Negligent Parents

Pretty soon after we started re-reading books from our childhood, we noticed a reoccurring theme: really crappy parents. Parents completely unaware of their children’s whereabouts or adventures. Parents who often willingly put their children into danger or peril. Parents who have no grasp on the emotional trauma their children suffer. Parents who condone relationships with Christian Grey. We’ve seen it all, folks, and only wish we could call Child Protective Services on fictional characters.

NMotB or Negligent Mother of the Book
NFotB or Negligent Father of the Book

Breaking Dawn Chapter 25 – Denim sniffer. thumbnail
Daredevil S01 E02 – Excuse me sir, you are stabbed. thumbnail
A Series of Unfortunate Events S01 E04 – Impotent Rage thumbnail
A Series of Unfortunate Events S01 E01 – Not better than nothing. thumbnail
Gilmore Girls S01 E03 – It’s never just golf. thumbnail
Dawson’s Creek S04 E12 – Crappy birthday, Pacey thumbnail
Dawson’s Creek S04 E11 – Keep All Your Old Letters thumbnail
Pretty Little Liars S05 E13 – Just A-ing around. thumbnail
Charmed S03 E03 – Not those kinds of tweens. thumbnail
Eclipse Chapter 14 – I <3 Wuthering Heights. thumbnail
Goosebumps #039 “How I Got My Shrunken Head” – Island Edition thumbnail
The OC S04 E03 – Crazy Eyebrow Man to the Rescue! thumbnail
Supernatural S05 E16 – Ow, my feelings thumbnail
New Moon Chapter 08 – “I got in a fight with Thor?” thumbnail
Pretty Little Liars S05 E11 – We’re all in this together. thumbnail