! The credits that I’ve never had to pay this close of attention to before take us to King’s Landing, Pyke, Poor Winterfaux with it’s little flayed man symbol, The Wall and across the narrow sea to Dothraki territory and Meereen.

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Game of Thrones S06 E02 – Jesus Jon Superstar

by DemocracyDiva May 5, 2016 Game of Thrones
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The previouslies are a warning to the audience: you definitely don’t remember any of this stuff. Theon’s dad and sister! Lord Karstark getting beheaded by a still-alive Robb! Bran knows a really smart bird!

Credits take us to Kings Landing, and then throw PYKE at us. Then Flayed Winterfaux, The Wall That Killed Our Dreams, Braavos, and Meereen. Yay, no Dorne! This episode is off to a great start.

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Grey Chapter 21 – Why?

by Alex March 22, 2016 Books
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Yes, it’s true. Ana and Grey broke up, but this book is still going. Can you guess how happy I am about that?

But E. L. must have a really good reason for writing FIVE MORE CHAPTERS of this damn thing, right? I’m sure there are going to be all sorts of plot twists and turns, and plenty of brand new information which will make reading what follows a totally worthwhile use of our time. Right? RIGHT?

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Supernatural S05 E13 – A sucker for those Winchester feels.

by Samantha March 16, 2016 Season 5
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So, I start off pumped because I love the Supernatural time travel episodes. Then I immediately sigh because we open with Dean sitting in a chair watching two girls, dressed as a devil and an angel, sexy dancing to the song Cherry Pie. It’s kind of awkward to be watching this in a public cafe, so I fast forward a wee bit. (K: Legit.) The girls go away and are replaced by Anna! Remember her? The angel girl? I always liked her. She awkwards that this is what Dean dreams about and he asks why she’s crashing his dreams.

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Supergirl S01 E11- Dying is easy, young man.

by Marines February 23, 2016 Season 1
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Our exposition-on-the-fly this episode is really Kara reading a letter from Cat to her estranged son, basically being like, “sorry I wasn’t a parent.” While that voice over plays, Supergirl saves a family stuck in a camper from a forest fire. Because FAMILY.

Catherine: At first I actually thought her ‘sorry I neglected you’ letter was about the earth. Like, ‘sorry I wasn’t saving you quicker’ and I was like, huh, this is cool. But no. And now I’m not sure why I went there.

Mari: They should hire you.

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Supergirl S01 E09 – I am not okay with this.

by Samantha January 25, 2016 Season 1
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The episode picks up right where the last episode ended. Supergirl and Non go busting through the ceiling of Lord Technologies and begin to duke it out in the sky. They’re briefly interrupted by an airplane RUDELY flying in the middle of their fight but they carry on by smashing into the ground. Non has Supergirl in a chokehold and tells Supergirl that she’s as weak as any human. Hank comes out with a blaster gun thing and Non drops Kara to go after Hank. Is this a good time to ask what they wanted with Lord Technologies in the first place?

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Jessica Jones S01 E03 – Scary Tennant

by Stephanie January 25, 2016 Jessica Jones
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We open with the wonderful credits which go on for a half hour because I’m still watching them over and over. (Ha ha. JK. That would be weird…)

Credits over, the scene picks up where we left off last time. Jessica is still feeling up Luke’s unbreakable pecs and abs, but this time, in a more sexual manner. She tears off his shirt (M: how is he even getting home now JESSICA) and they start aggressively making out. The pants are quickly unzipped and they have super powered sex against a wall.

Sadly, they’re interrupted when the male half of the Creepy Twins peeks in. Jess slams the door in his face.

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Supernatural S04 E22 – Just drink.

by Marines November 4, 2015 Season 4
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LOOK AT ME! I’m recapping an episode of Supernatural!

…which probably explains why this is all late because I’m messing up Kirsti’s timeliness completely. Sorry I’m the worst!

Kirsti: Who cares about timeliness when it means I GET AN EPISODE OFF WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Mari: Oh, okay. I feel better!

Carry on my wayward son! I’ve been around these parts long enough to know that this song means we’ve reached finale time. There is a round of extended, season-long previouslies that ends with Sam walking out on Dean.

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Doctor Who S03 E10 – The littlest ship

by Kirsti September 23, 2015 Doctor Who
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I’m really curious to recap this episode, because it’s easily been one of my favourites up until now. (Which is odd because it’s written by Steven Moffat, and I’ve basically hated everything about his time as show runner…) But favourite things don’t always stand up to being watched incredibly slowly, so…we’ll see.

We open with CAREY MULLIGAN!!! climbing over a creepy fence into the grounds of a creepy house in the creepy rain accompanied by creepy music. There’s a “Danger: Keep Out” sign on the gate.

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